Hit and Run

January 26, 2016

The link above is a news story about the Taco Bell exec that attacked an Uber driver. Little did he know that he was being captured on video. That video would be seen by millions. In the interview above, we see him crying crocodile tears saying how sorry he is. But in the same breath, he tells us, “That’s not me.” Before you fall for his sobbing act, you should know that he is now suing the driver for filming him without his consent. Sorry, not sorry.

This guy is obviously a sociopath/psychopath. But his behavior reminds me of my toxic exes. A toxic person causes harm but rarely apologizes. And on the rare occasion when they do, it is insincere and manipulative. I know, in this guy’s mind, he has justified beating the crap out of that Uber driver. I know that because I know how these two-faced people operate- In public, they are full of tears. In private, they reveal a devilish grin. 

It should not surprise you that this asshole is a raging alcoholic. Alcoholism and personality disorders go hand in hand. Assholes and alcohol abuse go hand in hand.  All my toxic exes had some ties to alcoholism. This tie between alcohol and PDs spans generations. Alcohol helps them forget the pain they’ve caused. 

When he says, “That’s not me,”  he is detaching himself from the act of harming someone… compartmentalizing the experience so he no longer feels responsible. I have seen this over and over again. 

When my shady exes ran away, they were doing exactly what this Uber exec is doing- detaching themselves. They don’t realize that they are both Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde. 

These toxic people come from families where sweeping things under the rug is a family tradition. I know this because they tried to sweep me under the rug. 

His lawsuit is as bogus as my toxic exes blaming me for the utter destruction of the relationship. They are denying all wrongdoing because that is how toxic people operate- They hit and run, making you believe that you deserved it. 

These people are not only cruel and callous, they have the nerve to play the victim after harming someone. 

If we let him, he will go back to his old self. He must hit rock bottom before he realizes he is the creator of all his pain.  When a toxic person goes unchecked, they continue their bad behavior. After my toxic exes nuked everything, they ran off and found the next sucker. Those who play victim always seek out their next victim. This is how the cycle of pain perpetuates itself. 

5 Responses to “Hit and Run”

  1. Simon said

    I can certainly relate to this latest post.Jekyll and Hyde describes people with this disorder to a tee.My BPD Ex certainly had two sides to her .Her public side was caring, doing charity work, teaching and fostering children and with a meek and restrained persona. However privately I disvovered from long term aquaintances of hers that she came from a very dysfunctional family background growing up as a child and later on in life lots of rumours of alleagations of sabotaging and blackmailing people and even arson against her own business and all the time accusing other people of being mad or creepy.So yes the Jekyll and Hyde describes them perfectly. Hit and Run best describes their relationships too.They speed off leaving a trail of chaos with everyone they try to interact with emotionally and just speed away and by not looking into their rear view mirror at the emotional carnage they leave behind they can pretened to themselves that everything is fine and move on.My advice to anyone wanting to get involved with someone like this is ; before embarking on a relationship with them, look into there past …if there are signs of emotional hit and runs , then leave well alone to preserve your own sanity .

  2. Simon said

    Sorry for some spelling errors in my last comment.It is very early in the morning , but I felt I wanted to post a comment.

  3. Simon said

    You are spot on..these women most certainly are surreptitious , with a secretive hidden double life that the vast majority of people know absolutely nothing about. In fact the only people who truly know I would say are exes and people who have been in her life for years that are not enablers and have seen the same repetitive behaviour pattern over and over and over again.They know the truth. But the ordinary folk that she teaches and interacts with on a daily basis for work and social interactions etc have absolutely no idea of her double life. This is ultimately what can make people with these personality disorders so emotionally destructive , because they pass below the radar screen and the vast magority of people would never suspect she has this type of behaviour ; in fact as soon as I called her out on her behaviour and suggested she had serious unresolved issues well you can guess her reaction….she emotionally disconnected there and then in the time it took to breath in and out , and made me out to have serious mental health problems with anyone who would listen to her.. I found out later that her whole family going back years and years are very very dysfunctional , which reinforces the notion that heavy duty denial will prevent any healing or true self awareness in these people….Like I have said in my previous comment…..for ones own sanity , just keep away from them and read the danger signs and red flags when you first get involved.These people operate on a totally different emotional level than mentally healthy people and all that they will give you is an emotional hit and run for all your troubles however well intentioned they are…

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