I Should Have Known It

August 6, 2011

This Tom Petty video sent to me courtesy of Zan. He’s choosing it as the theme song for his ex-borderline friend. Song writers are so good at capturing the essence of a BPD relationship, it makes me wonder why creative types are so susceptible to borderline charms. That being said, writing and creativity in general is a healthy way to express pain.

3 Responses to “I Should Have Known It”

  1. Zan said

    While the Tom Petty song expresses the anger one feels when they have been split to black by a BPD, this song by Patty Griffin is a bit more tempered and reflective:

    It’s a hopeful song I think – it shows a bit more acceptance of the pain of being split to black and an understanding of why the BPD does it.

    This song has been tremendously helpful to me in my recovery.

  2. Zan said

    For good measure, here is another song in the same vein:

    Maybe I am reading stuff into these songs, but they all seem to be about a friendship or relationship with a BPD gone sour.

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