These are the two monsters who invaded the home of a Connecticut family. From what I’ve read, the family was held captive and beaten. The wife and one of the two daughters were sexually assaulted. The wife was killed. The two daughters had gasoline poured over them, before the house was set on fire. Sorry about the graphic details, but I think it’s important to know how disturbing this crimes was. So now the jury is deciding if Hayes should get life in prison or the death sentence. Hayes’ own attorney argued that his client would suffer more in prison. A very good argument indeed.

It should be no surprise, that these two animals have been in and out of jail since their early teens. From what I’ve read of Hayes’ background, his crimes were mostly drug-related burglaries. And Hayes is suppose to be the less psychotic of the two. So my question is this- Could this horrific crime have been prevented?

In my opinion, Hayes should have been put down after the 3rd burglary. How about three strikes and you’re out? What is the point of incarcerating people over and over again if they are only going to be more violent when they get out? Hayes has received psych treatment as well as substance-abuse treatment. None of it has worked. He was given chance after chance at rehabilitation, and has only shown contempt for the society that has shown him mercy and compassion. He should have been put out of his misery a long time ago.  Recently in the news, a buck smashed through a classroom window and was put down on the spot. I thought that seemed a little severe. But here we have two men who have demonstrated that they are animals, vicious animals. And yet we allowed them to run free.

I know many of you will think I’m being way too harsh. But tell that to the Connecticut doctor who survived this ordeal. That poor man has to live with the memory of what those two animals did to his wife and two daughters. Is that our idea of justice?

In unrelated news, the BART transit cop who shot an unarmed man in the back is only getting 2 years in prison. Is this our idea of justice?