Relationship Advice from the Mentally Ill

January 11, 2017

So how many of you would take relationship advice from someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder? Anybody? No?

Well, it seems my BPD Ex is now in the business of giving relationship advice to young women. Instead of demonizing men for hard-hitting feminist magazines, she has switched to a lighter approach… Demonization with a side of giggles and girly talk… Feminism with a light, creamy frosting. Sady Doyle has also had success going after a younger, more naive audience… An audience that is less likely to know what a mentally ill person sounds like. So it doesn’t surprise me that my ex is following her lead.

In her piece, she instructs the young and naive to ask 8 questions to figure out if they are indeed dating a jerk. If you’ve been keeping up with my stories about my BPDex, I know the irony of this is not lost on you. Because nowhere in this article does she talk about personality disorders or the fear of intimacy. Instead, she advises people to ask shallow questions to figure out if you have things in common. 

Guess what? If your date has BPD, you don’t want to have anything in common with her. You don’t want her to be attracted to you, because that means you are giving off the scent of a codependent. The only questions, you should be asking her, are questions that determine whether or not she has such a disorder.

I found this article to be enlightening because it’s more evidence that my ex has no idea how screwed up she is. Even worse, she actually thinks she is an expert on relationships. It has never occurred to her that her relationships failed because she was the jerk.

4 Responses to “Relationship Advice from the Mentally Ill”

  1. Not with stupid! said

    Don’t worry bro…..we are on the verge of giving robots “electronic person” rights. Google it. They can fake empathy and feelings. Sound familiar? And best of all…..they can be programmed. Stephen Hawking is right.

  2. Marie said

    Where can one find this blog?

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