Father’s Day

June 18, 2017

Today, many of us will be honoring our fathers. But not all of us. Many troubled women have ambivalent feelings about their fathers. Show me a Man Hater and I will show you a woman who secretly hates what her father did to her. I’ll show you a woman who seeks out men to punish for her father’s sins… The father that caused her immeasurable pain. 

Being stabbed in the back is a familiar pain for toxic women and so it is a familiar pattern of behavior. Infidelity and the shutting out of loved ones is also hardwired into these cold-hearted women. 

If you allow a troubled woman into your life, you will know that pain. They decided, long ago, that all men are pigs… Before they even met you. 

No matter what you do, you will trigger memories of a father who betrayed them in some way. Prepare to be punished for being a man.

12 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Not with stupid! said

    Hi SD, what is your take on the latest Angelina Jolie “poor me, bell’s palsey” announcement?

    • savorydish said

      I haven’t been following that mess anymore. What’s the latest?

    • savorydish said

      Just read an article about it. Interesting.
      She blames hypertension and her doctors think it was a virus.

      I can only tell you my experience with these women. They all have some sort of illness going on physically and mentally. There is definitely a connection.

      The trauma that caused their mind to go, could theoretically affect the body as well. We know how emotion affects the body and we know that women like this are born with hypersensitivity.

      My BPDex has all sorts of skin problems and weird allergies. My ACOA ex is gluten-intolerant. Both her parents have diabetes. So health problems are very common amongst troubled women. Addiction is also rampant amongst this population and that creates more problems. So health is always a concern for them. All my exes had unhealthy obsessions with getting sick and dying.

      As we know, it’s not an easily defined illness. It is a complicated web of illnesses that shape who they are. It’s what makes them emotionally and physically fragile. That’s why their survival instincts are revved up and why life-expectancy isn’t as long as most. That’s what makes them so brutal and also helpless at times.

    • savorydish said

      Are these diseases a way for them to get attention? I don’t think they can fake such diseases. But I suspect there is some psycho-somatic mechanism going on here. The mind can affect the body in strange ways. Someone, who is obsessed with illness and rewarded with attention, is more likely to get sick.

      • Not with stupid! said

        On the other hand i do believe they can fake to get an expected return on investment. When we disagree i am not putting you off….just opening a dialog where we can pick an issue apart.

        I no longer play the game. If my paramour fucks her car mechanic for standing up for her in an issue she created am i not entitled to hate her?

        If not how can she hate me if a strange woman dares to talk to me?

        Open discourse is what i am about. I no longer shy from the hurty bits. I can look into the eyes of a whore and say “gtf away from me”. Millennial think….”do not judge:… objectivist speak…” i know you”

        Let us chat…

  2. Not with stupid! said

    Now…the holy jolie….she never fails to play the poor me hand….you owe me and f you. Thoughts? Course bad brad is no catch either. Societally we have to respect…cause empathy.

  3. Not with stupid! said

    Playing the goodness pass once again. Perhaps she could have her brain removed in order to prevent brain cancer……or thinking.

  4. Not with stupid! said


    • savorydish said

      I haven’t put a lot of thought into Brangelina. I assume they are still going through the custody battle and whatnot. It definitely suits her purpose to paint herself as Angelina, Patron Saint of Wounded Women.

      • Not with stupid! said

        Parallels my view SD. I am out of the wtf happened phase. No fog no more. I can call a whore a whore without flinching. When challenged i can call the challenger a whore too…or if a man a pussy. I owe no stranger respect now…..only courtesy. otherwise i have no time for this. I just leave…..nothing to save. Do you know the sigma man SD? Thanks for the response SD. I hope you have not backslid…….I did once.

      • savorydish said

        No relationships or drama for me. I’m focusing on other aspects of my life. I’ve purged a lot of people out of my life and a huge weight has been taken off my being. A gal asked me for my phone number recently, and I had to say no. I felt really bad, but I could tell she liked playing games. So I’m going to have to get over making people feel bad in the short term to save myself heartache in the long term.

      • Not with stupid! said

        That would be the hallowed shield of goodness….

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