After School Special

September 12, 2011

Did you know Sady Doyle was a teenager? It’s true. An anonymous reader was kind enough to bring this article to my attention. Written by Shady, it tells the story of an awkward teen girl who struggled to fit in:

… And when you expect this, you are setting yourself up for some fairly hideous disappointments.

Hideous disappointments like mine!…

Jesus Christ, this woman is full of self-pity. Sady goes on to tell us how she faced public humiliation and repeated rejection.

Dumped by all of my friends, publicly, in a cafeteria. Twice.

I was just not very good at clique-finding. First, I tried to hang out with the popular girls—the ones who knew about fashion, wore makeup and were a hit with dudes. I liked fashion magazines! I knew a bit about makeup! I wanted to be a hit with dudes. Unfortunately, the things I liked other than fashion magazines and makeup were talking about what I saw last night on the news, and feminism, and how gay people ought to be able to get married. This was not a turn-on. One day, when I went to our usual cafeteria table, the girls all just turned their backs on me in unison, and that was that.

I’m sure a lot of awkward teens can relate to this story. But realize that this story was designed to be relatable. It was designed to pull you into her drama, to evoke sympathy. But this is not the story of an average teen struggling to fit in. This ain’t no John Hughes film. And Sady Doyle is no Molly Ringwald. No, I suspect young Sady’s issues are much much greater than those of the average teen.

Once again Sady has portrayed herself as the poor innocent victim. A histrionic act Savory readers should be familiar with by now. But if we were to step back in time, we might be shocked to find out that Sady was probably as mean as those girls in the cafeteria. Whaaaat? Sady Doyle was a mean girl? No. Never. Is this another case of projection?

Troubled minds often have trouble with memory recall. They misinterpret events all the time, especially when those events involve personal relationships. When telling their stories they embellish it. They make themselves the hero. They add details that never happened or borrow details from a movie or tv show they’ve seen. Troubled minds often prefer fantasy over reality, because they are far too delicate to deal with their harsh reality.

A troubled mind is troubled for various reasons: abuse, personality disorders, traumatic event etc. High school is the least of their problems. Difficulty fitting in is merely a byproduct of such an upbringing.

Women like Sady suffer from profound rejection-sensitivity. This is why they lunge at your jugular when you criticize them. This is why they run away when they fear a boyfriend is on the verge of dumping them. Real or imagined rejection triggers past memories of being rejected. For someone who was born too sensitive for this world, this spells unimaginable pain.

Girls like Sady are familiar with rejection. Some have been abandoned by parents. Some are just simply neglected. People with personality disorders also have a hard time keeping friends. They might imagine that everybody is their soul mate. But the truth is most people can’t stand them. Most people have a hard time trusting them. This includes other women.

Girls like Sady proclaim themselves feminists and insist they represent womankind. But the truth is they represent a small minority of troublemakers. The irony is women like Sady are the kind of women other women whisper about.

Don’t let the “too cool for school” attitude fool ya. These troubled girls are good at covering up their pain. But they are hurting. This is more than just a case of awkward teens. We’re talking about serious mental health issues.

Like many rejected youngins, Sady turned to other down and out kids for acceptance. Not realizing these kids were more fucked up than her:

… So next, I went to the alterna-teens. The ones who played guitar and talked about how they wanted to move to Seattle. I liked music! I could do this! Unfortunately, I was still talking about feminism, and this time around I was trying to get them all to listen to Hole (them: “Oh, yeah, she’s Kurt Cobain’s girlfriend”) and Tori Amos (“Oh, yeah, wasn’t she maybe Trent Reznor’s girlfriend?”) and PJ Harvey, who was not anybody’s girlfriend that they knew of, and therefore was not worth listening to. This time, the dumping was even more theatrical: I sat down at the cafeteria table, and they all got up and walked to the next table.

Alterna-kids is codeword for kids who are screwed up. Kids can be cruel. Kids who grew up in abusive environments… more so. Damaged people often look to other damaged people for acceptance. Not realizing they are subconsciously looking for the familiar. Unfortunately, the familiar for these people means an abusive environment.

But before you go feeling sorry for young Sady, consider that people like Sady have a talent for spinning stories. When they tell stories they leave out details. She is leaving out the fact that people like her also have a talent for antagonizing people and pushing them away. They are always creating conflicts and drama. They are always sabotaging relationships. And then they are surprised when people don’t want anything to do with them.

In addition, people like Sady have a tendency to imagine that relationships are more intimate than they actually are. That is, they have a tendency to believe someone is their BFF when actually that person can’t stand them. These are characteristics we associate with someone who has histrionic personality disorder. When you first meet a histrionic you are entertained by the drama, but after a while it wears on you. The once charming histrionic becomes obnoxious and overbearing over time.

Unable to fit in is a serious problem for those afflicted by personality disorders. It doesn’t help that they are struggling to find their identity, especially their sexual identity:

Got called “young man,” on a regular basis, for an entire year.

In today’s modern world, we know that there are many reasons not to adopt Winona Ryder as a role model. However, as a teen, I was unable to resist the temptation. My goal was to transform myself from an ordinary-looking, skinny brunette into an edgy brunette “waif” of the sort who might possibly date Johnny Depp. Thus, I got all my hair chopped off, adopting what the magazines were calling a “pixie cut,” put on my dad’s flannel shirts and went to town.

I just sort of forgot that when someone wears androgynous clothes, has short hair, is completely flat-chested and is of an age where many boys don’t have facial hair or deep voices, there are several different ways you can read that look. And what people read on me was “Hey, a dude!” Teachers did it. School bus drivers did it. Sales clerks did it. But my fellow students, for some reason, never did it. They just waited for me to have to clarify that I was a girl, so that they could laugh and laugh at this latest hilarious misunderstanding.

Not being able to fit in is a traumatic experience for a teen. Because their only goal in life at that point is to fit in. Their inability to form real bonds with people forces them to create imagined ones.:

Here is how I spent my prom: crying in the back of a station wagon.

At first, everything looked good. I got the dress, the hair, the makeover— and it actually worked. I looked great. I went with a guy friend whom I was not even remotely attracted to, but at least I had a date. My best friend was there, with her boyfriend; I had people to hang out with. But then I was at prom, and I didn’t have a real date, and everybody else was smooching, and nobody complimented my dress, and the expensive necklace I’d bought for the occasion turned out to be flimsy and it ripped right off on a piece of the decoration, and my best friend wandered off to have intensive smooch times with her boyfriend, and I went back to my fake date’s station wagon and cried about it. And then he sort of cried, too, because he wasn’t aware that the date was fake. And then, we had the awkwardness. Oh, the awkwardness.

Instead of having a good time with her “fake date”, she decided she was going to wallow in self-pity. You can see why Sady is so bitter and hostile. You can see why people want nothing to do with her. Who wants that kind of bitterness in their life? Some people were born to be unhappy.

Relationships for these women tend to be fake, because real intimacy brings with it the fear of rejection. It’s not just fake dates. It’s fake relationships and fake marriages. If these damaged women seem fake it is because they are struggling to figure out how real relationships work. They can only pretend to be in love because they don’t know how to love. They can only emulate Molly Ringwald or Winona Ryder. Deep down inside, these women are starving for love.

Clearly, Sady has seen her fair share of John Hughes’ teen flicks. But Sady Doyle is no Molly Ringwald. This is someone who is very good at crafting a story, very good at casting herself as the heroine. People like Sady tell sob stories to tug at your heartstrings. But these stories are loosely based on reality.

These sob stories are meant to be disarming. The problem is when you let your guard down, a damaged woman interprets it as weakness. They take advantage of your sensitivity and good nature. They exploit it and use it to manipulate you. These damaged women will repay compassion and understanding with betrayal and mind games. And then they wonder why lovers and friends turn into enemies.

So before you go feeling sorry for Sady Doyle- realize that these women are no longer victims. Victims never stay victims, they eventually become abusers. Without the benefit of healing and self-awareness, these women will do onto others as others have done onto them.

Sady’s sob story is only part of the story. Half the truth. That is how histrionics like to tell their stories. They would like you to believe they are the helpless victims. Never the abuser. But science tells us a very different story. It tells us that children who were abused, grow up to be just as abusive as their abusers if not more so. (see Casey Anthony) This is the cycle of abuse. This is the part of the story Sady has conveniently left out.

As much as I’d like to feel sorry for Sady Doyle. I know that doing so would only feed the disease. It would reward her manipulative/attention-seeking ways. Thus enabling her abusive tendencies. Sady and my borderline ex are not the waifs they portray themselves to be. They have been conditioned by years of abuse and rejection to dole out abuse and rejection as well (if not more effectively) than their past abusers.

So if you want to feel sorry for someone. Feel sorry for the people who will come later in the story. The people who are suckered into believing these sob stories, not realizing they are being sucked into the vortex. People who are damned have no qualms about pulling people down with them. Misery loves company.

Stories of high school awkwardness are meant to elicit sympathy. A histrionic shows vulnerability only to get their prey to drop their defenses. Stories of awkward teen years allow master manipulators to recruit an army of awkward teens to do their bidding. This is not a humanitarian reaching out to troubled teens. This is a power play by someone who seeks the popularity they never had.

This is another troubled soul attempting to re-write her history:

When people reject you for not fitting in, take note: they’re pointing out what makes you unique. And that’s going to come in handy later.

According to Sady, she is not actually socially awkward. She is not abrasive or difficult. And she most certainly does not suffer from BPD. She is just… unique.

This seems like an empowering message. And normally I would stand behind such a message. But first you must consider Sady’s audience. It is mostly made up of psychologically damaged people. Not people who are quirky or people who are different. We’re talking about people with profound personality disorders or C-PTSD. Add to that, being young and naive. Then you have someone who is ripe for the picking by someone who is a natural born predator. Someone who looks for people who are easily manipulated.

Read up on the symptoms of BPD (emotionally instability, sexual confusion, obsessive tendencies, inexplicable rage, etc.) and then take a stroll through Tumblrdom. Notice the resemblance. Notice the culture of fantasy and escapism. Sady Doyle offers these troubled teens fantastical stories where they are cast as the chosen ones and she is the ONE who shall lead them out of the valley of darkness. (narcissism)

There’s a reason why troubled women hate this blog. When confronted with the truth, they react with irrational rage. I have burst their bubble. Killed their fantasy. They react with irrational rage because they don’t like the truth. Intense emotions and triggered memories are crippling their cognitive abilities. Welcome to the world of BPD.

We should be suspicious of anyone who recruits from the ranks of the emotionally damaged, the disenfranchised, the down and out, etc. Because these people are the most vulnerable to manipulation. This is the same recruiting tactic used by cults, gangs and supremacist groups. They are exploiting people who are emotionally needy. They are dying to hear the BS that Sady is feeding them.

Did you know that she considers herself the Jackie O of awkward people? It’s true. She included this quote in her article:

“If school days are the happiest days of your life, I’m hanging myself with my skip-rope tonight.” —Jackie O at 16, in a 1945 note to her boyfriend

People who were born unhappy idolize famous people who were unhappy, because it makes them feel important (narcissism). As if there is some greater purpose for their unhappiness. Instead of finding ways to be happy, they look for justification for their unhappiness. They cultivate the delusion that being unhappy makes them unique, like a mutant with special powers. Except their special power is being a raging bitch.

Delusions of grandeur is just one of the ways these troubled souls soothe their painful existence. They often re-imagine themselves to be the heroine of their own stories or the damsel in distress. They will imagine themselves to be a force for good, do-gooders if you will. But these are more delusions.

The reality is these troubled girls are more like the mean girls in the cafeteria than they would like to think. The mean spirit is a sign of childhood abuse. Except they try to hide their meanness under the guise of “fighting for social justice”. They will attribute their hostility to their activist outrage over a society that has let them down.

Too bad. Sady is actually in a position to do a lot of good. She has the ear of many troubled teens. Troubled teens who search the interwebs looking for someone who might be able to relate to their pain. Sady offers them that service.

She could encourage these girls to seek help, to acknowledge their disorder. But instead she teaches them to live in denial and delusion. She teaches them that the world is screwed up, not them. She tells “awkward” teens what they want to hear. The problem isn’t that these teens are awkward. That’s just a symptom. The problem is these teens are screwed up beyond belief.

Sady rushes to the defense of troubled souls, not because she is a humanitarian. She is defensive because she too is a troubled soul. This is not an act of altruism. This is an act of self-defense, self-preservation. (narcissism)

The problem with denial is it is an illusion of well-being. It prevents people who need help from seeking it. These people are crumbling on the inside, but they are completely unaware. They are unaware because they have spent their whole life constructing a lie. Eventually that lie will crumble and the person will crumble with it.

If you want to compare Sady and friends to someone famous, compare them to Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe and Amy Winehouse. People destined for a tragic ending. Sady Doyle is not consoling awkward teens, she is leading lemmings off a cliff.

50 Responses to “After School Special”

  1. savorydish said

    Some of you might think I’m being a little hard on dear Sady. But consider that she is spreading her disease all over the internet. She is not content to live in misery by herself. People with her condition are compelled to spread misery and mayhem. They are compelled to pull people into their vortex. That is how you know they are afflicted.

    Naive and troubled women like my borderline ex idolize Sady, because she is a voice that stands up for their kind. And while they have deluded themselves into believing they are feminists, the truth is they were troubled little girls. This is a case of the blind leading the blind. The disordered leading the disordered. The crazies are running the asylum.

    My borderline ex was screwed up before she found Sady on the internet, but Sady made sure she would stay that way. She has taught these impressionable youth that taking responsibility for your condition and your actions is not cool. And that acting out is totally rad. Join Tigerbeatdown and be somebody! What a load of shit. But the troubled souls out there are eating it up. Because these attention-seekers are starving for acceptance and validation.

    Unfortunately, this is not the kind of support group where people help each other get better. There are no doctors or clinicians. No mental health professionals. Just angry activists and advocates with a whole lot of feminist THEORIES. They are determined to ride off the cliff together like Thelma and Louise.

    • savorydish said

      People who have been rejected their whole life are desperate to find acceptance. “Alterna-Kids” can’t stay Alterna Kids forever. They have to grow up. Not so easy when arrested development is part of their condition. Eventually, the goth make-up has to come off. Purple hair and nose rings means limited job prospects. This is when borderlines turn into histrionics and narcissists. In other words, they must learn to cover up their disorder. They must invent yet another alter-ego to fit in. They suppress and compartmentalize- potentially hazardous coping mechanisms.

      Many have chosen feminism as their cover, because this is the only group that will accept troubled girls “as is”. They do not require members to be of sound mind. Feminism for all it’s positive aspects lives on the fringes of society. And that’s the way disordered people like it. That’s why feminism attracts troubled teens in droves.

      Feminism provides shelter and acceptance but it also enables dysfunctional women to stay dysfunctional. Therein lies the problem with feminism. Whereas most political movements rely on its strongest members to lead its movement. Feminism relies on the emotionally damaged to spread their message. And just what is their message? Empowerment?

      How can you preach empowerment, when you are recruiting traumatized youth? What is so empowering about preventing such trauma from being treated? Feminism, as it exists today, creates more problems than it solves.

      • savorydish said

        It’s easy to make the mistake of thinking these young ladies are just fine. They put on a good act. These are some of the best actors I know.

        They are articulate and intelligent. They have to be. They are compensating for emotional handicaps. They are intellectually capable but emotional dysfunctional. Troubled little girls in the bodies of young ladies. In the past, emotionally troubled people were locked up in asylums or mental institutions. Today, they live amongst us. They are left untreated. They are left to spread their dysfunction. Traumatized people are left to traumatize others.

        At the top of their hit list are loved ones- children, spouses, partners and close friends. Anybody who will tolerate their nonsense and abuse. Their abusive behavior is triggered by intimacy. They create trust only to break it. If you know a person like this, you know how good they are making other people crazy.

      • savorydish said

        The stories of victimization and traumatization never seem to end with Sady Doyle (abuse by a borderline father, sexual assault, abusive boyfriends, rejected and humiliated by friends). Yet even so, Sady claims she has suffered no ill effects. She has given herself a clean bill of mental health. Traumatization without trauma. It continues to baffle modern science.

      • savorydish said

        I just find it strange that these troubled women proclaim to be feminists when they so clearly hate being women. Some hate it so much they dress like boys.

        Their interest in feminism has less to do with the fight for social justice and more to do with the fact that they need an identity and a purpose in life. They need to feel better about themselves which is why they create this illusion that they are do-gooders. This compensates for a major inferiority-complex. But if you only knew the pain they have caused others, you would laugh at their claims to sainthood.

      • savorydish said

        As said before, these women will fight tooth and nail to stay victims. Victimhood brings them love and attention. They would even go so far as to claim that the reason why you are attacking them is because they are a woman. They will attack you. And when you fight back, they will play the helpless waif.

        No, my dear, the reason why people are attacking you is because you’re an obnoxious asshole. Don’t be an asshole and people won’t attack you. Don’t draw attention and then wonder why the world is out to get you. Don’t be a moron.

      • savorydish said

        What cracks me up is even when you point out their attention-whoring/self-victimizing ways, they can’t stop. I have dedicated a whole entire blog to their folly. No effect. Whatever malfunction is going on in that funny little head of theirs is permanent. They can not override their programming. This is how screwed up these people are.

      • savorydish said

        Don’t be fooled by the after school special tonality of Shady’s article. Shady Doyle is no Anthony Robbins. She is in recruitment mode. Offering candy and a smile to kiddies who are sitting alone in the schoolyard. She is wiping their tears away with Tigerbeatdown pamphlets. “Join my special school for unique children and you’ll never have to feel rejected again”, she says to them. This is a master manipulator at work.

        Cults are always nice to you when they want you to join. They are super positive when they are feeding you propaganda. But try straying away from the pack and they will beat you back into submission. If you have been keep up with the Tigerbeatdown drama, you will have witnessed Shady and Garland lashing out at their own. You will have witnessed Sady belittling 18yr old girls because they prefer worshiping Taylor Swift over her.

      • savorydish said

        The young and gullible will fall for this act hook, line and sinker because Shady knows what buttons to push. She knows their pain well. But Shady Doyle is no friend. Histrionics only know how to pretend to be your friend to get what they want.

      • savorydish said

        BTW if you’re looking for Sady’s Tumblr account. It has been canceled. Evidence has been erased. Most of the Tiger crew have changed their names to cover up their past. Lucky for you, all the drama has been recorded here on Savory Dish for posterity. Remember- the best way to beat a histrionic at their own game is to reveal them for who they really are.

      • savorydish said

        Storytelling is a very important part of maintaining the lies that a histrionic borderline tells. A histrionic borderline not only casts themselves as the good guy, they cast the other as the bad guy. This is called splitting. You are either all good or all bad. If the borderline is being rejected it is convenient to split the other person because it is easier to be rejected by a bad person than someone who is good. Demonizing the other eases the pain of rejection.

        Splitting someone black also allows them to project their bad behavior onto the other. If a borderline is caught cheating, they might accuse the other person person of being untrustworthy. This is a desperate attempt by the guilty party to save face. To you, it is an absurd allegation. But the borderline is very good at justifying absurd behavior. A guilty borderline often unloads their guilt onto you before they walk off as if nothing ever happened.

      • savorydish said

        It looks like those who “troll for social justice” don’t like the taste of their own medicine. lol.

        it’s only activism when they do it… wink. wink.

        Then again hypocrisy is nothing new for these illusionists.

      • savorydish said

        Looks like they still insist on calling themselves feminists.

        Even though they are really fighting for the right to be histrionic. Not women.

        How do you call yourself a feminist when you represent only 3-5% of the female population???

        BTW that is the same percentage of women afflicted with personality disorders, emotional dysregulation and questionable pasts. Coincidence?

      • savorydish said

        But… but… I thought they wanted attention. Isn’t that why they’re called attention whores? Isn’t that why their blogs shout “look at me”… “feel sorry for me”?

        I’ve given them attention and they’re still not happy. What gives?

        What happened to spreading awareness? Why so hush hush all of a sudden? Why cancel Tumblr accounts and change addresses? Why block access to blogs? What are they hiding???

      • savorydish said

        Gee, you don’t suppose after attacking my blog they are going to play victim now?

        After recruiting hundreds of proxies to hurl death threats and “shitass lesbian rage”?

        Nawww, who would do such a thing? A manipulative histrionic personality perhaps?

      • savorydish said

        I guess activism is less fun when someone else gets to play the victim.

        The Call Out Culture loses its appeal when you are the one being called out.

        Tigerbeatdowners are having a rough year.

      • savorydish said

        Notice how they always make it a gender issue. Because activism is only for girls. No boys allowed!

        Clearly I have made it an issue of mental health, but they don’t want to talk about that. Too personal.

        Making it a gender issue allows them to shout “misogynist!” How dare you attack a girl! You brute!

  2. savorydish said

    Tumblrdom is working itself into a frenzy. There, there, angry activists. Sady Doyle will be here soon to soothe your frazzled nerves with sob stories about that time she was picked last in phys ed class. Life can be so cruel.

    • savorydish said

      Oh and apparently I’m scared of Sady Doyle. Would somebody please hold me and tell me comforting stories?

      Yes, apparently I’m scared because she’s sooo educated. (eyes rolling) She is the Jackie O of awkward people after all. Why wouldn’t I be scared of her? She has hundreds of emotionally damaged proxies waiting for her marching orders. I just wet my pants thinking about it.

      See, the reason why I write scathing criticisms about Shady McDoyle is because I am intimidated by educated women. No, it’s true. Sady said it’s true. So it must be true.

      This is the typical response you will get when you criticize a women with histrionic tendencies. They are trying to distract the audience. They know you are pointing out their glaring psychological issues. But rather than address it, they change the topic. They put the focus on you. See how that works? These are the tricks of the trade. Every histrionic personality knows these tricks. It’s what keeps them in denial.

      • savorydish said

        ps Sady, the reason why I refered to your kind as little girls is because you are a product of arrested development. People who were traumatized at a young age are emotionally frozen in time. But if you need to believe that I’m scared of you to sleep tonight, don’t let me disturb your delusions of grandeur.

      • savorydish said

        Histrionics do not respond well to criticism. Especially if it is honest criticism. They will respond with the double Ds. Denial and Delusions.

        You can always tell what they are feeling on the inside, because a defensive histrionic will always project what they are feeling. If they accuse you of being scared of them, that means they are scared. They feel threatened. When someone is this emotionally fragile it is not hard to scare them. I don’t even have to be edumacated.

      • savorydish said

        You can always tell when a histrionic is feeling the heat, because she will quickly change the topic. btw does anybody watch Mad Men? Great show.

      • savorydish said

        According to Sady, the reason why society has rejected her is because she is too darn educated. Don’t laugh. It’s true. Sady said so.

        It’s not because she’s obnoxious or fake. It’s not because she’s manipulative and dishonest. Nope. She’s too damn smart for her own good. Her problem wasn’t an abusive father or inherited borderline tendencies. Nope. Her problem is she is mentally superior to everyone else. Bet you didn’t know that.

        Are you recognizing a pattern of self-aggrandizement? If not, you haven’t been reading your daily dose of Savory Dish. Get on it! Then you will realize why these people are always putting on false airs of superiority. You will learn about the crippling feelings of inadequacy that have plagued them since birth. Much of their behavior can be explained once you realize this person is trying to compensate for a massive inferiority-complex.

      • savorydish said

        For those who have had relationships with borderline types, we should thank Sady Doyle for providing us with some insight.

        Sady has illustrated the borderline’s fear of rejection aka abandonment. Imagine having an irrational fear of rejection and then being subjected to rejection over and over again. Now you know why these women are a mess.

        Now you know why borderlines abandon you before you abandon them. They are running from their fears.

      • savorydish said

        The gif above is spreading on Tumblr like wildfire, most likely in response to this post. I’m posting the gif because I think it perfect illustrates the defense-mechanisms that keep a histrionic personality in denial.

        Notice the demonization at work here. Someone who criticizes their behavior MUST be evil. Notice how they always make it a gender issue, this is a histrionic playing the helpless waif. How dare you attack a girl! A histrionic always plays the gender card when they need protection from criticism.

        Also important to note the paranoia that is prevalent amongst borderline/histrionic types. That is they always think the world is out to get them. If someone criticizes them, it’s never because of their behavior. It’s always because society has it in for them. Now you know why many of these troubled souls participate in activism.

      • savorydish said

        I must emphasize that this is not just a story about nerdy girls. This is a story about people with a troubled past and profound emotional disorders.

        These troubled girls profess to be rejected by society, including the majority of women. So how is it they see themselves as feminists??? Wouldn’t that require the participation of other women???

        When did feminism become a hiding ground for the down and out? Isn’t time that certain “feminist” were honest about their intents. They claim to be fighting for women’s rights. But didn’t we establish the fact that they were rejected by women as well?

        There is a major flaw to their logic here. Wouldn’t it be more honest to say they fight for those who suffer from traumatization and personality disorders? Wouldn’t it be more honest to say they fight for the right to stay in denial? To stay untreated?

      • savorydish said

        Sady’s story provides insight into the mind of a troubled girl. Repeated humiliation and rejection has lasting effects. This is what psychologists refer to as re-traumatization. Whenever you have a lifelong pattern of traumatization, you are talking about a person who has been emotionally beat up since their earliest years. But you are also talking about a person who is likely to pass on that behavior. People who are abused are programmed to abuse. Repeated abuse is like training someone to be an abuser.

        The Sadys of the world love to hate mean girls. But this is self-hatred. They are projecting their own tendencies. In order to have been rejected by mean girls, they would have had to been accepted first. Birds of a feather flock together. Mean girls abuse their own. They turn on each other. They talk about each other behind each others backs. Sady is a mean girl posing as a victim. She is a mean girl in denial.

      • savorydish said

        So far we’ve heard Sady bitch about abusive fathers, abusive boyfriends and now abusive friends. What’s going on here? Either she’s a really bad judge of character or this is more one-sided storytelling. We have seen Sady’s abusive side, so we should be wondering if this is another case of projection.

        We know that histrionics are really bad at telling the truth. We know they are desperate for attention and sympathy. We know they are abusive. We know they have a talent for antagonizing people. And we know they have a tendency to project. But we also know their lives are filled with never-ending tragedy. Even so… when a histrionic tells a story, you have every right to be skeptical.

      • savorydish said

        Sady Doyle wants you to think she is a charitable soul. She wants you to think she is reaching out to awkward teens.

        But here’s what you should know- People with HPD are self-serving. Years of abuse have conditioned them to look out for themselves. So what you should be asking is this- what’s in it for her?

        Attention, sympathy, sainthood, martyrdom, re-writing her past, blaming others for her misery- these are all things that motivate a histrionic personality to do the things they do.

      • savorydish said

        My biggest concern is she is glorifying social dysfunction. She is glorifying depression and suicide. One of these days, one of her young and naive sheep will decide hanging herself with a rope is the only solution to her problems. I want Sady to ask herself if she wants this on her conscience.

      • savorydish said

        Histrionics are all about ulterior motives. They are not what they present themselves to be.

        I use to think it was great that my borderline ex loved to work with kids until I realized she actually likes being controlling. Kids are the only ones who will tolerate her bossy behavior. They have to.

        Just like she married someone who was submissive, so she could boss him around. She married him so she could stay in the country. With histrionics, you have to look behind the curtain to find the real motivation.

      • savorydish said

        Dear Histrionic Personalities,

        Stop presenting your dysfunctional behavior as a lifestyle choice. Being fucked up in the head is not a choice. Stop telling naive people how cool it is to be part of your special club. Nobody in their right mind would want to be part of your club. So you are essentially exploiting people who are very sick to flatter your own ego. That makes you a tremendous asshole. Now get some help.

      • savorydish said

        ps- I get that you are trying to make “awkward” teens feel accepted and unique. The problem is those awkward teens are actually emotionally damaged. So you’re essentially telling them it’s cool to be emotionally damaged. Judging by your stories, I’m guessing your life hasn’t been that cool. Re-writing history is not a replacement for seeking help.

      • savorydish said

        Another reason why histrionics and borderlines are attracted to feminism is because it lends credibility to their conspiracy theories. Call them “feminist theories” and all of a sudden instant legitimacy. Histrionic borderlines are very crafty. Recruiting proxies from the ranks of the emotionally vulnerable gives them power. They know these people will be motivated to raise hell. Society is less likely to ignore their cries for attention. And make no mistake, it’s all about getting attention.

      • savorydish said

        Feminism should be about empowerment, but thanks to histrionic hijackers it’s all about self-victimization. And then they wonder why Oprah has more traction amongst women than they do.

      • savorydish said

        Ultimately, society does ignore their cries for attention. Because after a while, all that irrational screaming drowns itself out. And then suddenly the thrill of antagonizing the world turns to the depressing realization that nobody cares. Why should they? What do these self-absorbed assholes contribute to society?

      • savorydish said

        Although, it’s tempting to label these people as “being evil”. I think it is more accurate to label them “troubled”. They do evil things because they are so troubled. Because they were raised by people who were also troubled. They hang around people who are troubled and go out an recruit an army of troubled people. And that, in turn, makes them more troubled. Without treatment, it can only get worse. This condition spreads like a virus from one person to another. From one generation to another. One dysfunctional person enabling anothers dysfunction.They say PDs are not contagious. I beg to differ.

      • savorydish said

        There’s a reason why these people are being repeatedly rejected. These damaged souls think they can fool people into thinking they’re just fine. They may have convinced themselves they are fine. But eventually people find out how crazy this person really is.

        The natural reaction is to distance themselves away from this crazy person. This only forces the histrionic to put on more false airs. Once again trying to create the illusion of well-being. Sometimes they will put on an air of superiority to keep people at a distance. Women like Sady think people are afraid of her superiority. That of course is a delusion.

        The truth is girls like Sady are deathly afraid of rejection. Eventually (after repeated rejections) they will become so afraid, they will run when they sense a loved one is distancing themselves. Better to abandon you before you abandon them. Better to demonize you before you reject them. The more they fear your rejection, the more hostile they will become.

        The histrionic can only keep up the act for so long. When they are finally revealed, they will runaway and hide.

      • savorydish said

        Sady Doyle wants you to believe those girls who rejected her were mean girls (and that may or may not be true). But truth be told, it is a perfectly healthy reaction to reject a person who shows signs of untreated trauma. That is your subconscious mind warning you this is someone you want to stay away from. Listen to that voice!

        I have had more than my fair share of relationships with these troubled women. And each time, I felt myself distancing myself when something didn’t feel right. At the time, I blamed my own fear of intimacy. But this was before I knew anything about BPD or C-PTSD. Looking back, my instincts were spot on. Their strange behavior was triggering my defense mechanisms.

        It is the ones who DON’T reject disordered people, who you need to worry about. These are co-dependents. People who gravitate towards dysfunctional people. People who have a pattern of abusive relationships. You don’t want to be this person.

        It is not your job to save this person. You are not equipped to help a person who is this damaged. Unless they seek help, they can not be saved. If they will not even acknowledge that they have a serious problem, then you are sacrificing your own mental health.

      • savorydish said

        An abusive personality will often accuse someone else of abuse when that person reacts negatively to their abusive behavior. By playing the victim, the abusive personality is guilty on two counts of abuse- the abuse and the cover-up of the abuse.

      • savorydish said

        I want to give you a taste of the poison that Sady Doyle is spreading on the internet:

        Don’t blame ZD (Zooey Deschanel) directly, but it’s MUCH easier for dudes to tell us “calm down” when there are 30-something women acting like Rainbow Brite.

        So according to her fucked up logic, the reason why men are telling her to calm down is because well-adjusted women are too easy to get along with. It has nothing to do with the fact that she is emotionally unstable. Nah. It’s because she’s sooo educated and mature. What a catch! Where do I sign up!!!

        People reject Sady because she’s too awesome for them. Did you know that?

      • savorydish said

        The world would be so much better if all women were as abrasive as Sady Doyle. What a great role-model! More women should be abused by their borderline fathers. Who says traumatized women should be treated? Clearly lifelong trauma does wonders for your personality and social life. Sign up for Sady Doyle’s program today and you’ll get a free skip rope!!!

      • savorydish said

        You see, the reason why she’s been repeatedly rejected is not because she’s a raging bitch, it’s because the rest of the world is fucked up. Do you see how Sady’s logic works?

      • savorydish said

        When Sady Doyle feels rejected or shamed, she looks for someone to blame. Yesterday, it was Taylor Swift. Today, it’s Zooey Deschanel. Tomorrow, it will be someone else who displays wholesome qualities. Someone who doesn’t chain smoke or drink excessively. If they don’t hate their fathers and cut their wrists, they aren’t cool.

      • savorydish said

        Sady, and women like her, call themselves feminists but yet they have devoted most of their so-called life attacking other women, belittling their existence. The reason why these miserable women hate women like Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift is because they are whole. Women like Sady are damaged. Medical science tells us that damage from lifelong abuse might be permanent. Even with extensive treatment they will never be like Zooey. Secretly they want to be. But rather than accept this harsh reality, they desperately try to re-define normality.

        Like my borderline ex, Sady embraced feminism. Not because she wanted to move womankind forward. But because she wanted to re-define the feminist ideal. They want to spread the notion that they are the ideal. All other women are flawed and they are perfect. But how can this be when they tell stories of lifelong abuse? Their feminist THEORIES defy logic and science.

      • savorydish said

        HPs and BPs want you to believe they are rejecting society’s norms. That puts them in a position of power. But the truth is this is a preemptive attack. They are rejecting society before society can reject them. Women like Sady (and my borderline ex) know the pain of rejection all too well. They would have you believe they are part of some “indie” movement.

        Let’s get this straight- Their hatred of society’s norms was not by choice. Society was the first to reject their dysfunctional ways. The only way they can cope is by claiming they are rejector not the rejectee. Don’t get it twisted.

      • savorydish said

        Is Sady really being facetious when she says this:

        I’ve learned that I will defend to the death my right to be both a feminist AND a misanthrope. We are all equally terrible!

        I would say more misanthrope than feminist. But at the root of all of it is self-hatred.

        See how she preaches acceptance at And then she teaches discrimination on Twitter. Histrionics are two-faced, speaking out of both sides of their big mouth.

      • savorydish said

        There is a war going on. But the line is not divided between men and women as Sady would suggest. The war is between the emotionally traumatized/disordered and the rest of society. Society might have a size advantage, but don’t underestimate the amount of damage someone can cause when they are self-destructive and looking for people to take down with them. These suicide girls are carrying emotional bombs.

      • savorydish said

        Women like Sady, won’t be happy until everyone is as miserable as she is. Misery loves company. Spreading misery is her contribution to life. Keep up the good work, Sady.

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