Ave Maria

November 29, 2012


Not all borderlines are assholes. Not all borderlines live in denial. Some, like Maria, are heaven-sent:

Hello I have BPD and I was diagnosed 8 years ago. My father has it as well but it is undiagnosed and he refuses to believe in psychotherapy in general (he’s 75). I am sorry because you are all correct in your assessment of us. I have been in therapy for years and I fully take responsibility for my behavior.

I try very hard to keep in under control and I decided years ago that in order to save my loved ones from grief and keep myself from exploding, I would have to do three things, live alone and not marry, and never have children.

I realize these are extreme measures but they have helped me greatly keep it under control and not hurt my loved ones. I have also maintained a long term relationship and have kept the same job for 9 years.

I believe these “rules” should be used by other BPD’s, as extreme as they are. I know it will be with me for life so I am trying to minimize huge events/life experiences, what have you, that most BPD’s cannot handle in an adult and mature manner. I will probably get a lot of negative feedback but I think my rules would be helpful for many BPD’s.

Sadly, not all borderlines have the courage to take responsibility for their behavior. My borderline-ex was one of these cowardly souls. She chooses to live a lie. She chose to get married and pull someone into her misery. She thinks she will cure childhood trauma with internet fame. It’s sad really. Do we blame this on her disorder? Her upbringing? Her denial?

But then Maria comes along and shows us that you can have the same disorder and make all the right choices. Thank you, Maria. You have restored my faith in humanity.