Have Histrionic Personalities Hijacked Liberal Activism?

April 17, 2012

I’ve posted this pic before, but I’m posting it again because it recently showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. It was posted by a political org that I once supported and gave money to. I supported them because I support things like gay marriage and abortion rights. I regret to say that I have since removed that org from my Facebook page and will no longer support them. I will no longer support them because they (like many others orgs I have supported in the past) have started to condone behavior that defines histrionic personality disorder. That I can not support.

The young lady above is THE poster child for histrionic women. Her pic has been on heavy rotation amongst feminist and liberal activist sites, not to mention Tumblr. Which makes me wonder- Have Histrionics/Borderlines hijacked activism and the liberal agenda? To answer this we must dig deeper. We must ask more questions.

There are plenty of woman worthy of praise out there. There are plenty of legitimate victims of sexual abuse out there, women like Jaycee Dugard. There are plenty of women who were, without a doubt, raped. So why do these activists only focus on questionable cases of rape? Why is the woman (depicted above) being raised above the crowds and worshiped like a saint? Why does her story resonate so much with these self-proclaimed “activists” when so many stories of rape are ignored???

To answer these questions, you must look beyond the carefully constructed do-gooder image. These are self-serving activists. And as such, they are always looking for stories that support their sob stories and feminist theories. I am willing to bet that their story is identical to the story of the young lady above. These women claim they were raped. But why is it they have to work so hard to prove that they were raped? Why is it never a clear-cut case? Why are there always questionable circumstances? Why do these women always have dubious reputations?

Let’s make this clear- These women were not kidnapped. They were not beaten over the head and dragged into the bushes. They were frolicking at a party. They drank and they flirted, flirted a lot.  More so than the average party-goer. They came dressed to kill. Then they drank some more.They drank so much, they ended up having having sex with someone they just met. They drank so much the details of the event became murky.

Nothing wrong with getting drunk and have a one night stand, except that these are the type of people who have drunken sex and then call it rape. Yikes. How did a fun night of drinking go so horribly wrong? Now the plot thickens. It seems this is not just a case of a woman who had one too many. Oh no. There is much more to this story than these activists have lead you to believe.

In fact, if you were to dig deeper you would find that these women have a disturbing past. This is not about one night. This is about lifelong tragedy. Never ending tragedy. These are people who have a long history of creating drama and seeking attention in wildly inappropriate ways. These are women who often get into trouble (serious trouble) when they drink. And then cry “victim”. This is a very disturbing pattern of behavior.

These activists like to leave out important details, especially when it comes to details about their sordid past. They may have even suppressed and compartmentalized the past. They would rather you not know about their past, because that would ruin their image of the damsel in distress. That would establish a history of troublemaking.

They would like to leave you with the impression that they are pure as the driven snow. They would like you to believe they were all victims of circumstance. Bad luck. Or as they like to say, “It could have happened to any woman”. They say that a lot. Because that’s how you recruit proxies. That’s how you gain sympathy.

But the odd thing is- Questionable incidents of rape don’t happen to just any woman. These incidents are almost exclusive to 2% of the female population. A population that psychologists have labeled with Cluster B Personality Disorders. That would include histrionic and borderline women.

But rather than call for these Cluster B women to seek help or (god forbid) address their personal issues, they would rather blame society for their problems. According to these activists, mental health issues are not the problem. Society (the other 98% of the population) is the problem.

These activists believe we live in a rape culture. For those of you not familiar with feminist THEORY, rape culture is the fantastical notion that society encourages rapists to rape. Now where have we seen this “the world is out to get me” mentality?

Rather than spend years in treatment, these “activists” would rather spend their time protesting and signing petitions. They seem to think signing petitions is an effective treatment of lifelong trauma. It is not. It is evidence that a troubled mind is incapable of treating itself. A troubled mind only finds ways to fool itself into believing it is not so troubled.

Thanks to Stephanie Hallett and Company, drunken sex now qualifies as rape. Yes, if you have drunken sex with a histrionic woman and they can’t remember the details, then you too could be a rapist.  If the person, you are with, passes out in the middle of sex, then you are a rapist. If memories of past sexual abuse are triggered and you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, then you are in very real danger of being labeled a rapist.

If the histrionic woman in question doesn’t want to tell her boyfriend that she cheated on him, then she makes up a story that casts her as a victim of circumstance. Victims don’t have to accept responsibility or horrible truths about themselves. Victims just tell their sob stories and instantly all is forgiven.

Histrionic women are not content to live alone with their disease. Nope. They are compelled to pull people into their whirlwind of drama. They pull people down with them. They ruin lives, humiliate loved ones and destroy other people’s reputations. Rather than clear their mind of the cobwebs, they launch campaigns to recruit proxies to help fight their battles. They manipulate the masses and tug at their heart strings, hoping you will believe their fabricated tales.

This is a common story amongst this set of “activists”. “Activists” who bear a striking resemblance to histrionic borderlines. Read more about Histrionic Personality Disorder and you will come to the startling conclusion that false-accusations are quite common amongst Histrionics and Borderlines.

Who are these so-called “activists”? Many of them have troubled pasts and  came from troubled families. I’m not talking about every day family troubles.  I’m talking about alcohol addiction. I’m talking domestic violence and emotional abuse at the hands of troubled parents. In some cases, we’re looking at sexual abuse and incest.

Yes, at one time, these activists were victims. Victims of childhood abuse. But sadly, these women go on to replicate the victimization of the past (ie. self-victimization). They have been conditioned by their childhood environment to seek out more chaos and more drama.

A histrionic woman is basically a highly-functioning borderline. That is they have learned how to get their way using every means available to them. For an attractive borderline that means using their feminine charms. It means seducing men with the promise of sex. Not just any kind of sex. Wild sex. The kind of sex that makes boys snicker and girls judge.

Borderline women have a love/hate relationship with sex. They are particularly fond of anonymous sex, sex without the messiness of intimacy, sex in the stairwell of a garage. When I recall my relationship with histrionic borderlines, I recall the sex was always best at the beginning. But it got worse when feelings came into the equation. So you can imagine, these women have a lot of one night stands.

Histrionics/Borderlines are always looking for attention. Any attention will do. Even the bad kind. There is a reason why histrionic women show up to parties scantily dressed. They are desperate to find attention. This is obvious to everyone except the histrionic herself. These are some of the most flirtatious women you’ll ever meet.

So why do so many of these histrionic women end up as activists? Think about what it means to be histrionic. It means having an unquenchable thirst for attention. Being an activist allows them to exploit people who have liberal tendencies, people who are tolerant of dysfunctional behavior. Histrionics see a support system that races to help victimized people and they are not afraid to abuse it.

Activism gives them a steady supply of attention. On top of that, it allows them to portray themselves as victims of oppression. This is important for a person who has been abused since childhood. It is important to let people know they are victims. Victimhood gives them the attention they never got as a child. They become addicted to victimhood. So addicted, they will do anything to get it. They will even victimize themselves to get their next hit of attention.

As said before, women with histrionic personality disorder have troubled pasts. Many of them have repressed memories of being sexually assaulted as a child. These are people who both crave sex and fear it. Not a healthy combo. But it’s these ambivalent feelings about sex that makes things confusing. One minute, they are looking for trouble. The next day, they feel victimized.

To be honest, I don’t know much about this young lady above. But I know women just like her. I know these women very well. Funny thing about women like her is they are almost identical as far as their patterns of behavior. That includes that insatiable thirst for attention. Take a look at Mina Jade’s internet activity and you will know what I mean.

You should ask why these women always seem to be at parties where drunk men are having sex with drunk women. And out of all the women who were at the party, why are they the only ones having sex under shady circumstances. The best way for these women to say “No”, is to not go to these parties. But god forbid these women take responsibility for their own well-being.

It is important to note that these are not random acts, nor are they anomalies. This pattern of behavior has been observed by specialist in this field. These women are following the same script. They are locked in a pattern of self-destructive behavior and self-vicitmization. But don’t take my word for any of this. Investigate for yourself. Here’s a related article in Psychology Today talking about BPD, but the observations could easily be applied to HPD:

The demure borderline character retreats from a situation where they perceive themselves to be victimized or potentially victimized and engages in a sort of “social dissociation” – a kind of morbidly passive-aggressive reaction to social stressors that looks and feels like a complete emotional shutdown and withdrawal; this is informed in part by an intense imperative on the part the individual to avoid taking responsibility of any kind for surrounding situations and circumstances, even when those situations and circumstances are self-created. Think “professional victim”.

My borderline ex is what you would call a “professional victim”. But the more alarming news is that she is not alone. There are entire organizations filled with these professional victims. Birds of a feather, join together. In activism, they have found a way to legitimize their victimhood. Who would dare question their claims? If you knew nothing of HPD/BPD, why would you suspect impropriety? These damsels in distress are very good at manipulating people. Read the sign above. It’s a real tear-jerker. But bear in mind, that woman above is a master manipulator. She is a professional victim.

Dr. Tara on SlutWalk

Stephanie Hallett fights for a broad definition of rape.

12 Responses to “Have Histrionic Personalities Hijacked Liberal Activism?”

  1. Zee said

    Another job well done, Savorydish.

    These are also the kinds of women who won’t tell you that they worked as a call-girl or a stripper for a semester during college, or screwed the entire road-crew of the Allman Brothers. They ALWAYS have a closet full of skeletons and more baggage than Newark Airport. Right around their mid-30’s, they start to look for Prince Charming to make it all better, but that never works out. They wind up 42 years old and alone, walking their neurotic little dogs down 4th Avenue in Manhattan muttering to themselves. You can throw a dart blindfolded in downtown NYC and hit one.

    • savorydish said

      Thanks Zee. I agree with you about NYC being filled with these types. LA too. Histrionic borderlines love running to big cities, hoping to re-invent themselves. Their solutions are always superficial ones. And that becomes a problem.

  2. Sammy said

    @ SavoryDish & @ Zee……And watch out for dateing sites like Match.com for example they post there , and you think you have found a normal person , only to discover that you have uncovered a demon…;) , Thats how I found my BPD ex…….

    • savorydish said

      That’s funny you mention that. My friend recently met someone on Match.com and she has all the redflags. But it makes sense that they would use that site. The internet was made for re-inventing borderlines.

      You can’t blame someone for being born with this condition. But you can certainly blame them for hiding their disorder.

  3. savorydish said

    Distorted thinking and PDs go hand in hand. I don’t think I need to tell you how alarming it is to know that mentally unstable people are going out of their way to influence public policy. Like I said, women with HPD/BPD don’t keep their disorder to themselves. They spread chaos and conflict wherever they go. This problem goes way beyond one on one relationships. This small percentage of disordered individuals are bullying the rest of society into meeting their irrational and unreasonable demands. When are we going to say “enough is enough”?

    • savorydish said

      Dear Histrionic Activists,

      Can you people stop trying to save the world. Save YOURSELF. Leave saving the world to people who are mentally stable. You think you’re bringing attention to issues like rape, when you are only making a mockery of people who were actually raped. Acknowledge that you have a drinking problem. Acknowledge that you’re fucked up in the head. Stop acting like you have all the answers when you are actually clueless. You’ve got a lot of work to do on YOURSELF. Focus on YOU. And stop causing trouble wherever you go.

      • savorydish said

        The same “activists” who criticize the people here for being obsessed with BPD, obsess about other forms of victimization. They would rather obsess about rape than their own disorder. They can post for days about rape and slut-shaming, but write nothing about a disorder that has plagued them since birth. One can argue that this obsession with rape is deeply rooted in their disorder. So why is it these so-called activists stop short of writing about BPD?

        I have left multiple comments about BPD on various activist blogs. Every single one was deleted. These activist pretend to be open-minded, but they are actively suppressing the Truth. How do you explain this moral contradiction?

      • savorydish said

        Since I started writing about BPD, I have received hundreds of threats and attacks, all in a futile effort to shut me down. I have been labeled a “hate blog” because I post the truth about BPD. Because I post what science confirms.

        I tell you this, because I want you to know that these activists are only telling half the story and twisting the other half. They are leaving important details out of their sob stories. They are misleading the public and manipulating emotions. They are doing exactly what BPs do in relationships, but now (because of the internet) they are doing it on a much larger scale. That’s right, a large-scale distortion campaign.

        Not only are these traumatized women NOT seeking treatment, they are spreading their distorted thinking to the unsuspecting masses (people who are unfamiliar with BPD). Using their damsel in distress act to win favor. As survivors of BPD relationships, we have an obligation to inform the world of BPD. Because we have intimate knowledge of this disorder. We know how much damage these women can do.

  4. […] I will remind you- not one of these activists had any sympathy for the boyfriend of the young woman pictured below. None of them understood why he would be filled with rage after finding out his girlfriend had sex […]

  5. savorydish said

    You should ask why these shady rape allegations are always made by histrionic/borderline women. Why is it always women with a history of attention seeking? Why is it only women with troubled pasts and bad reputations? These are not coincidences. Although activists will try to convince you otherwise. But they are only telling half the story.

  6. […] Have Histrionic Personalities Hijacked Liberal Activism? « Savory DishApr 17, 2012 … Yes, if you have drunken sex with a histrionic woman and they can’t remember the details, then you too could be a rapist. If the person, you are … […]

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