Pikro’s Shame

July 20, 2015

A recent visitor by the name of Pikro had some words to share with me. He was concerned about the women being shamed in this blog. He didn’t like the way I analyzed people and then he proceeded to analyze me. It seems odd to me that someone, who has a problem with shaming one set of people, has no problem shaming someone else. 

I’ve had white knights come here before offering their “concern”. These enablers almost always fit the same profile. They are so concerned about protecting the good name of toxic women. But yet they have no concern for those affected by such toxicity.

An enabler is motivated by ego. It makes them feel good to be the protector. They like feeling morally superior because it flatters their ego. Some consider themselves activists. They travel in circles where they know there are women to be saved. Pikro admits to having friends who share the toxic qualities described in this blog. No doubt he may know someone I have dated or someone just like her. 

If he really wanted to save these women, he would be out crusading to get these women the help they need. He would understand that the shame, that these women feel, doesn’t necessarily come from this blog. It comes from the way they’ve treated loved ones. But enablers never see that. They don’t feel comfortable placing blame on toxic women. It feels like victimization. They have been conditioned to buy the damsel-in-distress narrative.

He claims this blog isn’t normal. No it’s not. Such relationships are very abnormal. And people talking about such relationships is even more rare because people like Pikro attempt to shame them for doing so.  

Awareness is never a bad thing. But certain people have an interest in keeping such things under wraps. 

You better believe my exes are doing their best to keep their illness a secret. If you think they are freely giving out full disclosures to all the men they bring to bed, think again. My BPD ex sent friends and family to silence me. And when they failed, she sent an army of psychotic activists. They all failed to shame me and they failed to realize that, even if this blog did not exist, the truth would still be out there. 

With each man, my exes have fooled into thinking they are normal, more witnesses are added to the list. My BPD ex married a man who was my biggest critic. He now knows the truth. He had to learn the hard way. Science and testimonies of the fallen back up what enablers seek to keep silent. It’s in Pikro’s best interest to maintain the narrative that allows him to keep playing the white knight. But it’s in everyone’s interest to know the story of toxic women.