Two More Fall From Grace

April 14, 2015

I have a sixth sense about people. I seem to see what others can not. Not sure if this is a gift or a curse. Some people think I’m crazy. But the truth, that some do not want to hear, is that I know what I’m talking about. I don’t say this to boast. I say this because time has proven me correct. When I heard that my BPDex had failed another relationship, it was confirmation that everything written here was spot on.

Recently, two more people in my life fell from grace. One was a company that I had worked for… a company run by people who I knew were toxic. But no one else in the company saw this because they were all in denial. They were too busy drinking the Kool Aid. They had fired me because I had a bad habit of pointing out their dysfunctional behavior… abusive behavior that I had recognized as that of people affected by alcoholism and mood disorders.

On my way out, I warned co-workers to watch their back. The smart ones took my advice and jumped ship. The diehard denialist sank with the ship. 

The company closed their doors this month and sold the company to a global entity. The owners cashed out and left the rest of their employees to sink. That was their true nature showing in the final moments. So much for the facade of generosity.

The second person to fall was someone who I hardly knew. But I’ve known him since my early days in the Big CIty. He was a small-time celebrity in the underground music scene. He was one of those people who never aged. But I always had a sense there was a sadness behind the glitz and the glamour. Rumor has it he committed suicide. Nobody knows why, but I suspect he was yet another runaway from a small town… a runaway who was running from his past and his problems.

He was like Peter Pan- a boy who never wanted to grow up aka change. His glory days were well behind him and I could see that the glimmer had faded in recent years. 

Many of those club kids are now aging hipsters. Hipsters do not age well. Once that fabulous glow of youth has faded, they must confront their demons again. I think it was too much for him. He was too sensitive for his own good… like so many others in the Big City.

2 Responses to “Two More Fall From Grace”

  1. Megan said


    I don’t know much about your childhood but, were you the black sheep by chance? The black sheep in the family is the sensitive one, the one who get’s it, the one who see’s the dys in the function. I know I was the black sheep, I knew too much…..but now, as an adult, they run to me for answers. The answers I have spent a lifetime figuring out. I feel like telling them to figure it out themselves, they never listened then….why listen now.

    • savorydish said

      My parents like to say I started off as the golden child but I probably evolved into the black sheep. They said they would walk into my room as a baby and find me standing up in my crib and staring out the window. So yes, I was a weird kid.

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