Passing Judgement

March 27, 2013


(This has been re-posted because of the exchange that is currently going on in the comment section.)

The following comment was left under a posting titled Should Fucked Up People Be in a Relationship:

I feel like you all speak from a pedestal.
As if you have been endowed the right to pass judgement upon those who dare drag their sorry, disease ridden carcasses beneath you, condemning them for the living needs and scorning them should they chose death.
I am sixteen years old. I have been diagnosed with mental illness and am struggling–both with disease and simply being a human. I read this and cry. I hear you deem groups and groups of people unfit to be in a relationship, myself among them through default of the twists in my DNA.
I tend to believe the worst of myself, but even to me this seems inhuman. That a child born with illness should be arbitrarily labeled UNFIT for deep intimacy with another, a basic human right, is a tragedy.
I wonder if this another group to be stigmatized, another people to be crushed beneath unfit blame.
First they came for the Jews, the catholic, the African American, the gays.
Now they come for me.
I hope when they come for you, friend, you have somewhere to run your lonely way.

Notice the extreme emotionality. So full of self-pity and drama. You could argue that this is a product of being young and naive. But what you are witnessing is the product of youth combined with mental illness.

We all have a right to pass judgement. As humans we make judgements all the time. That is how we steer through life. This young blood would prefer it if we all steer blindly through life, allowing others to take advantage of our good nature. This one would have people dive into relationships with complete disregard for their own well-being.

Discrimination is bad when we are making erroneous and broad judgements against people based on superficial observations. But when those judgements are based of scientific observation, they serve as a map through an emotional minefield.

This is not discrimination against an ethnic or a religious group. We are talking about protecting ourselves against personalities that have been identified by their toxic nature. Good mothers teach their children not to talk to strangers. This blog teaches people to be wary of those with borderline tendencies.

Beware of those who have an irrational fear of judgement. If someone is obsessed with being judged, that is a red flag. It is an indication of someone with borderline tendencies. At the core of this disorder is a fear of rejection.

To the hyper-sensitive borderline, judgement feels like barbed-wire being dragged through their veins. When you judge a borderline and their behavior, they assume you are intentionally inflicting pain. They assume you are unfairly singling them out. They lash out with unbridled rage. They never assume that you are protecting yourself from harm.

Arrested development prevents them from accepting responsibility for their behavior. They fail to see that there is a reason why people are judging them. They fail to see that their behavior is harmful to others. They are completely unaware of the mind games they play.

Take a good look at the comment above.There was a clear intent by the young author to tug at your heart strings. At the tender age of 16, she has already mastered the fine art of manipulation. She wants you to visualize her tears, because she wants you to feel her pain. A pain only a borderline can feel.

This is why countless borderlines have tried to shut down this blog. They are feeling rejection on a massive level. To a borderline, this is worse than death. Therefore, they will attempt to silence you by any means necessary. Young borderlines don’t need an attorney to order a cease and desist. They have the power of guilt and shame at their disposal.

Even those who are aware of their disorder, will attempt to use it as a tool to silence you. They will claim victim status just to avoid criticism. This is how manipulative borderlines get away with murder. When you speak the truth, they will accuse you of abuse. They will threaten legal action. They will accuse you of all sorts of crimes against humanity. Such is the way of a drama queen.

The 16 year-old commenter is wrong when she says intimacy is a basic human right. That is the entitlement that comes with being borderline. She is too self-righteous and immature to realize that love is a responsibility. When you enter a relationship, you become responsible for the other person’s well being.

Clearly, the person above is too overwhelmed by her own pain to think about the pain she causes others.