CEO of Yahoo Hates Feminism

May 20, 2013

Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo. She was also the first female engineer at Google and graduated with honors from Stanford University. She is young and successful. She’s what you call a badass.

You would assume that she is a big fan of feminism. She is not. Ms. Mayer believes feminism has been taken over by militant women with a “chip on their shoulder”. I would add emotionally unstable women with skeletons in their closet.

Marissa Mayer ushers in a new era of feminism. She is a role-model for women who refuse to play the victim.

We need more women like Marissa Mayer.

13 Responses to “CEO of Yahoo Hates Feminism”

  1. Sammy C said

    @ Savory Dish, Its nice to know that at least there are some professional people that, these crazies, can’t fool or the professionals are not drinking their bullshit cool aid!!!!

    That’s very refreshing to know!!!

  2. Laura said

    Very refreshing indeed!
    I enjoy Warren Farrell on these issues, and also GirlWritesWhat. 😀

  3. Question said

    SavoryDish, how do I send you a private email? Or, will you please reply to the one I provided for this comment?

    Thank you.

  4. jay said

    i really don’t have anything new to report.. i have still heard absolutely nothing from my ex since around new years and that was just a futile attempt to reach out an olive branch that was met with hostility. so really nothing going back to september…
    it just makes me sick.
    i know that there’s nothing left on that path for us. it takes two to tango. insert generic cliche here. etc..
    but that is really all i want. nothing else even comes close.
    i spent a lot of time doing all that i can to ignore how i feel or just living with an outlook of not caring about anything. countless mindless distractions etc.. well.. that stuff only lasts so long and only goes so far.
    i know i sound kind of like a broken record on this board but i really feel hopeless about all of this.
    its pretty clear that i am in no condition to date anyone.
    i wont go into graphic detail but i’ve somehow managed to have sex kind of recently. but this also only makes me miss that crazy bitch even more. so even though some friends might say that the best remedy is some new strange, i find that not to be the case.
    for me, there is no substitute and no replacing a unique individual who was so immeasurably special to me.
    i feel like even if i sit here and listen to myself i’d have to say jesus christ man pull yourself together for f– sake!
    – the f— is wrong with you?!
    but here i am. pretty much in the same place i was several months ago. whereas a year ago i was riding the crest of a beautiful amazing wave. not a care in the world.
    i mean life was actually pretty great before i was involved with anyone else. then i actually managed to touch the sky and see everything that i ever wanted to know and have in my life.
    but before i’m even aware of what lay in store, everything is…..
    just absolutely devastating. everything is upside down.
    i’ll have my closest friends or my mom tell me you’re gonna be ok.
    you will meet someone else and find love again the way that mothers do. but i don’t want anyone else. and the truth is, i didn’t even really want anyone else before i met her. i was just her.
    she was all i wanted.
    don’t know what to do or where to go from here.
    pain doesn’t go away. sometimes i just try to stay asleep as much as possible. there really aren’t any possible solutions. none that work for me anyway. i’m sorry that i haven’t really had anything positive, inspiring or uplifting to say lately.
    such is my life as a heartsick hopeless romantic jackass.
    sometimes some rhythm and blues will make me feel.. well, not as completely miserable. i also went through what some might consider a couple eating disorders.. i mean, loss of appetite isn’t uncommon and eating is one of the only things that gives you a naturally good feeling. so i end up losing weight and gaining it back like oprah…
    i don’t really know what else to say. i feel pretty much like a ghost. as much as i have been aware that there are so many wonderful things out there to behold and experience in this beautiful life, i feel like there’s really nothing there for me anymore.
    i guess this is just as good a time as any to take a pause in rambling the way i do. so umm yea.. if anyone has come up with a magic spell or formula to get the bitch to speak to me again, please let me know lol. until next time..

  5. Elena said

    I am so sorry you are going through this. My BPD husband left two months ago and I feel as you do at this time. Although we do speak at times, it usually text and usually about finances and divorce stuff. Mostly I otherwise don’t hear from him, although it must be a little unnerving for him that I am not calling and begging for him to come home like I used to. But in a nutshell that’s why he left, I stopped participating in that dynamic. I “abandoned” him even though I was still here and loved him to death. Just didn’t want to always feel so desperate when he’d act out. Anyway, doesn’t it just feel so much worse than a split with a non-BPD person? It’s like the Twilight Zone.

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