Man-Haters are almost always attention-seekers. This may include behavior as benign as obsessing about their appearance, bragging about all the places they’ve traveled, or flirting with everyone and anyone. But it can be as alarming as false-accusations and split-personalities. It can be as public as posing as a high-profile feminist activist. Or it can be as private as texting you at all hours just to check up on you. They seek attention because it soothes their low self-esteem and fears of abandonment. 

If you don’t give them 110% of your attention, they use that as an excuse to demonize you.They will go so far as accusing you of emotional abuse, then they will block your number and run away. The more melodrama, the better for this drama queen. Let this be a clear indication of how severe their pathologly can be. 

To most of the population, they can appear to be somewhat normal. Intimacy changes all that. It is the trigger that brings out the devil and the pitchfork. She will stab you over and over again in the back until you know how much pain she feels. This is more than just a case of narcissism. This is someone who punishes people for perceived rejection and then pretends she is rejecting you. 

The same woman who demanded all your attention, will suddenly accuse you of stalking her or worse. This 180 behavior seems crazy because it is. Literally. But it is so common amongst this type of femme fatale. A woman who feels this low intends to drag you down with her. Making accusations like this makes her feel special while distancing herself from you. Playing the victim is textbook attention-seeking behavior, the trademark of a damaged soul.

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