September 4, 2016

My BPDex is at it again. She found another sucker… Another unsuspecting victim who has no clue what he’s in for. Do you think she was kind enough to tell him about her history of mental illness? Or her backstabbing ways? Or is it more likely that she has gone out of her way to hide her dark side?

There will be no disclaimer… No full disclosure, because women, like my BPDex and my ACOAex, are very good at hiding their disease. They rely on deceit to lure the unsuspecting. They have fooled themselves to believe that every relationship failed because it was someone else’s fault. It’s never them or their long family history of dysfunction.

You should know that my BPDex tried very hard to shut down this blog. She and her army of troubled souls feared that the TRUTH would get out. Man Haters come from families where they keep secrets… Deep, dark secrets. This blog was the only way I knew how to fight a compulsive liar and master manipulator.

Man Haters hate being alone. Ironically, they must always have the attention of men.They lure the unsuspecting… Not out of love. Out of fear of being alone. In this endeavor, they are willing to ignore the elephant in the room and pretend to be someone that they are not. 

The unsuspecting will be kept in the dark in hopes that they will ignore the obvious signs of mental illness. My exes are counting on it. I’m willing to bet good money that my BPDex found someone with codependent tendencies… Someone she could easily manipulate.

Thanks to this blog, my exes can not claim ignorance. I have made their secrets public knowledge for a reason. They know the harm that they’ve caused. But they have conveniently compartmentalized their guilt and transferred the blame to me. My BPDex ran away to “start fresh”, because she knew she had damaged the relationship beyond repair. But starting fresh means luring another sucker. On to the next one.

I warned her last ex, but he wouldn’t listen. She had convinced him that I was the crazy one. He didn’t want to believe that she only married him so she could gain citizenship. He had to learn the hard way. Will the third marriage be the charm? Will the new guy be dumb enough to marry her?

It’s hard to wish her well, when she ruins lives without care and then acts like nothing happened… When she constantly acts like she is the victim. I’m beginning to think my BPDex has no heart… No conscience. I feel sorry for the new guy. He has no idea what he signed up for.