Stephanie Hallett is Back on the Man-Hating Trail

November 8, 2013

I am sad to announce that Ms. Hallett has fallen and can’t get up. For a while it seemed as if she had hung up her misandrist banner. She kept herself busy by writing tales of love and wedding dresses. But like all addicts, she could not stay away from her drug of choice. Underneath the wedding bells and sunshine lurks a darker power. One that compels Ms. Hallett to hate men with all her might.

These days Ms. Hallett’s hate-seeking missiles are aimed at R. Kelley. Accusations of pedophilia and rape have put a dark cloud over the pop star’s reputation and have made him the soup of the day for many feminist man-haters. Ms. Hallett was so disgusted by these allegations, it pulled her out of retirement.

R. Kelley is a shady character for sure. His acquittal was even shadier. Any good father would keep his daughter far far away from such a man. But why does Ms. Hallett only write about shady men and the women who love them???

She could write about any man. There are so many good men out there. But it seems Ms. Hallett is obsessed with shady men. It makes you wonder what dark past lies in Ms. Hallett’s closet.

Don’t let the activist cloak fool you. Ms. Hallett is no activist. She is a woman seeking revenge. She is a woman who is obsessed with women playing the victim.

I believe feminism should be about empowering women to be strong. Signing petitions sounds awfully cool, but it’s worth as much as the webpage that it’s printed on. Real women take responsibility for their actions. They get help if they need it.

If I had a daughter than ended up with the likes of R. Kelley, that would be proof that I have failed as a father. If you know anything about women who grew up in chaotic families without boundaries, you know these are just the kind of women who end up with guys like R. Kelley.

Stephanie Hallett and Ms. Magazine will never publish this inconvenient truth. They will never publish comments I have left on their postings. Because the truth is (as noted by people who deal with BPD patients) some people gain tremendous attention and power from playing the victim. The truth is inconvenient for them because it takes away such power.

No amount of petition-signing will change that. That kind of meaningful change happens when someone (with a dark past) takes a long hard look in the mirror and decides to put an end to the drama. This is true female empowerment.

I submit to you that, for every R. Kelley, there is a female version of him- a woman that gets sick pleasure from degrading and emasculating men. But Stephanie Hallett will never write about such women. She would rather play the victim.

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