SlutWalk to be Renamed “Attention-Whores on Parade”

August 14, 2011

No? How about Histrionics on Display? Because basically that’s what these “protests” are all about. Dr. Tara Palmatier took the words right out of my mouth when she had this to say about Slut Walk:

…Is it human rights protestors for Darfur? No. Is it US citizens from middle- and lower-income classes protesting the ever-growing economic disparity? No. Are we demanding the end of our wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere? No

…There are a number of women worldwide who are organizing events called SlutWalks to fight for their rights to dress, well, like sluts (their parents must be so proud)…

SlutWalks seem to be just a bunch of histrionic, attention-seeking women trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of some women crying “MISOGYNY!” every time a man (or another woman) either tells them something they don’t want to hear or tries to hold them accountable. Grow up, ladies.

I’m sick of women who go out, get wasted, have consensual sex with some guy and call it rape. Unless the man was pouring Cosmos down her gullet, she chose to impair her judgement and the responsibility lies with her. I’m sick of women who pretend that dressing like a prostitute is female empowerment. Women who expose themselves do so to feel powerful, not empowered. Empowered women use their brains, not their boobs. Empowered women also don’t need to make themselves the center of attention.

I want to hug Dr. Tara right about now. The mob at Tigerbeatdown are not going to be happy about this article. But Dr. T speaks the truth. If you had trouble pointing out the symptoms attached to Histrionic Personality Disorder, you could just simply point to the attendees at SlutWalk.

Hey, if you want to dress slutty, more power to you. There are plenty of night spots that will support your habit. But please don’t make it into a bogus political statement. Making a public spectacle of yourself just makes you look like an ass.

To me, it’s not about the slutty outfits, it’s the desperate cry for attention that is so painful to watch. It’s the endless cries of victimization that is so obnoxious. I suspect it’s the hunger for attention that has gotten them into trouble on more than one occasion.

I know this because I have dated my fair share of histrionics. Most of them were relatively conservative in dress. But these were histrionics in hiding. They were putting an act on for me to make me think they were modest. But it turns out they required more attention than I could give them. They were attention-whores. So appropriate attire is not the issue here.

But here’s the thing about these attention-whores- they’re hypocrites. Because when they’re not at SlutWalk and they see another girl in a mini-skirt (without irony), they are whispering “slut” under their breath. They can’t stand it when another girl is getting more attention.

At least the Girls Gone Wild crowd isn’t dressing like sluts and then complaining about being objectified. There’s an honesty in that. Not so with these histrionics. The SlutWalk women are so screwed up, they bait men and then threaten to chop off their penises if they take the bait. They want the power that comes with sexuality. But they feel threatened when they get the attention they have been begging for.

These people like getting drunk and having sex. Hey, who doesn’t? But these women feel SHAME afterwards, they shout rape. And that’s when it becomes a problem. But… but… somebody must have slipped something in their drink! These women are good at spinning stories, especially when they are trying to cover up shame.

These are not merely people indulging in carnal pleasures. These are troubled people re-enacting a tragic past. SlutWalk sounds like a whole lot of fun, until you realize there is a very dark motivation at work here.

The SHAME is worth noting, because it is a re-occurring theme in feminist circles. They would have you believe that society is guilty of slut-shaming. But if you were to trace the source of their shame it would probably take you back to a time when they were sexually violated at a very young age. This is what SlutWalk is really about. They are calling attention to this hidden past.

I am no social conservative. In fact, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to social values. But this is not about morality. This about mental health. These people are crying out for help.  Attention-whores are made up of people who have had a pretty rough upbringing. They are most likely victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Though many would deny it, the signs are there. They are unmistakable.

These are not activists. They were not hit over the head and dragged into the bushes. They are privileged college girls who had too much to drink one night and ended up passed out in a frat house. And now they are on a mission to convince the rest the world that we live in a rape culture. You see, (according to them) it was society’s fault they were raped. Or allegedly raped.

These are not feminists. These are women who hate taking responsibility for their irresponsible behavior. They are too sensitive to accept blame and so they project it upon the rest of society. They insist they are fighting for the right of every women to dress like sluts. But as Dr. Tara has stated, the rest of the female population would appreciate it if this small group of histrionics would stop speaking for them.

Do not be fooled by these damsels in distress. They like to cry wolf. Do not reward their cries with attention. These are people with a hidden agenda. They are acting out because a long time ago they WERE victims. They may look like they’re having a blast. But the trick is to read the sub-text. By acting out, they are telling us something- They’re hurting inside. SlutWalk is their way of telling you that.

16 Responses to “SlutWalk to be Renamed “Attention-Whores on Parade””

  1. savorydish said

    “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”
    Edith Head

  2. savorydish said

    I guess I should thank the Slut Walk gals for bringing awareness to HPD/BPD. Imagine what it’s like being in a relationship who needs this much attention. It is draining to say the least.

    I just wish they would be more honest about what they’re doing. They are making it sound like they are fighting for all womankind, but they are in fact fighting for a small population of histrionics. No scratch that. Histrionics are self-serving. They are fighting for themselves with the illusion of fighting for others.

    Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at their website. Read some of their profiles and tell me they aren’t struggling with personality disorders. Tell me they don’t have a history of traumatization.

  3. savorydish said

    You should also visit the above site to hear what enablers sound like.

  4. savorydish said

    “The emotionally immature person, however, has low levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and consequently feels insecure; to counter these feelings of insecurity they will spend a large proportion of their lives creating situations in which they become the centre of attention. It may be that the need for attention is inversely proportional to emotional maturity, therefore anyone indulging in attention-seeking behaviours is telling you how emotionally immature they are. ”

    • savorydish said

      These women literally can’t act like adults, sexual abuse at a young age has arrested their emotional development. Their maturity has been frozen in time.

      • savorydish said

        In their twisted minds, they actually think that self-indulgent behavior like this benefits the world. We’re suppose to believe that drawing attention to themselves is a noble act. These people are seriously warped. The worst part of their website is the part that tells people to invite every one they know to the parade, including children. These were people who were raised without boundaries. And now you see the results. I pray these women never have children of their own.

  5. savorydish said

    Re-appropriation as a concept is flawed. It is based on the principal that I will embrace whatever derogatory label you throw my way. It’s like saying, “Oh yeah. I’ll show you who’s a slut!”

    So instead of proving your critics wrong, you have gone overboard to show them that they are right. Instead of addressing issues you have with uncontrolled impulses, you have given yourself an excuse to re-embrace self-destructive tendencies. The ones that got you in trouble in the first place.

    Not too bright.

  6. savorydish said

    The fact is these women have an unhealthy relationship with sex. That’s what happens when you have a history of sexual abuse. For the emotionally healthy, sex is simple and fun. For the emotionally damaged, there are all sorts of complications.

    When it comes to any form of intimacy (romantic or sexual) they both crave it and fear it. They have ambivalent feelings about it.

    These are people who have great sex with strangers but bad sex with people who love them. These are people who associate very bad memories with sex. And it takes very little to trigger those dark memories.

    Slut Walk is not a celebration of sexuality. It is a twisted view of sex. It is proof that these women are troubled and confused. At any given time, these women are sending out the wrong message. Slut Walk is proof of that.

    • savorydish said

      SlutWalk is ineffective because it is an irrational response. Histrionics react with their emotions. The emotions of a child that was abused or neglected. These emotions are so intense they cloud judgment. To people who haven’t been through a traumatic upbringing, this type of behavior seems absurd and annoying, almost comical. We shake our collective heads and walk away. But these people have fooled themselves into thinking they are making a difference. More delusions of grandeur.

      Slut Walk is a perfect example of the chaos that follows histrionics everywhere they go. These are natural born troublemakers. A parade is perfectly harmless except for the traffic and the municipal resources it diverts. But these histrionics will take that chaos with them into their relationships and their lives. Because they were raised in chaotic and abusive environments, histrionics have a high tolerance for drama. Such high drama can not only be exhausting, it can actually be abusive. Chaos often translates into fighting, constant mind games and betrayal.

      • savorydish said

        The tragic irony is these women have NOT embraced their sluthood. They are compensating for the shame they can not help but feel. Shame that has been with them since their earliest years. But behavior like this certainly does not help. So why do they behave this way? Such is the way the human mind works when it has been traumatized by sexual abuse. The victim is cursed to have conflicted emotions about sex for the rest of this life. In other words, until they seek treatment they will be condemned to feel shame for the rest of their life.

  7. savorydish said

    Ladies, do society a favor and stick to introspective activities. If you must make a spectacle of yourself, create awareness for something more noble than the right to wear your garters in public. How about bringing awareness to mental illness? Or the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse and BPD?

  8. savorydish said

    It’s bad enough these women are acting out, but then they have to go and spread their poison to other untreated borderlines types. Completely irresponsible. They are so self-absorbed, they can not think how their actions will negatively effect society.

  9. savorydish said

    The question is why are these women so obsessed with sluthood??? Why do they speak incessantly about it. Yes, many are survivors of rape. But many of these women struggled with notions of sluthood long before they were allegedly raped. This struggle with sluthood is very common with BP women. More specifically with borderlines who were sexually abused at a young age.

  10. savorydish said

    There’s a reason why mental health professionals frown upon this type of behavior. What we have here are disordered people acting out in unhealthy ways. They are feeding their disease. Their disease being the after-effects of lifelong trauma. That would be like a person with high-cholesterol feeding on lard.

    But that’s my problem with so called activists. They are basically promoting disordered behavior. They are basically recruiting screwed up people and encouraging their screwed up behavior.

    • savorydish said

      Don’t be fooled into thinking these girls are celebrating sexuality. That would be healthy. No, no, whenever you are dealing with this particular subculture, you must take everything with a grain of salt. Nothing is what it seems with histrionics. These are women who have a troubled history with sex, which is why sexuality is a source of confusion. Ambivalent feelings about sex make it difficult to separate pleasure and pain.

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