Dr. Jane Greer Drops Some BPD Knowledge

September 4, 2013

Radio Interview on Borderline Personality Disorder

3 Responses to “Dr. Jane Greer Drops Some BPD Knowledge”

  1. savorydish said

    Ironically, my borderline ex was interviewed by Dr. Greer for an unrelated piece on weddings. Granted Dr. Greer is not a BPD specialist, but even she was not able to detect anything was wrong.

    My ex puts up a good front. This goes to show you how hard it is for people to diagnose BPD, especially when the BP has adopted lies upon lies to cover up her disorder.

    Self-awareness is the first step for a troubled BP.

  2. Lauri said

    I have been on here before just have not posted in a while because I don’t like how you stigma borderline and how you make people with borderline as evil bad horrible people when were not. Rather I have borderline or not I will always stand up to end stigma with every mental illness. Not every person with borderline is the same. Some are nicer than others. Many people with borderline have a healthy marriage that takes a lot of work but is not all the time abusive. Not every one with borderline is abusive. Lots of people with borderline live productive lives. Just look at Marsha the one that came up with DBT.

    Just wanted to add I never went to the residential treatment place because it was way too expensive. I’m doing well I have a job and go to college. God is amazing he will get you through everything {:

    Have a wonderful day every one.

    • savorydish said

      Welcome back, Lauri.
      I will be the first to say not every BP is “evil”. I have met many here who were quite pleasant and understanding. BPD is not a death sentence. But it is a serious problem especially since BPD can cause serious trauma to loved ones.

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