Born to Create Drama

February 22, 2013

A hilarious video for sure, but the sad reality is girls like this really do exist. They go on to become women who cry “rape” or threaten you with restraining orders. All in a desperate attempt to seek attention. For someone like my borderline ex, seeking attention is a disease.

Pushing Rape Culture

February 5, 2013

If you watched the Super Bowl, then you saw this Audi commercial. If you are a Cluster B with histrionic tendencies, then you might have seen something completely different- sexual assault to be exact.

Google “Audi Commercial” and you will find a slew of articles (not about cars or commercials) about sexual assault. One blogger from went so far as to call the commercial “rapey”. Really? Rapey?

As you can see false accusations are easily made when the mind is clouded by thoughts of victimization. This is the markings of a histrionic personality/borderline personality. The scary part is these accusations were made by histrionics who have infiltrated the mainstream media. That is correct, histrionic personalities have infiltrated the mainstream media.

I’m not talking about feminist mags like  Ms. Magazine or blogs like Tiger Beatdown. I’m talking about publications like Wired and Huffington Post. If you’re not concerned, you should be. Because Cluster Bs are never content to live in their own misery. They are compelled (by their disorder) to spread that misery around.

When a histrionic/borderline accuses someone of rape, they are engaging in black and white thinking. They are saying there is no grey area between kissing a woman and raping her. To healthy minds, that seems absurd. But to someone who may have been sexually assaulted as a child, there is no difference.

The seemingly harmless commercial above triggered thoughts of rape. It ignited outrage. You are looking at how easy it is for these troubled minds to perceive rape when there is no rape. God forbid your son goes off to the high school prom and kisses a girl (without written consent), only to have activists scream “rape!”.

My borderline ex told me she was raped in college. The more I learn about HPD/BPD, the more I think she was reacting the same way these numbskulls are reacting to this Audi commercial.

By the way, my ex has also infiltrated the mainstream media. She use to write about rape, but now she writes about wedding dresses. However, she does not write about personality disorders or false accusations.