Politics and Disorders

February 28, 2017

Recently, someone complained about posts I had written about certain political figures. That person threatened to leave, so I encouraged him to do so… not out of spite… out of knowing that this person is still in the fog… unable to see disordered people for who they are. 

I’ve been writing about damaged people for a long time now, and I’ve covered movie stars, musicians and even royalty. So why would politicians escape my observations?

Politics is a red carpet for narcissists and toxic personalities. Just as my BPDex is posing as a feminist to legitimize her hatred of men, narcissists adopt political agendas to support their narcissism. 

The greater concern are those who blindly follow narcissists. Because if you are reading this blog with any regularity, then you most likely have codependent tendencies. You are vulnerable to the charms of a narcissist. 

So when someone threatens to leave this place, they are telling me that they are not ready to see things the way they are. They are still living in a world of delusions and denial. They see the truth as a threat. And after many years of writing on this topic, I have learned to let these people go. 

9 Responses to “Politics and Disorders”

  1. Not with stupid! said

    Much better SD. I have learned to hold all to their words and to disallow all special groups

    Isn’t Milo a gay man? Hence a victim? And the resultant hero in the modern view?

    How is BC hanging with a pedo and blocking secret service accompanying him any less of a hero

    But wait….maybe they are both dirtbags….but then we can’t say that in the enforced newspeak can we? We are left to play one creep against another while “loving and accepting” both.

    In this game we can only be enablers or deniers. And deniers we are not allowed to be. That equivocates hate.

    Comes down to “our victim trumps yours”

    • savorydish said

      All damaged people are victims or were at one time. But as you know from this blog, victims can turn into abusers… Especially, narcissistic personalities that demonize others for political or financial gain.

  2. Not with stupid! said

    Some were/are “victimized” by genetics. Maybe the majority. However societal predisposition to celebrate the narcissists among us is a quiet problem fueled by the tendency to redefine reality to a specific benefit. All special dispensation needs to end along with the division into groups. Rewarding a specific smaller group is easier and allows the NPD to claim victory on a small effort….fail?…. just reward a different group. True equality can only come from the application of the same rules for all.

    • savorydish said

      Well, genetics is a whole other layer of cake. I was talking about actual victimization via child abuse. Perhaps the rise of narcissism has to do with a growing population of child abuse victims and those affected by PTSD.

      • Not with stupid! said

        I believe that it is the result of societal rebranding and adoration of the new “victim” heroes. Genetic predisposition allows for many more exacebating factors. Ever google toxoplasmosis and rage? Look at the brain scans of bpd and toxoplasmosis. An overlay? Simple answers exist only for placing blame.

        In short…helping “victims” defines a hero and heroes can demand more than everyman.

      • savorydish said

        Believe it or not, I’ve actually read articles regarding those parasites found in cats. The articles suggested that exposure to these cats can literally make you crazy. Most of my exes have had cats at one time. And social media is filled with crazy cat ladies that show signs of PDs.

  3. Not with stupid! said

    Maybe a cause maybe an exacerbator. Look at the brain scan simularities. Could be a source of fleas after a prolonged Crazy encounter. Maybe crazy women don’t own cats. Perhaps cats make crazy women. Don’t dismiss the love of kitties. Love of kitties is what got us here.

  4. I’m confused. Are you suggesting in no uncertain terms that if someone wants to avoid your website, it is due to his desire to run from his BPD?

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