Never Quite Forever

December 28, 2014

It seems my borderline ex is no longer married to the man she once wrote she would love forever. Two years later, his last name has been dropped from her name. I assume he was unceremoniously dropped as well.

While I don’t know any of the dirty details, I can assume it was a familiar story of destruction. Most likely the fear of intimacy took over, compounded by the memory of past failures. Most likely she played the push and pull game.

Women like her follow a set schedule of self-destruction. Once you familiarize yourself with these patterns, you can be certain they will repeat these patterns again and again. Denial and a busy lifestyle keeps them from changing.

I don’t get any pleasure from this news, except some satisfaction that I was right about her. I don’t even remember why I loved her. I feel silly for making such a big deal about her. But it was never about her. It was about all of them.

With each woman who hits and runs, I find it easier to pick myself back up. It has become somewhat of a firedrill. I’m good at it and getting better. My survival skills have been honed to deal with such catastrophes with minimal effort. After all the drama, life goes on.

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