Milking the Pepper Spray

October 1, 2011

Henceforth, “Milking the Pepper Spray” shall be used to describe the phenomenon known as self-victimization. Self-victimization is a pattern of behavior whereby histrionic women look for trouble and then cry “VICTIM!” when they find it.

Why? What’s in it for them? Attention. Lots of it. Sympathy. These women want you to feel sorry for them:

Sometimes playing the victim is used to divert attention away from a person’s own abusive or dysfunctional behavior. If people’s attention can stay focused on another individual then the abuser hopes that attention will not rest on their own flaws.

The goal of Self-Victimization is to control the responses of other people in one of two ways:

  1. Divert attention away from acts of abuse by claiming that the abuse was justified based on another person’s bad behavior (typically the victim)
  2. Solicit sympathy from others in order to gain their assistance in supporting or enabling the abuse of a victim – also known as proxy recruitment.

It is very common for perpetrators of abuse to engage in self-victimization. This serves two purposes:

  1. Justification to themselves – as a way of dealing with the cognitive dissonance that results from inconsistencies between the way they treat others and what they believe about themselves.
  2. Justification to others – as a way of escaping harsh judgment or condemnation they may fear from people whom they wish to please or impress.

These women have dedicated their whole life to playing the victim. As one BPD specialist put it:

Shy away from the victim mentality. Most folks of BPD WERE victims at one time. That is not the problem, however. The problem is that the BPD derives benefits in remaining a victim…and will fight tooth and nail to remain one. Lots of rewards, lots of power, lots of attention are won by it.

I would include other disordered folk, especially people who suffer from histrionic personality disorder.

One Response to “Milking the Pepper Spray”

  1. savorydish said

    There have been thousands of protesters at the Wall Street Occupation. Why were these people singled out for pepper spraying? Bad luck? Or do these particular protesters have a long history of self-victimization? Are they looking for trouble and then playing the damsel in distress when they find it? Self-victimization is an addiction. An addiction to attention, even the bad kind.

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