Celebs with BPD

October 30, 2016

http://www.medhealthdaily.com/celebrities-with-borderline-personality-disorder/    I thought it was appropriate to show the other side of famous trainwrecks. Behind the glamour, things can get very ugly… Especially after a romantic relationship. 

It’s even more fascinating that it is so well-hidden,  despite the very public lives these people lead. It tells us how good these people are at hiding their condition. 

Each one of these women was a performer/public figure in some way. It was clear they were all fighting demons. A couple of them are guilty of demonizing the ones who loved them the most. Many had troubled relationships with their fathers. 

You’ve heard all of this before, but it’s important that we familiarize ourselves with these patterns. They are all connected in some way. 

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