Conan Caught Looking at Narcissist’s Boobs

September 22, 2011

Narcissists will do anything for attention. That much should be obvious. But I don’t hate narcissists for being showy. I hate narcissists for being absurd.

Case in point, this young lady struts up on stage with a dress that is squeezing her breasts front and center and then she acts indignant when Conan steals a glance. She practically shoved her breasts in Conan’s face and then she tells him to focus.

Oh but he was focused. And right where she wanted him to look. Angry feminists will protest, saying that a woman has a right to dress like a slut without suffering from a man’s gaze.

We’ve seen this kind of baiting before. Narcissists do it. Histrionics do it. Borderlines do it. It’s about getting attention, but it’s also about spreading the shame.

Women who need this much attention are hiding a shame that has been with them since their earliest years. They are crying out for attention, but then they punish attention-givers when they get the attention they’ve been screaming for. The ole bait and switch.

There is a sadistic quality to narcissists that should not go unnoticed. The video above is all fun and games, because the cameras were on. Conan was able to play it off with good humor. But had this happened backstage, we might have read about about allegations of sexual harassment in the gossip blogs.

Troubled women play this game all the time. Especially if they are the kind that hate their fathers. Women who hate their fathers seek to punish all men for their father’s crimes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2 Responses to “Conan Caught Looking at Narcissist’s Boobs”

  1. savorydish said

    Damaged women rarely punish the people who damaged them. Especially, if that person is a family member. They avoid confrontation because it is awkward or because they fear unraveling the family. So instead, they look for a surrogate. Someone who doesn’t deserved to be punished, but can serve as an emotional punching bag. A damaged woman may not realize she is doing this, because her mind protects her from self-awareness.

  2. Kenneth Byrd said

    He played it off nicely. though. He had a good come back.

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