Stephanie Hallett Looks to Celebrities to Save Her

December 28, 2015

Stephanie Hallett believes celebrities will save feminism or, as she calls it, the “f-word”. She writes that feminists have been unfairly characterized as angry man-haters. But her hope is that celebrity feminists can bring back that shiny glow. 

Ms. Hallett has spent much of her feminist career portraying/treating men as pigs and rapists. Yet she can’t figure out why people think she is an angry man-hater. She associates with people who have unresolved anger/untreated trauma, and she can’t understand why people think feminists are emotionally unstable.

I hate to break it her, but Beyoncé and Taylor Swift will not save feminism. Narcissists, who have made it their career to present a very public image, will not save feminism. Self-serving “journalists”, with hidden agendas, will also not save feminism.

What will save the image of feminists is ridding feminism of emotionally-damaged women… women who use the moniker of feminist to legitimize their hatred of men and to cover it with the sheen of pseudo-intellectualism. Their brand of feminism is the delusions of a self-proclaimed warrior for social justice. It is nothing short of delusions of grandeur. 

Stephanie Hallett needs to own up to her own contribution to this image of angry feminists, instead of trying to cover it up with glitz and glamor. This is not a PR problem. The solution that is needed requires people, like Stephanie Hallett, to take a long hard look at themselves and do the work that is needed to address their man-hating mindset. 

Feminists, like Stepahinie Hallett, look for superficial solutions because they are afraid to look inward. Because looking inward means looking back at their past and the ugliness it contains. These angry women are ashamed of their behavior… behavior that has spanned generations. They are afraid to admit that causing emotional harm is in their DNA.

These hateful women are not victims of misunderstanding. People who understand personality disorders understand these man-haters better than they understand themselves. As long as angry man-haters call themselves feminists, feminism will always have the stigma of being an F-word.

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