Obnoxious Drunks

October 23, 2011

I was walking down the street last night and two histrionics were screaming for attention. I looked at them only to see their faces.

Obviously they were drunk (medicating their pain/suppressing their abusive past). They didn’t like the fact that I turned around to look at them, so they started hurling insults at me because being drunk is a histrionic’s excuse to be an asshole.

Rather than confront them, which is what they wanted, I ignored them. This threw them into a fit of rage. I laughed as they continued to hurl insults.

They were desperate to suck me into their vortex of drama. But I wasn’t having it. When we reached the stop light, I just turned to look them both in the eyes. And of course the two cowards looked away. This is how you deal with a histrionic.

They were once victims, but now they are sad assholes looking to spread their pain. The city is filled with these sad cases, runaways from another life. The only reason I was able to endure their insults was because I know myself and I know their game.

One Response to “Obnoxious Drunks”

  1. savorydish said

    @ Avitty Mack

    What is it that you are looking for? Attention? Revenge?

    You have some deep psychological issues that need resolving. Why are you wasting your time trolling the internets.

    Isn’t it time you grew you up?

    Arrested development is a sign of an abusive past.

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