Becoming Closed-Minded

October 2, 2016

I use to pride myself on being open-minded, but that has left me vulnerable to disturbed individuals and assholes. 

Maybe it’s my imagination coupled with my bad experiences, but it seems the world is becoming a stranger place. Just look at what’s going on- So much drama and chaos. Abnormal has become the new normal. 

I use to surround myself with all sorts of colorful people. It didn’t matter if they were militant feminists or eccentric Burning Man types. I use to party with people who drank heavily and did drugs. But now I see these people and I see nothing but dysfunction. I judge harshly. That is my only defense. 

I see crazy people masquerading as high-functioning human beings. But they’re not. They’re damaged souls pulling unsuspecting victims into their vortex. 

I see a woman with green hair and I see a woman who is emotionally damaged. I see a guy with tattoos everywhere and I wonder what he is covering up. I see narcissistic politicians and I wonder what they’re hiding.  

Am I going crazy or is the world getting crazier? Have I become obsessed with disorders? I just don’t know anymore. I am starting to see value in living a quiet and boring life. 

5 Responses to “Becoming Closed-Minded”

  1. Dale said

    They get worse with age. But eventually they run out of options and their bad karma catches up with them and the chickens always come back home to roost. Nothing good comes from the chaos that they create.

  2. lansealan said

    I’m with you SD…
    I strongly feel that Unfortunately we left our door(and hearts) open with our core beliefs for common human decency…
    Only to find out some do not posess this virtue…(hard to grapple)
    We were prey for super predators.
    Obviously, We have become jaded…

  3. Dan said

    I totally understand how you feel.I broke up with a woman that was recently divorced a few months ago,and man was she odd.And the crowd she hung out with was all about partying.I have pretty much gone into a bubble.Life is pretty much just work,the gym,and total solitude at home.Boring,but safe.At 46 I just cannot afford any more roller coaster rides in life.

  4. Ironman said

    Maybe your key to freedom…..

    If you won’t judge you will reap the whirlwind.

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