Sady Doyle Comes Clean

August 8, 2013

Sady Doyle does something admirable for a change. She tells the truth about her struggles with mental health issues, bipolar II disorder to be exact. This takes a lot of courage. In an article she wrote last year, she recounts the time her friend had her committed to a psych ward:

I deserved to be committed. I needed it. For a long time, I had been in a dark, painful mood, a mood that had steadily transitioned into my personality. When I felt anger, I felt it so intensely that it took over my whole body…

…I couldn’t really feel anything, and what I could feel was bad. I pulled away from people. I was determined not to trust anyone. I was depressed, in other words, except for those strangely productive weeks and long, terrifying rushes of anger…

…Not only did I distrust people, I suspected many of them were only pretending to be my friends. I was convinced they were plotting against me. And I realized something: I deserved it. I was acting like a terrible monster, even if I didn’t know exactly why…

BiPolar II shares many commonalities with BPD. They are often misdiagnosed as each other and (in some cases) they are co-morbid. The borderline cycles more quickly through emotions, whereas a BiPolar person experiences longer periods of mania and depression.

Sady Doyle is a self-proclaimed feminist blogger but she attracts a certain kind of feminist- a small group of angry women who just happen to have signs of personality disorders and a history of sexual abuse.

That last bit of info is significant because it is important to note that these feminists are not driven by feminism, they are (in fact) driven by unstable emotions and a dark past. When you read an article from Ms. Magazine, Rookie or Tiger Beatdown, you might be reading an article written by a woman with a very loose grip on reality, a woman prone to self-victimization.

It is important to note that these angry women are not just writing for feminist blogs. Some of them write for mainstream blogs like Huffington Post, Buzz Feed, Gawker and Flavorpill. When you read these blogs, you will be impressed by how articulate these women can be. But if you knew them personally, you would know that these women live in extreme fear and anger.

These “feminist” writers are not defending the general population of women because they are too busy defending themselves and women who bear a striking resemblance to borderlines. If you maintain a blog that creates awareness about BPD, you will find angry feminists like Sady Doyle pounding on your door.

They will call you all sorts of names (misogynist, ableist, asshole, etc…). They will call you names because such women are hypersensitive to criticism. Because to these women, criticism feels like rejection aka abandonment. It feels like pain. Demonizing you serves to alleviate that pain while devaluing your opinion.

These angry women will do anything to shut down the truth. Not so long ago, I received death threats from some of Sady’s rabid followers and threats of legal action from Sady’s mom.

Sady Doyle has spent a large portion of her career, spreading mistrust of MANkind. She has spent a great deal of energy recruiting other emotionally vulnerable women to her cause. Birds of a feather flock together.

So I am relieved that Sady Doyle has finally admitted that her irrational rage and paranoia may have been the result of her disorder. Let’s hope her rabid followers read her article, and learn from her conclusions:

No matter how scary it was to be hospitalized and diagnosed with a mental illness, it was also a blessing. Because it gave me what I needed to get well.