January 3, 2017

I try not to concern myself with celebrity gossip. But so much of these stories remind me of my own turbulent relationships. I know nothing about the relationship between Brad and Angelina, other than what has been plastered all over social media. As you might expect, I am looking at these stories through the lense of personality disorders and dysfunctional relationships.

Whenever we see a fairy tale romance that is too good to be true, I know that it is too good to be true. We’ve seen that with Prince Charles and Lady Di, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Paul McCartney and Heather Mills… The list goes on and on. Society is enamored with beautiful people in love… Narcissists sealing the deal. They want to believe it’s real. But I see a different side. I see subtle cues. I have learned through my own painful experience that picture perfect is far from that.

People who seek popularity and public notoriety are very good at putting up a facade. It should not surprise us that they will go to extraordinary steps to seek fame. When Brangelina adopted children from every corner of the world, it seemed like a kind and generous act. But I saw a series of carefully-staged events. I see someone who is trying to present herself as a world diplomat for peace.

The problem with this image is that it doesn’t fit with the other parts of Angelina’s personality. She has a darker side. You can see that in the roles that she chooses. She loves playing the woman who is seductive and deadly… The femme fatale. There was something very real about her unhinged performance in Girl Interrupted, and now the drama of Mr. and Mrs. Smith seems prophetic. Hell hath no fury like a trouble woman scorned.

Pitt learned that the hard way. As did Depp. The scent of a Man Hater is distinct. It leaves a trail. The trail starts off as a whirlwind romance, but always seems to end with the man being demonized… Punished for the sins of a father perhaps. Who knows. Maybe I’m projecting my own misery onto others. Maybe I am jaded. But there is something very familiar in all these relationships.

Amber Heard now has set her sights on Elon Musk and his billions. Musk has an eye for beautiful and dangerous things. He loves taking risks. He once bought a rare McClaren sports car that he later crashed and burned. He also hasn’t had too much luck with marriages. I think you can see where that relationship might go.

Update- Angelina has gone into silence, blocking all phone calls and texts from Brad. Where have we seen this move before?

8 Responses to “Brangelina”

  1. Drifter said

    Remember SD…..these types are owed their expected outcome after years of abuse. We have had a form of outcome based education.

  2. Marie said

    They were together for 12 years. That suggests to me that they both have serious issues especially considering Brad’s situation when he first met Angelina. From what I have read they fought like cats and dogs and yet Brad still wanted to save the marriage. I can imagine what it was like to live in that household having had 2 parents with BPD. The only victims here are the children. Thanks to you, SD, I also saw the signs and recognized what was happening. Hugs.

  3. Nia said

    I just wanted to point out that many men publicly supported Depp and there were many mainstream media stories questioning Heard’s side of the story and subtly or not so subtly painting her as a gold-digger. Depp also, as far as I know, has not paid any professional price for his alleged actions, other than a settlement, which to this day he hasn’t coughed up. (Whether it really goes to charity remains to be seen, I guess!)

    No one really knows what happens inside a marriage, and if one does a little research, it becomes clear that Depp has had run-in’s with the law and struggles with temper throughout his career–he’s not an innocent victim here, that’s for sure.

    Heard could still be a volatile, dangerous woman, but it’s not mutually exclusive with Depp having been abusive to her. No one deserves abuse. If a woman is screaming insults and throwing things (or whatever the offensive behavior is) the solution (especially for an over the top wealthy man who has many options at his disposal) is to *leave the location*.

    I am not saying either party is 100% wrong or right here, just that I want to speak out against the narrative that unhinged women somehow bring abuse against themselves, and that if a woman is beautiful and intense, she’s an accident waiting to happen. Maybe. But maybe not.

    But let’s start by believing her story and then looking into it with a fair eye before projecting a personal story onto a public life.

    • savorydish said

      But why do we have to believe her story, before looking into it? Depp’s ex wife supports his side of the story, so why should we dismiss her opinions? I’m not saying Depp is an innocent. But there is a pattern of behavior that has been observed by those who observe women and men with BPD. Demonizing of a loved one is a redflag for this scenario. In the absence of intimate details, I look for well-established patterns of behavior. That is the point of this whole blog. You can never know what goes on behind closed doors. That’s why we turn to science for unbiased observations.

  4. Not with stupid! said

    A good sign is the collecting of kids. Probably diagnostic in fact. Mine collected foster kids when a bit younger. When i met her she was collecting young 20’s renters. Seems to give them a shield of goodness to hide behind. She had a history of discarding immediately any form of problematical at any level….even annoyance in the slightest.

    • savorydish said

      “Shield of Goodness” is a good way to describe the way they overcompensate for bad behavior. More Black and White thinking- Act like a Saint to compensate for years as a Sinner. I think that’s why so many are drawn to activism and charity work.

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