Politics and Disorders

February 28, 2017

Recently, someone complained about posts I had written about certain political figures. That person threatened to leave, so I encouraged him to do so… not out of spite… out of knowing that this person is still in the fog… unable to see disordered people for who they are. 

I’ve been writing about damaged people for a long time now, and I’ve covered movie stars, musicians and even royalty. So why would politicians escape my observations?

Politics is a red carpet for narcissists and toxic personalities. Just as my BPDex is posing as a feminist to legitimize her hatred of men, narcissists adopt political agendas to support their narcissism. 

The greater concern are those who blindly follow narcissists. Because if you are reading this blog with any regularity, then you most likely have codependent tendencies. You are vulnerable to the charms of a narcissist. 

So when someone threatens to leave this place, they are telling me that they are not ready to see things the way they are. They are still living in a world of delusions and denial. They see the truth as a threat. And after many years of writing on this topic, I have learned to let these people go. 

Milo Yiannopoulos

February 21, 2017

If there is one figure in politics who is getting as much attention as Trump, it’s the flamboyant and controversial Milo. Today, his book deal and upcoming speaking engagement were canceled because of his shocking comments about pedophilia. 

He sort of apologized, but not really. Instead, he suggested that he was able to make such remarks because he is a gay man and a victim of sexual abuse. Yet another survivor playing the victim card to get out of trouble. 

This is an interesting revelation for Savory readers, because Milo the Narcissist Extraordinaire acts very much like a male version of my BPDex… A fabulous charlatan who invites drama and antagonizes everyone around her. 

While my BPDex has created a career out of hating men, Milo has created a career out of hating Muslims, BLM and Feminists. And while it may seem like they are at odds, they are actually cut from the same cloth.

Often a childhood, marred by sexual abuse, can lead to a troubled adulthood. Readers of this blog know this. They also know that survivors, who don’t seek treatment, can turn into monsters themselves. Even if they don’t become child molesters, they can become abusers of another sort. Milo can be very abusive and he does so with a smirk. Sound like someone we know?

The half-apology and the playing of the victim card should not be a surprise to anyone who reads this blog on the regular. We know how manipulative these people can be. We know if they can get away with bad behavior, they will. Milo likes starting fights and demonizing others. But this time, he pushed the wrong buttons. 

The meteoric rise of Milo will most likely be followed by a sudden fall. Because people like Milo are as self-destructive as they are manipulative.