Pushing Rape Culture

February 5, 2013

If you watched the Super Bowl, then you saw this Audi commercial. If you are a Cluster B with histrionic tendencies, then you might have seen something completely different- sexual assault to be exact.

Google “Audi Commercial” and you will find a slew of articles (not about cars or commercials) about sexual assault. One blogger from Phillymag.com went so far as to call the commercial “rapey”. Really? Rapey?

As you can see false accusations are easily made when the mind is clouded by thoughts of victimization. This is the markings of a histrionic personality/borderline personality. The scary part is these accusations were made by histrionics who have infiltrated the mainstream media. That is correct, histrionic personalities have infiltrated the mainstream media.

I’m not talking about feminist mags like  Ms. Magazine or blogs like Tiger Beatdown. I’m talking about publications like Wired and Huffington Post. If you’re not concerned, you should be. Because Cluster Bs are never content to live in their own misery. They are compelled (by their disorder) to spread that misery around.

When a histrionic/borderline accuses someone of rape, they are engaging in black and white thinking. They are saying there is no grey area between kissing a woman and raping her. To healthy minds, that seems absurd. But to someone who may have been sexually assaulted as a child, there is no difference.

The seemingly harmless commercial above triggered thoughts of rape. It ignited outrage. You are looking at how easy it is for these troubled minds to perceive rape when there is no rape. God forbid your son goes off to the high school prom and kisses a girl (without written consent), only to have activists scream “rape!”.

My borderline ex told me she was raped in college. The more I learn about HPD/BPD, the more I think she was reacting the same way these numbskulls are reacting to this Audi commercial.

By the way, my ex has also infiltrated the mainstream media. She use to write about rape, but now she writes about wedding dresses. However, she does not write about personality disorders or false accusations.

10 Responses to “Pushing Rape Culture”

  1. Are you freaking kidding me they are saying this, constitutes rape? Ahh ha ha ha I am on the ground laughing, I need to look into that car though, sweet ride!

  2. Serious shit here guys. Laugh all you want, untill you “make love” to your BPD g/f one night, who you live with, and then the next morning you leave to go about your day.

    Sounds totally mundane and innocent. Especially as she laid in your arms after the deed proclaiming how safe and loved she felt. You get up to go somewhere and don’t wake her because she has the look of an angel while sleeping as you leave. Then “SYBIL” wakes up and you are not there.

    All fun and games and joking stop here gentleman. We are dealing with mentally/emotionally DISTURBED women. Women who move in and out of psychosis. Remember and do not EVER forget: 1 of the hallmark symptoms of BPD is a fear of abandonment, real OR imagined.

    2 hours later, while going about my business she calls me frantically saying that she woke up alone, had no idea where I was, and felt like I had abandoned her by leaving w/o letting her know. AND on top of that she stated that she felt “like you just fucked me and left, like you RAPED me…” It took me about an hour to talk her “off the ledge”. It was one of the most frightening experiences i have ever been through.

    We all know how vulnerable and persuasive a BPD woman can be when telling her delusional truth to an outsider. When a BPD woman uses the word “RAPE” they get the attention they crave.
    They get to be the victim. They get to play the role that fulfills their “self fulfilling prophesy”. And they play it w/ Oscar winning conviction.

    And we can end up in a VERY BAD place….

    BPD woman and rape allegations based on their perceptions of events as perceived through their sqewed filter of core abandonment issues is not a joke, not funny and potentially deadley for us, the NON.

    These woman are capable of “crazy making” behavior that exceeeds our wildest imagination. They are sick, mentally and emotionally extremely disturbed. This is not a judgement. It is simply the facts as they pertain to the “condition” that is Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Become aware
    Become educated
    Accepth the TRUTH
    Get away from a BPD who won’t get EXTENSIVE long term therapy.

    And then maintain 100% NO CONTACT , heal, and move on with your life.

    Otherwise you are enmeshed w/ a woman who is more volatile and unpredictable from 1 moment to the next than unstable nitroglycerene…..and potentially just as lethal.

  3. Flopsy said

    Michael, you’re comment was eloquent. How long we’re you in a relationship with a BPD?

    • too long! almost 5 years. I became very enmeshed, couldn’t accept what was painfully obvious early on. I kept trying to defend my position in the relationship when she gaslighted me w/ delusional accusations. i stayed on trying to right a ship that had gone irrevocabley wrong. Long story short….I kept chasing the original “honeymoon” period. She also had an addiction issue. I held on to the belief that if she got clean and sober that we would be o k. The last 18 mos we were together she finally was clean and sober. All that taught me was that the addiction was only a symptom. The proof source for me was those 18 mos. in which there were no drugs,BUT, the BPD behavior was, as they say… ON AND CRAKIN’ !!!! Also, only because I was diverted to a BPD website while reading about schizophrenia (she has that diagnosis as well) did I stumble upon the realization that BPD is EXACTLY what she is. The sense of enlightenment that ocurred while researching BPD more and more was what finally, FINALLY convinced me to begin the process of letting go. That happened at about the 4 yr point. It still took me 6-8 more months to go NO CONTACT 100% once and for all. I actually believed I was crazy and that I was wrong, and that I actually was the monster that she projected on to me for almost 4yrs. Because I didn’t know about BPD, I figured that I was the sick one (in a sense i was but as a co-dependent, not as all the horrible things she delusionally accused me of). Before I was aware of BPD I tried to make it work because I did love her, I felt a sense of loyalty. Also we were both in our late 40’s and I felt compelled to stay commited and work things out. Once i realized that she has BPD i could no longer deny that it wasn’t going to ever get better. It was hard to leave. I won’t deny it either…..i still miss her and think about her. I pray for her. I also know I’m as fragile as a vase in a trash compactor and that if I had ANY contact w/ her i would be subjecting myself to huge emotional relapse and bitter pain. The only gratification from finally discovering information about BPD is that at least now I have an answer to the never ending question that used to haunt me….that question being: WHY? The answer doesn’t make it easier….it just provides an explanation for her behavior. It doesn’t justify it, I still believe BPDs have cognition, but now I know that i was dealing with an emotionally damaged woman. While we were together, before I was aware of her condition,my sense of total confusion was blinding. At least now I know the truth. And, as they say, “the TRUTH will set you free….”

      • Flopsy said

        Michael I am sorry you suffered so much. Though painful I am glad that you extricated yourself and are free.

  4. Thank Flopsy.

    I am free of “her” in the sense that i’m not w/ her physically anymore. And, even with reams and reams of downloaded information from numerous sources to explain, confirm and detail BPD, which validates (somewhat) the dysfunctionality of the relationship as having a legitimate cause, I am not free….not at all.

    The fact that i now have enough logical, tangible, information to allow me to understand the relationship intellectually..I am still emotionally broken. I hurt. I miss her. I think of her all the time. I wonder about her. I still love her.

    I fight the urge to contact her because I know that It’s just as toxic for me as if i were to take a drink. IT WOULD BE A RELAPSE!!! plain and simple. I am an alcoholic in recovery and i do work my steps on her just as i do w/ alcohol.

    I have put all the hard copy info I have on BPD into a binder and i read and re-read it almost on a daily basis when i have emotional longings for my ex g/f. I still feel that I failed her by not being able to love her enough or the “right” way. I’m sad. I’m alternately sad for her and mad at the situation. I wonder/fear what it would be like if i were to unexpectantly run into her somewhere. I hope and hope not simultaneously that she contacts me some day. I still romantacize the idea that a miracle happens and someday our paths cross and she’s better and i’m better and that the love we felt will bear wonderful fruit.

    She got me. BPD got us. Plain and simple. I have come to accept that she will always be part of my emotional makeup from here on out. She is indelibley stamped on my emotional psyche.

    I’ve dated. i’ve had other healthy women WANT to be with me. My emotional availability to other women can best be described as hollow, vacant, a burned out shell of which the contents are scorched beyond repair.

    I am seperated from her in the tangible physical proximity sense. Emotionally i am anything but free….

    • Flopsy said

      Michael I agree we’re never free of them. The cravings do diminish but their duplicity, callous and dismissive behaviors penetrate our armor leaving gaping holes that will never be filled. I wasn’t with my BPD but for eight months, enough to scar my soul. I too researched BPD almost obsessively because I needed answers to make sense of such behavior. When I feel weak or the longing is unbearable I re-read the research and come to this website to firm my resolve to stay away from that nightmare. SD helped me gain insight into how this person shattered my armor and enveloped me in a web of utter deceit. He baited me with those baubles that were missing from my childhood. This insight helps me immensely. I have lost a part of myself, but they are actors who perform the same worn out monologue to a different audience/victim.
      I still love him but I don’t want him, he’s hollow. The cravings do abate over time. Reading and speaking with others who have been traumatized helps so much.

  5. Michael Hughes said

    Fopsy, I appreciate your feedback. yesterday being Valentine’s day was “1 of those days”. I missed her. Bur what the hell am I missing. Vday 2009 she showed up for our date over an hour late. 2010 Vday she was with another guy (one of her “long time Friends”, who, when she spent time w/ him, i was not allowed to question and if i did she put he old spin doctor move on me about being jealous and clingy) from 9:00 am untill 9:00pm. I found out because she was going to buy tires for the car that morning. Only after i questioned her about taking over 12 hours to buy tires, Oh ya, and coming home WITHOUT new tires, did she admit to being with this other guy. While she was gone i bought her a Vday card and left it for her on the dresser. After i questioned her about where she had been all day, she saw the card and proceeded to go NUTS, lashing out at me and then ripping the card apart.

    And yesterday I miss her……I have a woman who spent yestrday cooking me dinnner, texting me during the day that she couldn’t wait to spend the day in my arms. We have a great evening together…..and i’m missing my BPD ex.

    They say that life is too short to harbor regret and and hold resentment. Well they are right. And yet i wish everyday as the backdrop to all my thoughts is “her”, that I had NEVER EVER met her. I’m cool with it being over. My life is better…in ALL areas.
    As they say in AA, use the steps! I AM POWERLESS OVER “HER” AND MY LIFE WAS UNMANAGEABLE. w/o her i function well. i just feel like shit! CAMETO BELIEVE THAT A POWER GREATER THAN OURSELVES COULD RESTORE US TO SANITY. I guess that has occured because by maintaining 100% NO CONTACT i am behaving sanely. To contact her would be relapsing into insanity. MADE A DECISION TO TURN MY WILL AND MY LIFE OVER TO THE CARE OF GOD AS I UNDERSTAND HIM. Well..it’s all his. Every day i give it to him and take it back, and give it to him and take it back. It SUCKS!!! I pray for the obsession to be lifted…to be able to go 20 minutes w/o thinking about her. I inventory ALOT. I have written literally pages of abusive behavior i endured while with her. And, like you, i come to this site to bolster my resolve to remain NO CONTACT NO MATTER WHAT!
    The only faith I have is that each day away from her….distance through time…is one day closer to salvation from heart wrenching pain. Yes…it would be soooo nice to be free……

    • Flopsy said

      Michael, I can go hours now without thinking of him. But it takes so much willpower, I too inventory the abusive behavior. Thinking about this encourages my resolve to have no contact. The longer I go like you the saner I behave. Think about the things that made you happy before you met her, start doing those things again. SD gave me this advice, it helped me tremendously.
      He contacted me weeks ago after five months. I was hoovered in but I compartmentalised my emotions. It was the same pattern of behavior love bombing and push and pull. I couldn’t do it, I confronted his behaviors. I knew this would illicit an emotional response of a three year old. Once he calmed down we both parted ways amicably, I got some closure. I couldn’t do the dance with him, I rather be apart with a void that will get smaller over time.
      I’m a calm person the drama and pain that surrounds them is debilitating.
      It will take time Michael, like any addiction one day at a time.

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