A Borderline Kind of Love

September 17, 2012


6 Responses to “A Borderline Kind of Love”

  1. savorydish said

    I found this comic posted on Facebook. The comments under that post are more amusing than the comic. It’s like a dysfunctional dogpile. NPs pushing aside BPs to be the first to respond with outrage. That’s how untreated PDs react to the truth- they dismiss it as hogwash. They shit on “nice guys”. (It’s their fault for being nice.) PDs are very good at justifying their behavior.

  2. Flopsy said

    Sums up BDP’s! There’s such a callous/indifference to the cartoon…

  3. toughmat said

    I second the callous and indifferent part when they are not getting their way or in sabotage mode. My ex told me “I will never you leave you”, but she would also say things like “this is not going to work if you dont put TRUE EFFORT. Its a very sad truth”. Not one time did I threaten to end the relationship to get my way or make a point. She says they are not threats, just reality that a relationship takes effort and I was putting her last and she was tired of it. I guess her love bank and mine are very different in how they process transactions.

  4. Flopsy said

    I think anybody who has been in a relationship with a BPD can relate to this cartoon. No happy ending…ever

  5. Driver said

    I agree. The cartoon is classic. That’s really how it goes…they leave someone who treats them very well for a bad person (who will ignore, use, abuse and cheat). The pattern will probably continue forever (unless by a miracle they do get help).


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