I rarely use this blog to talk about politics. But one can not watch the media circus surrounding a certain GOP candidate and not notice the redflags of NPD. The narcissist isn’t that much different than a borderline. Comorbidity between the two is not rare. Dig into the narcissist’s past and you will find childhood wounds and plenty of chaos. A quick Google will reveal that this particular candidates’s brother died of alcoholism at a young age. And where you find alcoholism, you will find childhood wounds and plenty of chaos. 

You don’t need to be a psychologist to see the signs that are there for the whole world to see. And while I fear for the future of this nation, it is an opportunity to point out the dangers of untreated personality disorders. The attention whore feeds off attention, they crave it like we crave food. The narcissist can be a charismatic leader, but one that leads his followers/enablers to destruction. See Nazi Germany, Jonestown and Waco, Texas. Those born of pain are damned to spread that pain like a disease. Their rise is as quick as their fall. 
Attention whores are master manipulators. They employ melodrama to manipulate people. By manipulating popular opinion… By creating a false public image… They are able to avoid detection.

We live in a society where attention whores command a great deal of attention, thanks in large part to the rise of social media. We’ve become a global society of enablers, looking for hope in false gods. We’ve lost our way. So much so, we follow blindly. We look for outward expressions of success, but fail to see what is behind the emerald curtain.

If you point out a narcissist’s pathology, they will play the victim and claim you are delusional… Crazy. They will threaten you with lawsuits and foam at the mouth. They will unleash toxic emotions upon you, stored up since birth. They will unleash their minions upon you… Legions of crazy people doing their dirty work.