Man Haters Create Music Video

September 3, 2013

Damaged women flaunt their red flags. You would do well to take notice. They are so blinded by rage, they can not see their own rage.

Listen to the lyrics. They are looking for men to emasculate and humiliate. They feel entitled to such mistreatment of men. They have spent a life time looking for justification.

These women are not looking for equality, they are looking for revenge. Look into their past and I guarantee you will find a history of (emotional, sexual or physical) abuse.

The cycle of abuse continues. Do not let the “feminist” label fool you, these women were taught well by their abusive parents. Stay clear and avoid at all costs.

33 Responses to “Man Haters Create Music Video”

  1. savorydish said

    According to one feminist, Robin Thicke is promoting rape.
    Paranoia is a huge red flag. So is self-victimization.

    • savorydish said

      If you ever catch someone using the phrase “kinda rapey”, run the other way. This person is looking for someone to incriminate.

      Histrionics often find employment as bloggers because it allows them to spread their “victim” mentality. These people are crying out for help.

      It should be noted that Daily Beast is not a feminist magazine. These troubled women are looking for widespread acceptance.

  2. Anon said

    I think you have properly lost it here ! You appear to have lost all perspective, due to your own paranoia, and failed to see the parody and humour – I have no offence at this parody video and find it humerous, as do most of my pals, yet you seem to try and find devious dark motive nowadays in everything.

    Probably worth looking at your own comments on paranoia and victimisation? Perhaps applicable to you too ? I seriously think you are losing perspective.

    I occasionally come back to your blog posty own trauma with a bpd ex. I’m now well over it, better informed and on guard, often down to your own good advice and comments. I do often think of what your own motive might be running this blog for as long as you have? It’s is very informative but in occasions you do seem to totally lose reality ? Worth looking inwards at yourself perhaps? Only meant here as genuine critique, as your rage seems to manifest just as a bpd might ?

    • savorydish said

      If you can’t see what’s wrong with this video then you are part of the problem. Fighting misogyny with misandry is not the solution. You might want to ask yourself why my comments enrage you so much. It points to emotional instability.

      • savorydish said

        What you are basically saying is that it’s ok for these women to point out misogyny and accuse a popstar of promoting rape, but it’s not ok for me to point out their misandry-fueled paranoia. I have no doubt your pals approve of this video. Enablers surround themselves with other enablers. Maybe stepping out of your circle of friends will give you a better perspective. The company you keep is a huge part of why some people consistently end up with BP partners. Birds of a feather flock together. There is nothing normal about women obsessed with rape.

      • savorydish said

        I guess what I’m saying is maybe it’s time to stop hanging out with Man Haters. The parody is not lost on me. It’s the use of humor and music to cover up misandry that is concerning. You can’t see it because you are lost in the fog which may be why you end up with people who don’t treat you well. This post is here to help people identify redflags. Ask why you are so keen on covering it up.

      • savorydish said

        Ps- I don’t see darkness everywhere. I see it repeatedly in very specific demographics.

      • savorydish said

        Maybe you should ask your man hating pals why they see rape in music videos and tv commercials.

      • DoDo said

        I think they are using shock value and humor(?) to illustrte their point. its just art, supposed to be provocative.

        I can see how it would be triggering to a male Non though. The images etc. And Im sure many a BPD woman has carelessly thrown around feminism as a way of justifying her misdeeds – “Men have been doing it for years”

        the video doesnt bother me, other than the fact that its pretty cheezy because women see this thing in reverse alll the time. So its just more of the same. I do however see pop culture in general having more and more narcissistic themes, which drives me batshit insane. alot of that bad boy, bad girl, I make no apologies, me me me stuff which never ever woulda even phased me before this experience with a Bpdrrrr

      • savorydish said

        Like I said, the shock value and humor are not lost on me. I’m no stranger to parody, so I know it is often used as a teaspoonful of sugar to help the medicine to go down.

        But it is important to ask what they are trying to get us to swallow.
        I’m not offended, nor do I feel anger.

        This is a simple identification of the type of woman I know intimately.Women who hide their rage under the cover of fighting for social justice.

      • DoDo said

        Confessions by Usher
        this would be an example of something that sends me off the deep end after being with a BPD male.
        hey baby, Im a sensitive man, its so hard being me, give me your sympathy – you dont understand how hard it is when I cant help myself from decieving women.

        most confusing thing a BPD says is “I never meant to hurt you” ahaha I could never figure out what my ex meant when he said that after running an entire relationship based on lies and messing with other women. I think they dont understand love and never will because they will never comprehend the idea that love is about consciously meaning NOT to hurt someone.

        but we should all feel so sorry for them, i know. poor babies.

    • Driver said

      I have to agree with SD on this one.

      People, today, seemed to be “programmed” to accept this type of behavior (from women) as acceptable. An example: women just “play fighting” by punching on a man. We know that, usually, if/when a women strikes a man it doesn’t hurt (i.e. the whole man stronger versus woman thing) but that doesn’t make it acceptable (or equal) does it? And if all things being equal and acceptable is it ok for me to return fire (strike the woman back)? If I hurt her, then it’s only because I’m stronger (sorry).

      Society would label me as an “abuser” and the woman would be labeled “cute and funny” for striking me. Equal? No.

      Certain women have hijacked the feminist movement and they are twisting it to meet their needs (usually for attention).

      Feminism is about equality (not revenge). We need to make sure that the pendulum stays in the middle and it doesn’t swing to the other side.


  3. DoDo said

    Sorry if im going a little off topic here but Ive been reading this blog all day and Im thankful to read stories that are similar. I am a woman who recently started researching BPD, because of the rage I experienced in my last breakup. I went on verbal assault and I scared myself, saying the most horrid things, so I thought maybe I had BPD.

    Went to a therapist and he says I dont but everything feels hazy and confusing.

    My ex, however, shows ALOT of behaviors, which suprized me because he had/has me convinced Im nuts. He was very approachable, quiet sweet and somehow I suckered myself into paying all his living expenses(psshhh, love) A few things I noticed while living together, he would never do anything I asked him to do, whatever he did, it had to be on his terms. and when i say asked him to do something i dont mean like naggy, go wash the dishes stuff, I mean like “id love to hang one of your art pieces could you paint something” and he’d never do it. lots of being late- it was like he was slowly trying to give me a reason to ditch him. I kinda never felt the same anxiety everyone describes though I always enjoyed him up until the end. We never fought though and had a lot of fun and i thought it was my best relationship yet.

    Anyways- Out of the blue he starts acting different, finds new friends , dumps me via text after living together and accuses me of trying to control him, that i cant depend on him anymore for happinness, that i tried to make him feel dumb by supporting him financially. I Lost it, nothing I said was getting thru to him, i was so unbelievably heartbroken and he did not care AT ALL. He kept going, saying I was not gonna get in the way of his dreams, and his new friend who I met once is protecting him from me. I was so confused and literally gave this person EVERYTHING I had. I cannot fathom what he means but the problem is, it seems like BPDs dont know they are BPDs and think they are victims so Im going around and around in circles in my head thinking, is he right, no, maybe, no,yes, no. I lost my mind and did some crazy back and forth because I never felt so confused. I said awful things, then I felt guilty, then angry, then cried for days, this guy really tore me apart like no other experience, I was literally begging him at some points, pleading why are you doing this? and Id get no response. Im pretty sure the last thing he said to me was that He couldnt do this anymore, he just cant help someone who cant help themselves…WTF…I depend on him, hes tired of helping me, what!?! In my mind I was cool with this guy I didnt control him at all, no wierd behavior i read about bpd like i didnt look through his contacts or accuse him of cheating, I didnt rage till the end. anyhow, I suppose Im just venting at this point. I feel the pain of both the BPD, and the NONs who contribute because at this point I dont know which one I am but I know it has hurt like hell.

    Other strange red flagslHe loved to look at himself in the mirror and confessed he pleasured himself while looking at himself- i dont know how common that is amongst men He mentioned feeling empty, described himself as broken, was obsessed with porn but as the relationship went on it was like he stopped liking sex with me the more he loved me. If anything got done in the relationship I had to do it. Asking him to do anything was like asking a slug to run a marathon. Always needed space, I complied. The relationship felt in retrospect, like he was slowly trying to frustrate me, then one day, with zero warning, after a lovely weekend, he dumps me and blames me for holding him back, and the WORST by far is just being degraded and dumped and overnight he feels nothing at all. he doesnt even try to contact, at all.

    sorry for the rant. i do show some traits myself and ill be sure to stop it immediatly. i can be pretty sensitive, my life isnt all organized all the time, some would say im a lost soul, i did talk about crappy ex boyfriends a few times, which i feel terrible about now reading about how bpd girls start relationships, and im never doing that again. anyways, i think im done…yep im done- thanks for reading

  4. DoDo said

    and i forgot to mention, i found out after he ditched me and ignored me that he had cheated with 2 or 3 different women during that time, and i never suspected it, because he looked at me with puppy eyes, i didnt think he was capable of that. this was a year long relationship btw.

  5. DoDo said

    you can delete my post- its a bit long and maybe to specific to be on blast on the internet

  6. DoDo said

    ahh, ok. keep it i suppose. thanks for letting me write a novel on your blog 🙂

    I love reading the comments on here. as sad as i am to see people feeling pain, im glad im not alone

  7. anon said

    Hi Savoury, Fear not, I am not in the fog anymore. Like I said, I had one episode with a BPD female that dragged me into that mire. I exited a better man and in part thanks to some of your great blogs. My point is that you have kinda ‘lost it’ during your own journey. Your title says it all. I took your advice and became a better person, worked on myself, saw my own insecurities, and learnt a huge amount from that one year long episode of BPD. It frightened the hell out of me and I vowed never to return to that.

    I wanted to also point out to others still in serious pain, it does get better if you search for your own misgivings and vulnerabilities, all caused from childhood. I have disagreed with savoury on here before which is all good debate. My point is savoury, time to pull yourself out and step back and take parody, humour and cheesiness as it is – a laugh! Keep a sense of humour and perspective.

    I’m unsure why you still connect with such women as you mentioned earlier. It seems to me you yourself have been triggered. I wanted to let you know, that after coming out of the fog, I am now in a steady relationship for over a year, with no red flags, no hatred, mind games or BPD traits. Its sheer bliss and I’m a better man for having been taken to the abyss and return. I hope you drink beer, go to sports matches, and generally have a gregarious life – don’t take things so damn seriously and get out more mate. I wish you well.

    • savorydish said

      Pull yourself back, matie.

      I do all those things and more, so no need to worry about me. Try being less patronizing and maybe your opinions would get better reception.

      Misandry disguised by parody, humor and cheesiness is still misandry.

      You need to examine your own double standard that claims that it’s ok for Man Haters to criticize, but if I do the same I must be insane.

  8. anon said

    oh btw. Your post here is pretty weak. How can you possibly assume this when you do not even know me? Your rage seems to have got the better of you? ‘”””You can’t see it because you are lost in the fog which may be why you end up with people who don’t treat you well'””””

    For your info, I don’t end up with people who don’t treat me well. Only the once.

    • savorydish said

      The problem might be that you’re a little too sensitive for your own good. Which is probably why you attract Man Haters.

      You opened yourself up for examination when you came here like gang busters defending your Man Hating friends.

      Relax. If your life is that fabulous, nothing here should have any effect on you.

      If you don’t like what’s being posted here, then turn the channel. You are not obligated to agree with anything here.

      I assure you life is good for me, so carry on.

      This blog was built to point our reflags. If that upsets you, move on.

      • savorydish said

        My problem with guys like you (anon) is that you are disingenuous, two-faced. You are passive-aggressive. You take stabs at people and tell them to relax when they don’t take your condescending remarks in good humor. You’re an asshole in disguise.

        Another reason I don’t care for people like you is that you provide safe harbor for Man Haters. You give them an environment where they can thrive.

        You expect people to accept misandry with open arms and then act indignant when they don’t.

        Don’t kid yourself. You are still neck-deep in the fog. You’re just too blind to see it.

  9. anon said

    ha, ha….I am amazed how you think your have the skill to analyse me with such flagrant judgements. Makes me chuckle all the more at how arrogant you are to try and judge me (and others). I am no where near the fog my boy, read my post properly and see why. What makes you feel you can analyse people in such a way from their disagreements with you ? Perhaps you are disordered and very insecure behind your own mask? Feel free to call me names such as two faced (where did you get that from?) they don’t actually hurt. Note, I as a fully sane person have not resorted to such plays. I think people are beginning to see the sham that you are by your immature responses. If you cant handle a debate on disagreements then perhaps you need to avoid be-littleing those who disagree with you? You dont even promote a sensible arguement – and certainly appear to hate people who have an opposite opinion to you. promote sensible debate and arguement.

    • savorydish said

      Hahahahaha. Chuckle away. We can truly see how sane and well-adjusted you are from your very sensible arguments.

      Here’s another analysis- you’re a condescending prick.

      I see right through your feigned concern and faux liberal agenda.

      Now go fuck yourself and find some other blog to impress with your ego trip.

      When you are ready to address your self-hatred and low self esteem issues we can have a rational discussion.

      It’s not your opinion I have a problem with. It’s your personality. Lively debates are welcomed. Passive aggressive assholes are not.

  10. anon said

    Bit of rage going on here savoury. Quite funny all round really. You ought to learn to let people disagree with you, and take some pertinent critisism too. You havent really answered about why you continue dedicate a large part of your life to this if you have healed ? Why not move on and feel the freshness of real life instead of harbouring all this hate you have acrued over disordered people. Having entered and left the fog a better man, I find it curious that you instead remain so engrossed in it all? I do admit a lot of your posts have helped those people still coming to terms with BPD as a non. I’ve left that world now but wonder why on the hand you remain on a crusade against people and also those who disagree with your views?

    • savorydish said

      Project rage much?

      You’ve got a real talent for baiting. I want you to read that posting I have on BPD passive-aggressive behavior. So far you have displayed a pattern for all those behaviors.

      It is also clear that you have a hard time accepting rejection. You have all the markings of a male borderline.

      Have you noticed that this blog is filled with comments that disagree with me? Healthy debate is alive and well here. Your presence is therefore not required.

      Once again, it’s not your disagreements. It’s your annoying personality. Your borderline personality.

      But you don’t want to own that. You want people to believe you’ve emerged a “better man”.

      So you troll websites looking to prove you are better than everyone else. You want so badly for everyone to believe you are morally, socially, and intellectually superior. You’re the hardest working troll on the internet.

      You are compensating for feelings of inadequacy. But you are too near-sighted to see that. You have zero self-awareness. Another sign of trauma-induced personality disorder.

      You insist that you are engaging in a healthy debate, but all you are doing is ignoring everything I say and running off at the mouth, making yourself look like a bigger ass every time you come back.

      If you want to prove you are a better man, then leave and never come back. Your sad and pathetic attempts to get the last word in just makes you look like a chump with no life.

  11. anon said

    Good one! ROFL laughing at that mate. BPD I certainly am not, and the rest of your amateur analysis is way off beam too. Just for the record sport and adventure is erm, my way of life, but came back here after many months away having seen your crass remarks on that video on blurred lines. Its humorous, and because people are conditioned to seeing such things the other way around, all of a sudden people like you cry ‘foul’ that it should be turned on its head. In the age old fashioned way, that some readers of my type of background will understand – ‘out to you’!

    • savorydish said

      Why are you still here?lol.
      Still trying to prove you’re the better man?
      Shouldn’t you be getting out more, engaging in sports and adventure?
      Or is this your idea of sports and adventure?
      Please stop embarrassing yourself. You’re not fooling anybody.

      • savorydish said

        Anon is starting to show signs of narcissism. His grandiose tone of voice is the dead giveaway. He’ll be back when he sees another opportunity to grand stand or his self-esteem needs a boost. Narcissists love to convince people that they are the better man.

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