September 4, 2016

My BPDex is at it again. She found another sucker… Another unsuspecting victim who has no clue what he’s in for. Do you think she was kind enough to tell him about her history of mental illness? Or her backstabbing ways? Or is it more likely that she has gone out of her way to hide her dark side?

There will be no disclaimer… No full disclosure, because women, like my BPDex and my ACOAex, are very good at hiding their disease. They rely on deceit to lure the unsuspecting. They have fooled themselves to believe that every relationship failed because it was someone else’s fault. It’s never them or their long family history of dysfunction.

You should know that my BPDex tried very hard to shut down this blog. She and her army of troubled souls feared that the TRUTH would get out. Man Haters come from families where they keep secrets… Deep, dark secrets. This blog was the only way I knew how to fight a compulsive liar and master manipulator.

Man Haters hate being alone. Ironically, they must always have the attention of men.They lure the unsuspecting… Not out of love. Out of fear of being alone. In this endeavor, they are willing to ignore the elephant in the room and pretend to be someone that they are not. 

The unsuspecting will be kept in the dark in hopes that they will ignore the obvious signs of mental illness. My exes are counting on it. I’m willing to bet good money that my BPDex found someone with codependent tendencies… Someone she could easily manipulate.

Thanks to this blog, my exes can not claim ignorance. I have made their secrets public knowledge for a reason. They know the harm that they’ve caused. But they have conveniently compartmentalized their guilt and transferred the blame to me. My BPDex ran away to “start fresh”, because she knew she had damaged the relationship beyond repair. But starting fresh means luring another sucker. On to the next one.

I warned her last ex, but he wouldn’t listen. She had convinced him that I was the crazy one. He didn’t want to believe that she only married him so she could gain citizenship. He had to learn the hard way. Will the third marriage be the charm? Will the new guy be dumb enough to marry her?

It’s hard to wish her well, when she ruins lives without care and then acts like nothing happened… When she constantly acts like she is the victim. I’m beginning to think my BPDex has no heart… No conscience. I feel sorry for the new guy. He has no idea what he signed up for. 

15 Responses to “Unsuspecting”

  1. Susan said

    These people might not be physically abusive but, they are still dangerous people. They can’t be helped. To think they deserve love and happiness is just like saying a child rapist or serial killer deserves the same. Not everybody deserves to be in society.

    • savorydish said

      I wouldn’t compare them to rapists and serial killers, but I get your point. The harm they cause is real. It is the same harm that was done to them as children. They are passing on that pain. People ask why this blog is so repetitive. It’s because I am trying to establish a disturbing pattern of behavior.

  2. Dale said

    It must be the season of the wicked, my BPD wife ran off again. Lied to the police and tried to have me arrested for domestic violence. Thank God that I had her make records of her hitting and hurting herself. The police also had on record of her lying about the same thing before. Her plan backfired and they didn’t believe her. Her bad karma has come back to her and I think they took her to project women but may not work out for her because she is not a battered woman. She usually run to the mental ward but that is played out too. She has left all of her belongings as usual. This time I am playing hardball and have left her alone.

  3. Matt said

    Same ol story for everyone involved with a BPD…wash rinse repeat

  4. naples104 said

    Google hot and crazy matrix and do what the guy says

  5. bass10 said

    BEEN LURKING AWHILE, my ex bpd sex toy was all of the above, calling cops, running out of the house naked, jumpin from cars

    • naples104 said

      I have lost all empathy for these psychos. I have been with the same woman for four years now and she has her moments and I am sure she says I have mine. Men an women are so different that I do not believe in living together as I once did. As Katherine Hepburn once said, husbands and wives should live across the street from one another. The key here is discover why you are attracted to these psychos and stay away. Curious SD, how do you know what this ex BPD is doing? I am thankful that I found this blog 4 years ago, it has helped me in a huge way. SD get away from this woman and erase her from your life.

      • savorydish said

        I stumbled upon her profile image when I was dumping messages from my inbox. As I’ve said before, she is very public about her love life. She once posted a love letter to her ex for all the world to see. She is advertising herself as being normal and lovable… False advertising. It’s enough for me to know that she knows that I’m onto her BS.

        Don’t worry. There is no envy on my part. She is gone from my life and I am better for it. The more I learn, the more I am grateful for ridding myself of such nonsense. Now it’s just a matter of making sure I never fall for the same act again. Thanks for you concern.

    • zDaDale Dale said

      They all do the same shit. Just because they are mentally ill, they still have to face their own karma..

  6. bass10 said

    filled this out a minute ago

  7. Karen said

    It’s so ironic how theses stories parallel each other. My ex is engaged and is telling everyone who will listen and believe her, that she’s never wanted to marry anyone ever in her life prior to this poor woman who has no idea what she’s on for. I agree it’s hard to wish them well, but we have to cut them out of our minds as much as possible. The beauty for us is that we are free from the drama and we have to give ourselves time to heal before we allow anyone new into our heart. So her repeated tear downs of me echo as I am alone as she predicted, and to anyone who looks from the outside sees her living her happily ever after.
    That’s her problem and I’ve decided not to give her the power to occupy my thoughts any longer. She’s dead to me on any level so I wish her nothing. I’m just thankful my roller coaster stopped and I’m healing. I wish you the best and believe in my heart we are better off. I’ve prayed for the new victim, and wish her protection and courage because she has no idea what she’s dealing with.

  8. Chump said

    Welcome back SD….you have been missed. Great assessment in this blog. Not to change the subject but to prompt you for an assessment of the show Shameless in a future blog. My ex’s family had every one of the character types. Just watched the last season. My final encounter with her was not unlike this: https://youtu.be/_CBOHU7SdoA

    Any thoughts on this show? It sadly mirrors our experiences.

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