A Penny for Your Thoughts

July 12, 2012

someecards.com - Today I found a penny, it reminded me of you. Worthless and found in everyone's pants.

2 Responses to “A Penny for Your Thoughts”

    • Mark said

      I am surprised there are no real comments on this header.
      To me, this one symbolizes how a bpd ex must picture you after they split you black. It is going on a month now that I ceased contact with her and after reading the stories here I consciously know she will not call me and yet a part of me still thinks it is possible. I have told myself I will not talk to her but I sometimes have thought- ” if she does call maybe that means she is not BPD.” I guess that I am still trying to blame myself for reacting negatively to her passive/aggressive way of treating
      me. I think of all the traps I fell into and how she went away blaming me for issues. I was not the happiest guy before I met her, but I can tell you that now I feel very diminished by the whole relationship. What really hurts is that she has probably just carried on as if I did not exist. How truly sad.

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