Also Lost in Translation

September 2, 2011

Our favorite spokeswoman for SlutWalk is back with another message:

Some of you have asked if I was hit over the head or drugged, because this would certainly add validity to my claims of victimhood.

While I am tempted to say yes, the truth is I made the decision to drink too much. I drank so much I had sex with a stranger in the stairwell of a garage for chrissakes. I had so much to drink, I forgot I had a boyfriend (Oops, I did it again) A boyfriend who loved me very much. That is… he use to love me.

This is the type of behavior I engage in when I drink too much. Selfish/self-indulgent behavior that leaves me with terrible shame. Shame that makes me drink even more.

Nobody forced me to drink. I chose to drink. I have a history of drinking too much and doing things that embarrass me and my loved ones. Some would say that makes me an alcoholic. But I hate labels. So I prefer to say I am free-spirited and edgy.

I can not justify such behavior. So it is easier for me to say I was raped. Crying rape serves two purposes- it brings me attention (muy importante!) and people are less likely to say bad things about me.

The truth is these signs I make can only bring me so much attention. But when I include the word “rape”, suddenly people take notice.  Now that I have a reputation of crying rape, no boys will give me the attention that I so desperately need. Not even after dancing on the bar.

So now I have to work extra hard to get people’s attention. Crying rape gives me that attention. Before I was just the girl who had sex in the garage with some random guy. But now feminists have made me into a martyr-saint. You can not buy this kind of respect.

People tend to be less judgmental when you cry rape. And if they try to pass judgment, I can always cry “victim blaming!!!” or “slut shaming!!!”. Thus passing the shame onto them. Neat trick, huh? All of this is in your survivor’s manual. Look it up! Viva La Revolucion!!

One Response to “Also Lost in Translation”

  1. savorydish said

    The problem is not that this gal had sex in a garage. Cleanliness aside, there are worst things you could do.

    The problem is that she cheated on her boyfriend. She showed a complete lack of concern for his feelings. Can you imagine how devastated you would be after finding out your partner had sex with someone else in a garage?

    And then this girl has the nerve to claim victimhood. She deserves an “asshole of the year” award, not your sympathy. The reason why her “rapist” doesn’t know he’s a rapist is because there was no rape. There was only a drunk girl having sex with some rando.

    Being fucked up in the head is not an excuse to be an asshole. Get some help or accept the dirty looks that come your way. As far as I’m concerned, she deserves to be ostracized from society.

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