Women like my borderline ex will be ecstatic over this news. My ex has a personal interest in this story, she claimed she was raped in college. This new definition helps make her case. The problem is my ex has a history of compulsive lying, alcohol-induced amnesia, false-accusations, inappropriate sexual conduct, self-victimization, impaired memories and obsessive attention-seeking behavior. It is these qualities that lead me to believe she is a histrionic/borderline personality. It also leads me to question her claims of rape.

Psychologists tell us that borderlines cut their wrists to relieve their internal pain. If their pain is so great that they would cut into their own skin, what else would they do to distract their mind from the pain? Create stories of imagined victimization? The fact is borderline women not only have higher rates of actual rape, they have higher rates of false accusations as well.

Before you dismiss this as hogwash, consider the fact that most borderlines were severely traumatized by age 3.  People who are this traumatized are prone to dissociative states, moments where they lose consciousness. If they were sexual abused at that age, then sexual acts may trigger this state. It goes without saying that sex under the influence of drugs and alcohol only amplifies this effect.

The effects of lifelong traumatization adds up over the years- alcoholism, promiscuous tendencies and dissociative states become increasingly pronounced. Repeated victimization creates a person who becomes addicted to the attention one gets when they have been repeatedly victimized. This addiction leads to false or exaggerated claims of victimhood.

We have read stories of 12 yr old girls luring young lads into the park in the middle of the night, and then claiming they were raped by dastardly men. We have witnessed fauxminist spin the facts, in order to tell a very different story. Who are we to believe? Why should we believe? When it is clear that the world of the borderline personality is a series of dark and twisted tales. Which tales do we believe? And which do we dismiss?

Will this new definition prevent rape? Has the death penalty curbed murders? Has putting people in jail, curbed violent crime? And now we think changing the definition of rape will curb rape. I predict we will not see a drop in rape. Instead, we will most likely see a rise in reported rapes, false reports as well as true reports.

Drunken college girls who want too much attention and drink too much alcohol will now feel emboldened to report rape. Even if their memory of the other night is a little fuzzy. A woman who was sexually abused as a child might have triggered memories of that abuse. She might assign the blame to the drunk boy that is on top of her.

She may have flirted with the boy all night. She might have even crawled into the back seat of a car with him. But if she passes out just as he is about to penetrate, well guess what? That boy could very well end up in jail. It is her word against his. And he did not have her sign a letter of consent before drunken sex.

The new definition is to include men as rape victims. Great news for borderline men. They have a history of lying about rape as well. A young gay man walks into a gay bar. He picks up a young stud, they go back to his place. His mind is a blur but yet he recalls being penetrated. The next day, he has bad memories of last night’s event. He reads an activist blog that convinces him that he was raped. Does this story sound familiar to anyone out there?

I worry that this new definition will give people a false sense of safety. Because the fact is borderline men and women are more prone to victimization as well as false-victimization. They are prone to heavy drinking and promiscuous behavior and that almost always leads to compromising situations. The new definition will not protect these people from their disease. It will only give them a false sense of security, a false sense of change.These people are very very ill and no definition can change that.

Right now, my ex is patting herself on the back for contributing to the campaign to pressure politicians into kowtowing to their demands. But she is no saint. This was a self-serving effort. She has done nothing except re-write her own questionable history and inflated her suffering ego. She seeks power and influence much like Shady Doyle.

My ex is not a feminist or an activist. She is a fake. She is merely a very confused woman living a lie. And being the charming borderline that she is, she has cleverly convinced millions of naive women to join her lie. She has positioned herself as a journalist so that she might spread her lies to anyone who will listen to her lies. She has claimed victimhood so that she can manipulate those around her. I’ve seen her do it over and over again with the greatest of ease. It is second nature to her.

She will never own up to the truth, because then she will lose her martyr status. And that is the only thing that makes her feel good about herself. She dare not tell the truth for fear of losing her family, her enablers and her misguided readers. She fears being revealed. She fears being abandoned.

This new definition will not change her sordid past. It will only keep the lie going. It will keep her in denial and therefore prevent her from seeking help. This new definition has basically condemned her to stay mentally ill for the rest of her life.