My borderline ex should spend less time trying to change the world and more time changing herself. But signing petitions is easier than taking responsibility for the way you treat others. Isn’t it?

Thank you to Zan for sharing this little gem. I nearly pee’d myself laughing. This post is dedicated to Sady Doyle, Stephanie Hallett, Mina Jade and all of you self-appointed activists. If you’re wondering what 98% of the population thinks of you, then look no further. Please stop embarrassing yourself and get some serious help.

Did you know my borderline ex has amazing parents? Well, that’s according to a recent post that she dedicated to her amazing mother for Mother’s Day. That’s funny. I swear a week did not go by where my borderline ex did not complain about her mother being either physically or mentally abusive to her as a child. And then there’s her father. According to my ex, her mother caught her father making out with my ex’s lesbian fiance at a family party. This was no doubt retribution for her mother’s own acts of indiscretion. Do these sound like amazing parents to you?

So what the hell is going on here? Why the sudden 180? Why the two-faced storytelling?

I started hearing these family horror stories early on in the relationship. I remember being alarmed at the time. Who could blame me? What kind of family acts this way? A deeply dysfunctional one. At that time, I tried not to judge so I kept my distance. At the time, I didn’t know a thing about BPD. But I knew enough to know that dysfunctional families produce dysfunctional children. I knew what her parents did to each other, she would eventually do to me. Unfortunately, I was right. The rotten apple never falls far from the rotting tree.

Even so, I comforted her every time she shared a sob story. Looking back now, it was probably the worst thing I could have done because I was just encouraging the drama. Borderlines tell sob stories to reel people in and to prevent them from leaving. It’s why you have to take their stories with a grain of salt. My ex conveniently told sob stories every time she felt me pull away. What she didn’t realize was that it was her stories that were pushing me away.

It wasn’t that I didn’t care about her. I just didn’t need the drama. I didn’t want to be sucked into the vortex. Even before I learned about personality disorders, I knew it would spell disaster. I had dated enough fucked up women in my life to know how this would all end.

Every time she felt me pull away, it would trigger her fears of abandonment. And with that, she would always tell me another sob story. Each time, she would ratchet up the sob factor. Each story was more tragic than the last.

I ran myself ragged trying to contain the drama. I played the co-dependent fixer all too well. I even suggested she patch things up with her mother. Overnight, her mother became her new BFF when, just days ago, she was her tormentor. But then she calls me on New Year’s Eve to tell me about her father’s act of betrayal. To be honest, my first thought was “Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?”

To this day, I don’t know which stories to believe. Because when you are dealing with someone who will literally do or say anything to avoid abandonment, it makes it very hard to believe any of these stories. But something bad must have happened in her past. She wouldn’t be as fucked up as she is if her childhood was amazing. That much I know.

When she learned about her father from her mother/new BFF, she came back a different person. All of a sudden, she was paranoid. She accused me of flirting with her friends and hiding secret lovers from her. She started saying things like “all men are pigs” (black and white thinking). That’s when I knew our relationship was doomed. I knew sabotage was just around the corner.

The same month she had learned about her father’s assholish behavior was when she decided to get drunk and flirt with her male “friend” right in front of me and all her friends. Assholish behavior runs in her family. When they are tired of fucking each other over, they go out and find other people they can fuck over. Assholes, every one of them.

Of course, those with borderline tendencies will say, “nobody’s perfect.” True. We all have our faults. But if our imperfections are small cracks, then a borderline’s imperfections are giant chasms. You have to draw the line somewhere.  We’re not talking about imperfection. We’re talking about people who have abusive tendencies, people who tell sob stories to manipulate others. This is where we must draw the line.

Borderlines posing as angry activists will argue that this is discrimination. They will say that we are treating the abusive assholes with a heavy hand. And I say- let them say whatever they want to say. Because a disordered person will say anything to avoid abandonment and rejection. Disordered people should be treated like disordered people. We should never make the mistake of treating them as if they are healthy individuals.

Disordered people tell tall tales. They make things up. They exaggerate. They confuse and contradict their own words. They have a very loose grip on reality. They tell stories to gain attention or to lash out at someone.That is why people have such a hard time believing a word they say.

My ex worked so hard to convince me that her parents were terrible. And now she wants all her readers to believe otherwise. She is on a mission to prove that she is normal. She even married an unsuspecting young man to prove that she is capable of intimacy. But she is fooling her readers just like she is fooling herself and everyone around her. You can’t fool yourself into thinking you’re healthy. That’s called denial.

People like my ex and Mina Jade are far from healthy. They are fooling themselves into believing that they are right in the head. Delusional thinking is a major component of BPD. It’s why they have such a poor recovery record. Honesty is required for recovery.

So when my borderline ex claims that her parents are amazing, don’t be so quick to believe her. Troubled women are the product of a troubled upbringing. BPD also has genetic roots. Assholes give birth to a new generation of assholes. There’s a reason why her family has worked so hard to silence this blog. They don’t want you to know the truth. The tragic path of a borderline always leads back to the family.

That’s why my ex became a “journalist”, so she could blog the past away. She can blog about her amazing life and her amazing parents. No one will dare question her for fear of being labeled a “would-be rapist”. If you knew my ex like I know my ex, you would know that her family and her life are anything but amazing. Even she had to acknowledge there were parts of her life that weren’t so amazing.

In her Mother’s Day post, she hinted at “dark times”. But then she made the ridiculous suggestion that her parents overcame those dark times by taking more vacations and bike rides to the beach. Did you know that you can cure BPD trauma with bike rides to the beach? Did you know infidelity can be forgiven with a vacation? More inane suggestions by my all too helpful ex.

My ex is living a lie. She is perpetuating this lie, because she’s afraid her family will unravel (fear of abandonment). But what she doesn’t seem to realize is that her family has already unraveled. The emperor is naked but strutting around, thinking she is fully clothed. So rather than confront issues and address problems, she pretends they don’t exist. Compartmentalizing the past allows her to live in a fantasy world where chocolate rivers run through fields of cotton candy.

So let me end with some more advice to my delusional ex:

If you are too emotionally-retarded to treat people with the respect that they deserve, then you are not worthy of an adult relationship. Getting married and obsessing about weddings will not make you feel whole. Only a small child thinks they can overcome psychological trauma with pretty dresses and fancy events. GROW UP. There’s a reason why people hate your guts… there’s a reason why lovers and friends always turn into enemies- it’s because you’re an irresponsible asshole. Until the day that you take responsibility for your disorder, you will always be an asshole.

Mina Jade is back AGAIN and she’s angrier than ever. She hates hearing the truth. This is what denial looks like. Fierce denial. Blogs like this one threaten to pop her bubble of delusion. Her first reaction is to smash the truth. This is called devaluation aka discrediting the truth-teller. If you know histrionics, then you know how this works. If not, read on.

When you administer the truth to a person in denial, it’s like knocking down a house of cards that someone has spent a lifetime to build. The house of cards represents all the lies histrionics have told themselves and others to keep up the illusion of well-being. When you knock down the house of cards, you threaten everything they know to be true. You are forcing them to look at themselves with brutal honesty. Mina Jade loves posting nude photos of herself on the internet, but she hates taking a long hard look at herself.

The attention whore is very particular about the kind of attention they get. They want admiration and adoration. They seek sainthood and martyrdom. They will go to bizarre extremes to get this kind of attention (see Mina Jade). Honest criticism is not welcome. It triggers their fears of rejection. That is to say, it triggers the fight or flight response. In this case, fight.

Sadly, fighting does nothing to help the histrionic. It only antagonizes people who already despise them and alienates people who would otherwise be willing to help them. Internet popularity and fake friends aside, the world of the histrionic borderline is a lonely one. They fight so hard to suppress the truth, but they are only supporting what is already known about these devils in disguise.

I look back into this blog’s archives and I see how angry borderlines have added fuel to the fire. Earlier posts were more sympathetic and compassionate. Open dialogue was encouraged, even amongst borderlines. All that changed once my borderline ex had sent her proxies to my door. With each rabid borderline, I have become less tolerant, less forgiving. Untreated borderlines have a talent for escalating hostilities. This blog has become living proof.

Despite this blog’s efforts to educate her kind on histrionic personality disorder, Mina Jade continues her histrionic ways. This includes pouring salt on the wounds of survivors of BPD relationships, and portraying abusive assholes, like herself, as poor defenseless victims. Always the victim. Never the abuser:

“Women like Sady and Smith deserve to be put in their place”

– this sentence shows what you truly are – a monster, a worm, a low-life. Look at that quote thoroughly, because THIS is what you are, this is your audience. These are the people whom you gathered around you with your loathsome Nazi rape-supporting “slut-shaming” blog. Hopefully you are proud of yourself – you are nothing more than a WOULD-BE RAPIST.

Perhaps a real rapist, I do not know, since your own sob story is gibberish.

So let me get this straight- Telling the truth and calling histrionics out makes me a Nazi and a “would-be rapist”? Interesting. How does one make that fantastical leap? (black and white thinking, delusions, psychotic episodes?) Calling bullshit on attention whores and their questionable stories of rape is far cry from condoning rape. Unless of course, you suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder. Unless, you are trying to cover up your questionable past.

Mina Jade can hurl all the wild accusations she wants. Demonizing me will not change the facts. It only serves as evidence… Evidence that these damsels in distress are abusive assholes in disguise. Even if she was successful in shutting down this blog, the truth would still be out there. If she did some research, she would realize that. But Mina Jade doesn’t want to hear the truth. She is hoping her wild accusations will take the focus off the truth about her and put it on me. We’ve seen this dirty trick before.

As Mina Jade and her kind have demonstrated, false accusations and self-delusion are common in the troubled world of the histrionic. That is a fact. Not my opinion. But don’t take my word for any of this. Just ask any psychologist who specializes in personality disorders. They will tell you the same thing. Just observe all the angry histrionics who have thrown rocks in my direction.

Mina Jade claims I support rape. I challenge her to find a quote that supports her claim. If she has trouble finding that quote it will be due to the fact that it does not exist, except in the troubled mind of a histrionic. A histrionic is willing to do and say anything to come out on top.

I’ll tell you what I do support. I support the naming and shaming of compulsive liars. I support showing troubled people for who they really are- troubled people. I support the questioning of questionable stories as told by troubled minds.

Rapes that actually happened are not that hard to prove. There’s usually evidence of forced entry, evidence of a violent attack, a history of sex crimes by the perp. No such evidence exists when histrionics get “raped”. The only evidence you will find is a woman with a long history of seeking attention in wildly inappropriate ways. You will find evidence of a woman who is prone to imagined victimization and wild exaggerations.

Really – why do we not say males not to drink until they can make difference between a willing and unwilling (passed-out) woman? “NO IS NO” would be unpleasant news for ones like you – who cannot get a girl unless she is blackout with alcohol/depression.

Sorry to disappoint Mina Jade. I actually prefer my women to be sober and happy. I know that seems strange to someone as fucked up as Miss Jade. The problem is women, like my borderline ex, have learned to hide their alcoholism and sadness. They will pretend to be the virtuous girlfriend, until you catch her sleeping with half the town.

Do not let Miss Jade’s moral indignation fool you. Women like her have a long and shady history of saying YES to anyone who will give them any kind of attention, including other people’s husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc. They post nude photos all over the internet and flirt with every guy in town and then they wonder why people have the wrong impression of them.

Mina Jade thinks she’s got me all figured out. She wants so badly to believe that I am Hitler’s spawn. She wants so badly to believe that I rape women in their drunken stupor. Because in her troubled mind, that will make all my observations about her less valid. She is determined to bury me and the truth with me. Take a good look. This is how a histrionic evades the truth about herself.

Sure, let’s tell drunk boys not to have sex with drunk girls. Let’s tell kids that drugs are bad. While we’re at it, let’s tell murderers not to murder and robbers not to rob. Let’s tell borderlines to take responsibility for their binge drinking and their mental health. Let’s tell histrionic women to stop imagining victimization and sleeping around to get attention. If we told the whole world to be on their best behavior, do you think that would save self-destructive girls from self-destruction?

Personality disorders are serious afflictions. These people have been severely traumatized by lifelong abuse. They float in and out of reality. Often times, they don’t know what the truth is because they are so out of it. They not only imagine rape when it’s not rape. They also imagine that people (they just met) are their soul mates. They imagine death is right around the corner. They imagine threats where none exists. They imagine many things that don’t exist, because that is how a traumatized mind works. The world of the histrionic is filled with perceived and imagined threats.

As Mina Jade has demonstrated, histrionics use false-accusations as a weapon to kill off people who threaten to reveal the true histrionic. They will punish you if you don’t buy their “damsel in distress” act. Mina Jade has demonstrated that with her latest post. They swing this weapon of mass destruction without care of consequence or legal implications. Angry histrionics don’t need evidence or witnesses to accuse people of rape. They just need to feel slighted.

“Due process? What the hell is that?”, says the histrionic with a chip on her shoulder and a dark past. It’s her word against yours. It’s her twisted mind against your voice of reason. How dare you accuse a woman of lying about rape? Even though she has been diagnosed with a disorder that frequently causes people to distort reality. You must be a rapist to suggest such a thing! How ironic that they use false accusations of rape as a means to prove that they do not make such false accusations. Welcome to the insanity.

When Mina Jade speaks of monsters, low-lifes and worms, she is projecting. How else do you describe someone who makes careless false accusations of rape to silence critics? Deep down she knows that she is scum. Her rage is actually rooted in self-hatred.

When critics make a vindictive histrionic angry, they suffer the consequences. False accusations of rape are just one of the many ways an angry histrionic can get back at you. Perceived rejection is their motivation to hurt you. This is their twisted idea of justice. Punishment and revenge is how they transfer rage and shame. This is the trail of drama and hostility that always seems to follow them wherever they go.

Demonizing the other is essential to the process of discrediting those who would dare speak with honesty about unhinged women. Mina Jade is desperate to silence me, because she is afraid that people will see past her public image, the one she has so carefully constructed. How desperate does one have to be to make such wild accusations? How desperate does one need to be to cut their own wrists to relieve pain? Women who suffer from HPD/BPD are more desperate than you and I will ever know.

Funny how she didn’t quote the rest of my post where I condemn people for making death/rape threats (including threats made by the Tiger Beatdown camp). Those who play victim are very good at cherry-picking. They pick only what they need to maintain the illusion that they are the victim and you are the abuser. In their eyes, everyone else is abusive except them. Wink. Wink. Welcome to the twisted mind of a silent abuser.

Never, in my entire life, have I ever been accused of rape or would-be rape. It was only when I started posting criticisms of histrionic women that these accusations began appearing in my inbox. Accusations made by troubled women who have never met me or known me. All they know is that I speak the inconvenient truth.  

Cluster B women often use words like ” Nazi” and “would-be rapist” to inflict pain and harm. They know exactly what they are doing. We have seen Mina Jade use these words before to silence Jon H. As a fictional writer, Mina Jade is not very original. She needs new material. Her tactics are becoming stale. What seems like wild behavior is actually very predictable. This is textbook histrionic personality behavior, aka abusive behavior.

Black and white thinking and disproportionate rage (rage saved up over a lifetime) creates these abusive tendencies.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a histrionic knows how to wound you without a bruise. Black eyes will heal, but emotional wounds often linger. Damaged reputations never heal. When a histrionic is done with you, your ability to trust will never be the same.

Mina Jade is trying really hard to bring my self-esteem down to her  level. Over the internet, these verbal jabs are harmless. But in an intimate relationship, abusive name calling has the same emotional effect as physical abuse. What you are witnessing is a borderline conducting a smear campaign. In an intimate relationship, such abusive behavior takes its toll. Silent abusers like Mina Jade know this. That is why she keeps coming back. From personal experience, she has learned that constant application of emotional attacks can destroy a person’s self-esteem. Look what it did to her.

Imagine being treated like this night and day, for months. Partners of borderlines come out of these relationships traumatized, emotionally bruised and battered. Those who are abandoned and betrayed by callous histrionics suffer withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are real and well-documented by the medical community. Just because a few internet assholes dismiss the pain, doesn’t mean it’s “gibberish”.

In fact, their dismissal is evidence that the pain is real. They are dismissing this blog for a reason. They know the pain they cause is real because the shame they feel is real. Their dismissal is just a despicable and  futile attempt to rid themselves of that shame. When Mina Jade hurls false accusations of rape, she is trying desperately to transfer the shame she feels.  This is a cover up act. Histrionic personalities are all about the cover up. Just ask my borderline ex.

I stand by my comment: Self-serving narcissists who pose as activists and rape survivors deserve to be put in their place. By “put in their place” I mean revealed for the sham-meisters that they are. These women need a serious dose of reality. They need to be taken down from the martyr pedestals they have built for themselves. Because it is only after we wipe away the fog… It is in only after we wipe away the bullshit, will they finally admit that they need help.

Sorry, Mina Jade, no rapists here. Just the ones in your fuzzy mind. I do just fine without the aid of alcohol and mental illness, thank you very much. Save your sermon for the evil men who had their way with you. Or was it the other way around? I hear false accusations of rape are very common amongst histrionic/borderline women. Thank you for confirming this.

You’ll have to point your false accusations elsewhere. Save your manipulative tricks for someone else. I know too much about your kind. I know too much about your dirty tricks. But thank you for illustrating the cavalier manner in which histrionics throw such accusations around. They don’t care whose life or reputation they are ruining, as long as they come off as the damsel in distress.

Dear all-too-helpful lovely male – as long as it was not you whose orifices were stuffed against your will, you are NO victim or survivor of abuse or assault.

When we read Mina Jade’s rant, were are witnessing how silent abusers get away with murder. First, they demonize you. Then, they dismiss your claims of abuse as “gibberish”.  But even if this blog were to shut down, there would still be hundreds of other blogs that share stories identical to mine. But Mina Jade thinks they are all wrong, including the entire medical community.

Here she is foaming at the mouth for round four or five (I’ve lost count) and we are suppose to believe she is incapable of abusive behavior. Mina Jade really is good at writing fiction. Raging histrionics only see what they want to see.The buzzing hornets in her head are preventing her from hearing reason. Mina Jade is only digging the hole of shame deeper and deeper for herself.

According to Dr. Mina Jade, unless a man has been raped, he can not claim abuse. Because betrayal and false accusations do not qualify as real abuse. If it doesn’t leave a gaping orifice, it’s not abuse. The pain of others is insignificant when compared to her own pain. If you can’t see bruises, it wasn’t abuse. How convenient for the silent abuser. Funny thing is most behavioral specialist would strongly disagree. Bear in mind, Mina Jade has no qualifications or FACTS, she just has a warped sense of reality and an abrasive personality.

It is nobody else’s fault that you could not find only a sad and troubled girl who let you use her. Were she healthy, how in the hell would she wipe her shoes into a whiny one like you, not to mention let you touch her?

She not only allowed me to touch her. She allowed other men to touch her. Anybody who would give her just a little bit of attention was allowed to touch her. That is how badly she needed attention. This is her disease and the true source of her shame. Mina Jade knows this shame well.

I blame no one but myself for my relationship with a histrionic borderline. I allowed a con-artist to con me. I allowed her to fool me into thinking that she was capable of love… capable of change. I allowed her to fool me into thinking that she would never hurt me. But I was wrong… so very wrong. I blame myself.

What Mina Jade is demonstrating is what BPD specialist talk about when they say that borderlines create no-win scenarios. They will beg you to stay and then turn around to accuse you of smothering them. After they take advantage of your good nature, they will curse you for taking advantage of their weakness. They will gladly play the sad and troubled girl to lure people with good hearts and then they turn around to stomp on it.

This is how a histrionic borderline thanks you for putting up with her abusive behavior. This is the fucked up mind games untreated histrionics/borderlines play.

Will you ever leave that unhappy lady alone who once was unlucky enough to hang out with you? (I do not use the word “girlfriend”, she must be ashamed of you well enough.) No, you never “helped” her or “loved” her. Certainly she was troubled in the first place, but you made her life even worse.

On the contrary, she was very lucky to have met me. Very few people would have put up with her bullshit. Very few people would have forgiven her after being betrayed over and over again. Don’t think Mina Jade doesn’t know this. She is covering up shame.

There’s a reason why these crazy women are always selling sex. This their bait. It’s a trap.

Once people see the real histrionic, they don’t stay for long. That is why my ex has learned to push the ejection button first. That is why she has conditioned herself to shut off emotions at the first sign that a lover is thinking for themselves. That is why she can walk away as if nothing happened.

If my ex was unlucky, it was because she underestimated me. She thought she could pull another HIT and RUN. She thought she could abuse me and keep it hush hush. She thought she could run off to La La Land and start fresh. She thought she could cover her tracks. She and her shady family thought wrong. She messed with the wrong person. Very unlucky for her indeed. She will think twice before she screws another person over.

Sadly, histrionics have to learn their lessons the hard way. A histrionic is the product of arrested development. They look like adults, but they act like children. A child who misbehaves must be corrected.

Blogs like this one exist because these histrionic women have a talent for antagonizing even the closest of friends, family and lovers. Fucked up people respond to intimacy and love with rage and betrayal. This blog is a by-product of that rage and betrayal. Mina Jade and my ex have no one to blame but themselves.

That unhappy/unlucky lady, she speaks of, was unhappy/unlucky long before she met me. She has supposedly experienced things far more traumatic than someone broadcasting the truth about her kind. She has stories of rape, muggings, child molestation, abusive parents, kidnapping and even murder. So which one of these stories should we believe? According to Mina Jade, you must believe all of her stories or you must be a would-be rapist.

If my ex wanted me to leave her alone, she should have thought twice about dragging me into her fucked up life. She should have thought twice about betraying me after I had already forgiven her over and over again. She should have been a nicer person.

Abusive women, beware: Nice guys can only be fucked over so many times before they are not so nice.

My ex went out of her way to fuck me over. If my ex did not want this kind of attention, she should have thought twice about that before she fucked me over. My ex was as mean as Mina Jade. What goes around comes around. Women like Mina Jade and my borderline ex must learn their lessons the hard way. Growing up, they learned all the wrong lessons. Here, they will learn the right ones.

The truth does NOT make a troubled person more troubled. Denial makes them more troubled. Pretending nothing is wrong makes them more troubled. Avoiding treatment, living a lie, covering up the past, ignoring the pain you have caused others… guess what?… All of these things will make you more troubled.

My ex is unhappy because she chooses to stay unhappy by not seeking treatment. She chooses to drag one person after another into her fucked up life, without any concern for their well-being. This has nothing to do with bad luck.

If she is unlucky, it is because I am the only person in her life who is willing to tell her like it is. She has chosen to surround herself with enablers who tell her that she’s just fine when she is far from it. These enablers pose as good friends and caring family members, but they are only preventing her from getting the help she needs.

This blog doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. I am giving histrionics an opportunity to confront their issues and the real demons in their life. But cowards like Mina Jade would rather throw pebbles at my blog than confront their own issues. They would rather demonize me, than seek treatment. And THAT is why Mina Jade and my ex will remain troubled and unhappy for the rest of their miserable lives.

The glamorous life that my ex paints is not real. It is cloyingly sweet frosting on a rotting cake. The narcissistic/histrionic borderline is prone to flights of fancy and delusions of grandeur. This is how they deal with pain. But these are superficial solutions that do nothing to heal the pain. It is a song and dance act meant to cover the pain. Not heal it.

If you love therapy so much, then why do you not have some? Do you believe it is all right to obsess over a relationship that ended long ago? Is it all right to justify rape, only because you hate this unhappy girl and you are glad that she suffered from rape?

Here she goes again, trying to shift the focus on me. Everyone is crazy except Mina Jade. Take a good look at what she is doing here. When you dare to suggest they get some help, this is how they discredit you. They try to convince the world that you are the crazy one. Not them. This is called gaslighting. Google it. Imagine if I had suggested she go see the dentist. She might have accused me of being a would-be baby killer.

Is Mina Jade really trying to make this into a competition to see who needs therapy more? I am pretty sure she would lose. I don’t have scars on my wrist. I don’t split loved ones black, weeks after I ask them to move in with me. I don’t have panic attacks or have triggered memories of rape. I don’t post naked pictures of myself on the internet and then wonder why I attract the wrong type. I don’t make false accusations or imagine victimization when it does not exist. If I’m crazy, then Mina Jade and my ex must be really fucked up.

Nobody here loves therapy. They just hate dysfunctional assholes like Mina Jade who think they have a right to be dysfunctional assholes. Nobody is forcing anyone to seek treatment. It is merely a helpful suggestion. There are some who believe that histrionics do not benefit from treatment. In other words, they believe they are a hopeless cause. When I listen to Mina Jade rant, I find it hard to disagree with this belief.

Mina Jade thinks that badgering me with the same points over and over again will change my resolve. It won’t. Because when shady individuals like Mina Jade work so hard to bury the truth, it convinces me that I need to work harder to reveal it.

If borderlines like Mina Jade and my ex were more honest, if they were better human beings, this blog wouldn’t need to exist.

If my ex had taken responsibility for the horrible way she treats people, then there would be no need to call her out on it. If women like Mina Jade, Stephanie Hallett, Sady Doyle and SE Smith spent more time writing the truth about mental disorders then my job would be done. But somebody has to tell the truth.

This is not an obsession with a relationship that ended a year ago. This is an obsession to figure out why I attract fucked up women. It is an obsession to make sure this never happens to me again. It is an obsession with getting the truth out there. Because, for too long, creeps like Mina Jade and my ex have suppressed this knowledge and twisted the truth.

Mina Jade is no stranger to obsessions. She obsesses over this blog, cats and rape. Clearly, she has no problems with obsessive behavior.  Her concern is that the truth about her kind will soon be widespread. Then, she will no longer be able to lure unsuspecting men into her trap, no matter how many nude photos she posts.

The relationship with my borderline ex may have ended a year ago, but I will never forget. How could I when histrionics leave such a lasting impression? It was not just the one relationship that has affected me so. It has been a series of abusive relationships with disordered women. Women who work very hard to cover up their misdeeds. Victims of these women have every right to tell their stories.

Mina Jade pretends she cares about my poor poor ex. Strange, since she doesn’t even know her. The only person Mina Jade cares about is Mina Jade. Histrionics are notoriously self-serving and manipulative. They like pretending to be champions of social change, but that is merely fluff for their ego. Because if Mina Jade actually did give a shit about my ex, she’d encourage her to seek help.

It is unfortunate that I have had to go to these extraordinary lengths to prove that histrionic personality disorder is real. But the forces of denial are strong. The 2%ers are very good at manipulating the masses. If Cluster Bs choose to not seek treatment, then we must learn to recognize the signs so that we can avoid them like the plague. If they insist on being self-destructive, let’s make sure they don’t take any more people down with them.

There is a rational and sensible explanation for this bizarre histrionic behavior. It’s just hard to hear it when Mina Jade is screaming bloody rape.