Man-Haters Accuse Statue of Sexual Assault

February 5, 2014


Well, not exactly. A group of Wellesley students are signing a petition to have this statue removed off campus, claiming the statue is triggering for sexual-assault survivors. It’s suppose to be a life-like replica of a sleepwalker, albeit a creepy one. But for survivors, it is yet another trigger that stirs up hatred of mankind.

Triggers do not just apply to survivors of sexual-assault. They apply to survivors of cutting, survivors of childhood abuse and children of alcoholics as well.

Damaged women who do not confront their abusive fathers, vent that anger at boyfriends and husbands. She will take all that toxic energy from childhood and focus it on those who get too close. You see, for these survivors, intimacy is a trigger. Intimacy triggers a fight or flight response.

3 Responses to “Man-Haters Accuse Statue of Sexual Assault”

  1. savorydish said

    When people are this easily triggered, false accusations are pretty common. It’s not that these people are intentionally lying. It’s that they have a severe victim mentality. They are constantly misinterpreting events, making mountains out of mole hills. Creating drama where there is none.

    If you accidentally step on their toe, they will react like you intentionally did it. Their hyper-reactions are based on a warped-sense of reality.

    Because everything in the present is linked to some traumatic memory in the past. So it all kind of comes out like exploding lava.

    In their twisted minds, lashing out at you or shutting you out is justified. Completely irrational to everyone except them.

  2. Flopsy said

    SD do you think these traits/behaviors manifest similar in males? Or are there subtle differences? The BPD I knew was male, but he had emotional trauma with bio-mom and dad, plus physical abuse from an ex partner of mom. But what was interesting was how he immediately played the victim and disclosed childhood abuse.
    I think anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have had a relationship with a borderline are not only survivors which you pointed out, but also addicts. The impact they have on you is addictive and powerful, it is an awful recovery process.
    Thankyou for continuing this blog, it is definitely a powerful tool in the recovery process.

    • savorydish said

      You’re welcome, Flopsy. Yes. Abuse affects both males and females. There might be subtle differences. But BPs of any gender will play out their childhood abuse. Victim hood then becomes an obsession.

      And thank you for your continued support. This blog has helped me as well. A lot of people think I am writing from a place of authority. Not at all. I am one of you. I’ve been there. I am still there. I write about my daily struggles to stay on the straight and narrow path.

      I am not a therapist. I’m just a guy who has been to the frontlines.

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