Stephanie Hallett Supports Troublemakers

July 29, 2011

After a short hiatus, Ms magazine’s Stephanie Hallett is back, defending (you guessed it) questionable women. It seems she is the resident expert on this topic. It seems she has a soft spot for troublemakers. Troublemakers who create trouble and then claim victimhood. It makes you wonder why she is so fond of women of ill repute.

Ms. Hallett is more determined than ever to prove that the world is out to destroy womankind. This time she has placed her victim spotlight on a two British girls who were gang-raped by a bunch of soccer players. Disturbing news for sure, but what’s even more disturbing is the two girls were 12 years-old.

So why is Ms Hallett so angry? Well, it seems the judge went easy on the soccer players because the girls solicited THEM for sex. Ms. Hallett’s anger would seem justifiable, if it weren’t for the fact that these 12 y.o. girls lied to the boys and told them they were 16. They went so far as to change their age on their Facebook profile page.

They texted the boys and arranged a meeting in a cold park in the middle of the night. As you can see, these are not your ordinary 12 year-olds.  They already show signs of extreme attention-seeking tendencies. While other 12 y.o. girls are chatting on the phone about how cute Justin Bieber is, these girls are staging orgies in the park. But Ms. Hallett seems to think these poor little conniving girls were taken advantage of, despite the fact that they were the ones who misled the boys (ages 16-20).

The judge released the boys early, because it was clear the girls had masterminded the little late-night get-together. They were not drugged or beaten into submission. In his words, they “wanted” sex.  This has the crew at Ms. magazine up in arms. How dare he state the truth? How dare he suggest these little girls got themselves into trouble? How dare he suggest they asked for it?

But wait a minute, they did ask for it. They did, after all, ask these lads to meet them in a park in the middle of the night. What did they think was going to happen? Did they think they were going to hold hands and exchange kisses under the tree? No, not these girls. These are the kind of girls who know exactly what they are doing. The fact that these little girls got more than what they bargained for and the fact that they were 12, does not mitigate the fact that they orchestrated this sex fest. Here’s how it supposedly went down:

The girls told the men they were 16 years old and had sneaked away from a party to be with them after exchanging suggestive text messages, it was alleged.

The court heard how after driving to the park with the men, the girls separated and while one appeared to be reluctant to engage in any sexual activity, the other went to the far end of the area and called the defendants over one-by-one to have full sex or perform sex acts on them.

The judge heard that the most active of the two girls, mentioned in five of the six charges, could not have been trusted by the prosecution as a witness.

She was also being investigated over an unrelated false rape allegation and had a fake age on her Facebook page.

(You will not find the above account in Stephanie Hallett’s article but you can read more here:

But but… they’re only 12. So naturally we are suppose to assume these little girls are sweet and innocent. But these are not your ordinary 12 year olds. Some would say they are sexually advanced for their age. At the tender age of 12, they have already mastered the fine art of lies and manipulations. They are luring boys to their demise and then turning around to claim victimhood. Now where have we seen this familiar act before? The classic “femme fatale bait and switch” as performed by 12 year-old girls. Yes, this is very alarming.

These girls were looking for trouble. But girls like this, can only cause so much trouble on their own. So they look for the company of bad boys. They look for bad boys because they know they will be down for some trouble.  It was clear at least one of these girls wanted sex, even though they may have had ambivalent feelings about it after the act. Something tells me they have a history of inappropriate sex (a history of abuse), giving them mixed feelings of pleasure and pain.

They could be hanging out with nice boys. But nice boys are boring. These kinds of girls want excitement and danger. They want what they can not have. Seduction makes them feel powerful. You see, these “victimized” girls are actually predators. They know exactly what they are looking for. They didn’t just accidentally end up at the park. This is not Little Red Riding Hood. These are she-wolves looking for he-wolves.

These are girls with a self-destructive streak, and they are looking for people to take down with them. Girls like this have a love-hate relationship with men. They love to use and abuse boys but they are shocked when they are the ones who are used and abused. The only way to seek retribution for this feeling is to claim victimhood. Let society punish the bad boys. Use society as their proxy, to re-write/re-frame their bad decisions.

Now why oh why do I smell the scent of borderline personality disorder? And why does Ms. Hallett always show up when this funk is in the air? Why does a feminist like Stephanie Hallett only support troubled women? Why does she work so hard to make these troublemakers look like poor defenseless waifs/martyrs? Clearly she has a soft spot for these little devils. Why do you suppose that is?

Is Stephanie Hallett really the voice of compassion she pretends to be? Is she really the defender of those cast out from the justice system, those dismissed by society. Maybe Stephanie Hallett is just a very forgiving person. Maybe she’s just trying to reach out to these troubled girls.

Or… maybe Stephanie Hallett has a secret agenda. A personal interest. Maybe she’s just another angry survivor looking for revenge. Maybe she has a secret hatred of all men. If she is so concerned about victimized little girls, why did she not write about Caylee Anthony? or JC Dugard?

Is Ms. Hallett yet another survivor trying to re-write her own past? It would seem like she is rushing to defend these poor little 12 year olds but is she merely rushing to her own defense? Suddenly the plot thickens.

What appears to be a fight for social justice, now seems like an under-handed attempt to justify bad decisions that were made along the way. What seems like a fight for sisterhood, now seems like an exploitation of rape as a means to prove the existence of the mythological “rape culture” I have been hearing so much about. What seemed like a tragic story about the victimization of under-aged girls, now seems like a very self-serving attempt to manipulate the public with sensational news stories. News stories that have been revised to tell a much different story than was originally intended. Stephanie Hallett is very good at sensationalizing the news. Rape of little 12 year old girls! Oh the humanity!

These girls didn’t deserved to be raped. Nobody does. But they did ask for it. Literally. So I’m not so sure it was rape. I’m no prude, but 12 year old girls should not be asking for sex. They should be entertaining crushes and discussing the latest Harry Potter movie. These girls are way too sexually experienced for their age and that suggests a history of sexual abuse and a lack of proper boundaries. I’m gonna go out on a limb to say that these girls probably don’t have the most ideal parents.

Ms. Hallett is once again suggesting that if a woman (or a girl) shouts rape, they are above reproach. Girls who are raped shall not be held responsible for their actions. And by defending their behavior, Stephanie Hallett is sending out a message to young borderline girls just like these. She is telling them that it’s ok to cause trouble as long as you place the blame on others. She is telling them they don’t have to be responsible for their own well-being.

Don’t get me wrong- these boys are no saints and they are certainly not innocent.  But they have been arrested and publicly humiliated for a crime that may have technically been statutory rape but should not be confused with forced rape. They will be labeled sex offenders for the rest of their life. But that is not enough for the likes of Stephanie Hallett. She makes it sound like she wants justice, but what she really wants is nothing short of revenge. I suspect she is looking to resolve her own past. I suspect these stories remind her of a past that leaves her feeling uneasy. And if that is so, then she needs to deal with her past. Instead of superimposing her past and her will onto others.

The think tank at Ms. magazine seems to believe we can lock up all the rapists in the world.  The FBI and the entire law enforcement community have failed to do so, but these feminist seem to think they aren’t trying hard enough. Stephanie Hallett believes this judge is incompetent and outdated. Just as she thinks everyone, from the NY Times to the FBI, is incompetent and outdated. Everyone is evil and she is on the side of all that is right and just. What a fanciful world she lives in, that Stephanie Hallett.

Their solution is very simple- rapists should not rape and society should tell rapist not to rape. Apparently, rapists did not receive the memo from Ms. magazine’s HQ. But maybe if these angry survivors sign more petitions, rapists will finally get the message and then they will reconsider their rather inappropriate ways. Under pressure from angry feminist, they will collectively decide that rape is no way to treat a woman.

After all, rape is rape and kids should just say no to drugs. And if we just held hands and sang Kumbaya, the world would be a better place. According to the writers and editor at Ms. Magazine, the problem is very black and white (as in black and white thinking). Has society over-complicated the issue? Or has Stephanie Hallett over-simplified it?

Stephanie Hallett, and those like her, are under the impression that society ignores the plight of women. But that simply is not so. At least, not in this case. When the judge made his decision to consider the circumstances leading up to this unfortunate event, he had made the very accurate observation that these little girls were no victims. Yes, they were 12. But these were very manipulative little 12 yr-old girls. They were desperate for attention. The wrong kind of attention. The worst kind.

This was not a slight against all womankind. No, this was a loud declaration that society will not put up with nonsense. Nonsense created by a small minority of troublemakers who bear a striking resemblance to borderline personalities.

For it is well-documented that this small group of troublemakers have a history of false accusations and abusing the legal system. They do so, not because they are victims, but because they have an insatiable need for attention. They are crying out for help, but seeking it in wildly inappropriate ways. They are re-playing the drama of their past as if to say- this is what happened to me long long ago. These girls and boys should both be in treatment. Not in a courthouse. Jail time will not solve this age-old problem.

Ultimately, this is not a legal issue or a gender issue. It is a mental health issue. But Stephanie Hallett shies away from such topics. We can only guess why. The solution lies in addressing sociological and psychological issues, not with false notions of victimhood. It requires a sensitive and educated approach as opposed to a black and white approach. This kind of problem requires years of specialized treatment. Not a sledgehammer.

Stephanie Hallett condemns all those who would suggest these little girls should have known better. Because god forbid women avoid risky situations. 12 year old girls should not have to worry about being raped when they meet soccer players for sex. They should not have to worry about sending out the wrong message to boys when they lie about their age. What has this world come to when a 12 yr can’t pretend to be 16, just so she can have sex with older boys? I can see why Stephanie Hallett is outraged.

The boys have learned their lesson. I’m not so sure the girls have. If anything, they were the ones who were let off easy. There is no jail time for this kind of troublemaker. Little girls get a hall pass because they are little girls. They say they were raped. I say they were looking for trouble. And they got it. Sure, they got more than they bargained for, but that’s what happens when you go looking for trouble.

But this will not stop Hallett and Co. from defending troublemakers. Always the victim, never the abuser. From their viewpoint, troublemakers are treated unfairly. To them, the established forms of justice are unjust and outdated. They believe society supports rape and BPD is over-diagnosed.

It’s safe to say (at least here) that these little girls (these products of arrested development) have a lot of growing up to do. And I don’t mean sexually. I would suggest that Stephanie Hallett also has some growing up to do, before she continues to offer her “sage” advice to young feminists around the blogosphere. My message to her is this: the problem with the world lies with troublemakers, not the rest of the world.

I am reminded of this quote by a nurse advising her fellow nurses on how to deal with borderlines:

Most folks of BPD WERE victims at one time. That is not the problem, however. The problem is that the BPD derives benefits in remaining a victim…and will fight tooth and nail to remain one. Lots of rewards, lots of power, lots of attention are won by it. It is better to focus on being a survivor, moving forward, removing oneself from it.

I’m sure Stephanie Hallett will continue scouring the news for stories of troublemakers. She, herself, is a troublemaker. No one will ever accuse her of being obsessive. But that’s what she is. She is obsessed and determined to make all the troublemakers of the world look like martyrs for the cause. Is she trying to re-write her own past? That’s a question for Stephanie Hallett.

If you think Ms magazine can do a better job of telling the whole story, write to the senior editor

59 Responses to “Stephanie Hallett Supports Troublemakers”

  1. savorydish said

    I’m not sure what Stephanie Hallett was trying to prove with this article, but she has basically cast a shadow of doubt over the case.

    The fact that one of the girls is being investigated for unrelated false allegations of rape concerns me. It concerns me because Ms. Magazine is saying they approve of this behavior.

    Despite the fact that these girls instigated this event, angry survivors are certain they have been victimized. Really?

    The court doesn’t even trust these girls to be wtinesses. What does that tell you about their credibility? But yet the writers and readers at Ms. have pledged their blind allegiance to these two shady characters.

    Read the comment section of the article and it becomes painfully obvious that many of the readers have ignored the facts of the case. I’m not sure Ms Stephanie has even read the story.

    • savorydish said

      Whenever I read the comment section of Ms. magazine’s blog, I am reminded of what an untreated borderline sounds like. Victimhood (imagined or real) is a very important part of BPD. The fact that these people see nothing wrong with the behavior demonstrated by these girls, who wreak of BPD, suggests to me that they, themselves, are troubled in their own way. The reason why this story resonates with them is because it is a reflection of their own past.

      So what we have here is yet another support network for untreated borderlines. It is apparent that many of these women may have been traumatized, some throughout their entire lives. Ms. magazine is constantly talking about rape and other forms of sexual abuse, but yet they fail to address the effects of traumatization.

      In fact, they suppress such information. And then they wonder why the rest of society doesn’t see things their way. It never occurs to them that their traumatization has left them with disordered thinking. What started out as a voice for feminism has become a safe haven for untreated borderlines.

  2. savorydish said

    Of course there is never a shortage of Ms. commenters shouting “victim blaming” every time someone points out questionable acts by questionable women. These are people who are so screwed up in the head, they don’t realize how questionable their behavior is.

    And so when someone points out the obvious, they are outraged. When people in denial are confronted with their true image, their reaction is more denial and more outrage. This is why their condition only gets worse. This is why re-victimization is so common.

    If they only saw what other people saw, they would seek help immediately. But when a person has been traumatized by rape/sexual abuse, it distorts their self-image. They think they’re just fine. It’s the rest of the world that is screwed up.

  3. savorydish said

    When someone defends someone shady like these two girls or Casey Anthony, it is a red flag that all is not well in the defender’s own head. It is a good indication of how low their standards are. This is a person who can not relate to someone unless they are dysfunctional in some way.

    A healthy person would not be able to relate to these troubled souls. A troubled soul finds comfort in the company of other troubled souls. Misery loves company. But when someone keeps the company of dysfunctional people, they are reinforcing bad habits and ensuring a lifetime of misery. They are perpetuating a cycle of abuse.

    Ms magazine says they are trying to prevent rape, but they are actually keeping people stuck in a victim’s state of mind (what psychologists call learned-helplessness). This is a welcome mat for all kinds of predators. This is why people like my borderline-ex have been repeatedly victimized. It is also why they imagine victimization even when it is not real.

    Ms magazine maintains that women should not have to change. Rapists should change. Ok, well, good luck with that. Tell me how that goes. It seems both are reluctant to change. And then they wonder why the problem never goes away.

    They do not realize that rapist prey on people who are as screwed up as them. Birds of a feather flock together. Studies have shown rapists are unlikely to change. People who have been repeatedly victimized also resist change. Until one of them takes charge of their well-being, the cycle of dysfunction will go on and on.

    Putting people in jail only makes scewed up people even more screwed up. JC Dugard’s kidnapper had spent time in jail. And when he got out, he was only more determined not to get caught.

    Treatment is the only reasonable solution. But if survivors won’t even consider it, then there is little chance predators will. But the writers at Ms. think if they can just lock up all the rapists of the world, then their problems and memories of their past will go away. Don’t expect an untreated trauma survivor to think rationally.

  4. savorydish said

    This was posted by a guy who lost a longtime borderline friend. It was in regards to a post about borderlines cutting you out of their life. I’m posting it here in case anyone wants to respond:

    All of these stories resonate with me. I never dated this BP, but we were best friends and I considered her to be my sister. It was a friendship of nearly seven years. I had helped her through a lot of her childhood abuse issues and I thought she was getting better. But over the last five months of the friendship I began to notice another side of her and began to suspect that she was lying to me about some self-destructive behavior. I finally caught her in the lies but instead of admitting it, she split black on me. She refused to speak to me and after several weeks of the silent treatment she sent a letter telling me to never contact her again. It’s been three months and I am still reeling, although I know how sick she is. I feel like a fool for not seeing it before. I don’t see a lot of people writing about their best friends wi BP turning on them. I was hoping to be pointed in a direction for finding some help to recover. Thanks in advance.

    • savorydish said

      This last comment may seem off-topic, but volatile relationships are yet another way the troublemaker leaves their mark. Forget rapists in the park for a second. Let the above story be a reminder of the damage that an untreated survivor can cause loved ones.

      When someone is that emotionally unstable they can not help but cause people pain. The transferring of pain is not only inevitable, it is uncontrollable. Without treatment, these traumatized people are literally out of control, lashing out at anyone and everyone who gets too close.

      As the nurse in my post observed- these WERE victims at one time. But their unresolved anger has made them emotionally violent abusers. The more trauma, the more abusive they are. As Dr. Drew observed, these people are vortexes looking to suck people into their drama. Avoid them at all costs.

      • savorydish said

        Dear Hmmm,
        Thanks for the free plug. You are quite right in observing that I have a lot of rage towards untreated and abusive survivors. Mostly the rage comes from survivors who think society should tolerate their dysfunctional/abusive behavior. Rape/sexual abuse is not a free-license to be a horrible human being. How is it that you believe raising awareness of rape is important? But when someone tells the whole story, you accuse them of being a troll? You have just illustrated how manipulative untreated survivors can be when they can’t handle the truth.

      • savorydish said

        The main post is not about rape in the park. It’s not even about little girls who “dress provocatively” or drink too much. It’s about a person who has been abused since birth and is now acting out in wildly inappropriate ways, causing unnecessary drama to all those around them. Think about how much tax payer money was wasted on this trial. Why? Because a bunch of horny boys were seduced by two manipulative little girls looking for trouble. This is the kind of bullshit that follows untreated survivors wherever they go.

      • savorydish said

        One night when I was out at a bar, I had witnessed someone who was acting out. I could tell she was a survivor just looking at her- she had the look of dissociation. Anyways I noticed a guy had walk by her. Not a creepy guy, just a mild-mannered guy who placed his hand on her back to get by her. I witnessed this survivor snap. Totally flipped out on the guy. She began swearing like a mad woman (middle finger and all).

        This is what happens when a survivor doesn’t get treated. Their emotions are like exposed electrical wire waiting to ignite into a fire. If this gal can be triggered by something as innocent as another human being touching her, she officially needs serious help. She shouldn’t even be in public, let alone a bar. She should be in a treatment center getting better, not getting drunk and angry. Stop spreading your rage and then wondering why people around you hate you so much. This is exactly why people hate you and fear you.

      • savorydish said

        Take a good look at the comment section at the Ms. blog. Look how much unresolved rage is there. Notice how they take over-react. Notice the black and white thinking. Notice how they misinterpret everything that is said. Unregulated and intense emotions disrupt cognitive function. These are tell-tale signs of an untreated trauma survivor.

        These people are so angry they can’t see straight. Notice how they employ passive-aggressive measures. Notice how they abuse the victim card. These are women who are desperate for attention. But instead of seeking help, they guilt society into feeling sorry for them. These are highly manipulative people. DO NOT reward this behavior. These people don’t need pity. They need treatment. Putting people in jail will not solve their emotional issues. THEY must deal with their emotional issues to find resolution. Entertaining their drama only prolongs their condition.

      • savorydish said

        These people can’t even get their own act together, but yet they have all sorts of advice on how society should act and behave. They fancy themselves progressive-minded people, but yet they are stuck in self-destructive patterns. And then they wonder why nobody takes them seriously. Everyone else is screwed up except them. Unbelievable. There’s nothing you can do to help these people. All you can do is shake your head and walk away.

      • savorydish said

        According to them, everyone who disagrees with their twisted view of the world is a troll (laughable). That should be some indication of how their defense-mechanisms keep them in denial. In other words, keep them from getting better.

        If you think BPD is a terrible condition. Try adding the trauma of rape to a person who is already too sensitive for their own good. We’re talking about a mutated/exagerrated form of BPD. Very dangerous if untreated. This person has a very loose grip on reality and is emotionally unstable to say the least. Proceed with caution.

        And then there’s the possibility of false allegations of rape. A very real possibility with people who suffer from both BPD and early childhood sexual abuse. When that person has been sexually abused by a close family member, the memories can be repressed or blocked out. Such memories can also be triggered during intimate moments.

        False allegations might be a way for them to remember what happened to them. It may also be a way for them to lash out. This is a very dangerous scenario. One that is rarely talked about in feminist circles. You will not see Stephanie Hallett writing about such topics.

      • savorydish said

        It’s absolutely ridiculous that these untreated survivors spread their rage everywhere they go and then they wonder why the people around them are filled with rage. They just don’t get it. They are so detached from reality, they are completely oblivious to the fact that THEY are creating this drama. WAKE UP. Snap out of it. Get yourself to treatment and stop making excuses for your dysfunctional behavior. You people devote whole entire blogs dedicated to re-writing your past. All this effort for what? Why not put that effort into getting better? I’ll tell you why- because you’re afraid. Afraid to confront your past and your demons.

      • savorydish said

        For the record, I was banned from posting on Ms. mag’s blog. It seems they only support awareness when they are in control of the dissemination process.

  5. savorydish said

    As usual, the Ms camp wants you to think that what happened to these girls can happen to any woman. Bullshit. More delusions. Do you think Obama’s daughters are calling boys to meet in the park? No, of course not. This is the adverse effect of a traumatized mind.

    Once again, we have the dysfunctional minority trying to appeal to vast majority of women for support. Not realizing the vast majority of women see them as troubled women who give all women a bad name.

    They just don’t get it. Healthy women don’t behave this way. Once again the commenters at Ms have demonstrated a complete lack of self-awareness.

    • savorydish said

      Some of the more dysfunctional commenters have suggested they hope the judge gets raped. Oh and if you disagree with them, they hope your mother, sisters and daughters are also raped. What was I saying about misery loves company? That’s great company they keep over at Ms Magazine. Real quality peeps.

      • savorydish said

        This is what happens when you let untreated traumatized people control the conversation. Science tells us that traumatized people have very little control over their cognitive function, but yet we allow them to fool us into thinking they are rational people. Read the comment section of Ms. magazine. Clearly there are very few rational people in this bunch. Feminism has been hijacked by untreated traumatized people.

        Untreated trauma is the issue here. Not women vs men. Not liberals vs conservatives. Stop changing the topic. Stop trying to make this into a war of the sexes or a political war. This is about people who have been sexually abused. This is about the mental trauma that results from such abuse. This about the chaos, the bad decisions and the drama that is a direct result of a traumatized mind.

      • savorydish said

        These people demand that society show compassion towards them. But look how little compassion they have for everyone else. Everything they stand for is a hoax. They want you to believe they are feminists, but look at them attacking women who don’t share their point of view. They want you to believe they are feminist because it is better to say you are fighting for the rights of all women, than it is to say you are fighting for a small minority of dysfunctional troublemakers. And even that may be an exaggeration because they are most likely fighting for themselves. These people are far too self-centered to be fighting for anyone except themselves. These people don’t actually have compassion for these two girls. They chose this story because it mirrors the chaos in their own lives.

      • savorydish said

        And to think when I first started writing about BPD, I actually had concern for these people (especially for my borderline-ex). Partly, because I had encountered people with BPD who convinced me that some borderlines have remorse for what they have done to loved ones. People like Skye showed me that they had heart and were really trying to take control of their disease. Her heart went out to me and my heart went out to her.

        But then I met the darkerside of BPD. The worst of the bunch- Those borderlines who were victims of sexual abuse. I have had literally hundreds of these angry survivors showing me how little they care. These people are incapable of remorse or compassion.They are too full of rage to feel anything for other human beings. And then my heart grew cold again. What little compassion I had was replaced with disdain. Even disgust.

        To date, I have zero compassion for my borderline ex
        . My love and concern has withered to pure hatred. If it weren’t for my hate, I would say apathy. I am at a point where I can confidently say that most of these sexually abused borderlines may be damaged beyond repair. My advice is to stay away from these toxic people. If they wish to stay in denial and ride the path of self-destruction, let them fall off the cliff. Whatever you do- Don’t let them take you with them.

  6. savorydish said

    So why do you suppose Stephanie Hallett is so obsessed with Slut Shaming??? Why does she defend women who have bad reputations. Do you suppose Ms. Hallett has a shady past as well? Is she pretending to report the news when she is really re-writing her past? So many questions that she has left unanswered. We should all be questioning Stephanie Hallett’s motives.

  7. savorydish said

    What is it about feminism/activism that attracts troublemakers and drama queens? What should be a movement that seeks to empower women has become a farce. A sad attempt by troublemakers to increase society’s tolerance for nonsense.

    If you are habitually getting yourself into trouble, you need to ask WHY. You need to deal with your lifelong issues. Society is not obligated to bail you out or act as your proxy. And we certainly don’t need to entertain your outrage. Stop wasting our time with your never-ending drama. Stop causing trouble.

    • savorydish said

      Stephanie Hallett is no caped crusader. More like an exploitation artist, a cover-up artist or a con artist. But if she expects us to believe she is fighting for social justice, she’s kidding herself. Society does not need to protect troublemakers. The justice system does not need to be reformed to make emotionally damaged people feel better about themselves or their bad choices. How many more people does Stephanie Hallett need to antagonize? Who is she to preach morality? Her antics would be comical if it were not so sad.

      • savorydish said

        If these self-destructive time bombs don’t want to listen to reason, then let them self-destruct. Let them learn the hard way. Let them continue to be victims again and again. But do not let them abuse the legal system. DO NOT give them more attention. I want to personally thank this judge for sending the message to these numbskulls that society will NOT put up with their bullshit any longer.

        Attention-whores will have to look elsewhere for attention. If they won’t seek help, then we should not break our backs giving it. The last thing we need is emotionally damaged people dictating public policy. If they won’t get better then let us quarantine these people so they don’t cause any more trouble or harm. These are exactly the kind of people who take a mile when you give them an inch. Do not reward their sense of entitlement. If they can’t act responsibly they do not deserve to be treated like adults.

  8. savorydish said

    God forbid these people ever own up to their mistakes. Nope, instead they go out of their way to blame someone else for their bad choices. The shifting of blame/shame is a major part of their disease. People like Stephanie Hallett have devoted their whole life to the shifting of blame.

    Rather than promote a culture of self-awareness and self-improvement, Ms. magazine has chosen to promote a culture of blame. Rather than promote strong women, they have chosen to defend dysfunctional troublemakers. Feminism has lost its way. It has been hijacked by the emotionally damaged.

  9. savorydish said

    It should not surprise anyone that one of these little girls is being investigated for an unrelated false allegations of rape. It should be obvious that these people will do ANYTHING for attention. The term “attention whore” was coined for these people.

    She can’t just have sex with one boy. No, she has to invite the whole soccer team. She can’t live with her shame, so instead she claims she was victimized. I bet she loves the media circus she has created. Such drama makes these people feel like celebrities. It makes them feel important. And isn’t that what this is all about?

    These people are desperately trying to fill a VOID that can not be filled. So they resort to histrionics to attract attention. They create drama and chaos because this is their addiction. They all have a history of trouble. They are trouble with a capital T. TROUBLE is their middle name.

    • savorydish said

      This is not about morality or the lack of it. The commenters over at Ms. seem to be caught up in slut shaming hysteria. Stuck on women who are “provocatively dressed” and women who drink too much. These are merely manifestations of a much deeper problem. But the angry protesters just can’t seem to wrap their heads around this concept.

      This is about a very real disorder that causes people to act out in inappropriate and harmful ways. What these little girls are demonstrating is the way people act when they are in extreme emotional pain. This “rape” was merely the tip of the iceberg. This news story was just part of their tragic history.

    • savorydish said

      The abuse of the legal system by borderline types has been well-documented. There is a reason why most of these cases are thrown out or dismissed by judges who are sick and tired of their folly. Of course people like Stephanie Hallett think the judge is incompetent and outdated. Everybody who doesn’t play their game is defective. If you don’t play along, you must be rejected. This is classic BPD behavior- devaluation of the critic. There is a pattern of behavior here that should be noted. Everyone should familiarize themselves with these patterns. Learn to identify these troublemakers.

      • savorydish said

        The question is- what do you do with these troublemakers? If you ignore them, they only make more trouble. They step up their game. People like my borderline ex have been repeatedly victimized. Why? Is this a coincidence? Is this a string of bad luck? No. This is a woman who will not be ignored. Tragedy is her way to elicit sympathy- to gain attention. She has learned since she was a child that inventing tragedy gains her attention. Babies cry to get attention. These babies are still crying. Society MUST send a message out to these people that we are on to their games. There is a reason why these troublemakers HATE this blog. Vampires hate their own reflection. Avoid these people like the plague. And never ever play their game. You can feel sorry for them. But compassion does not involve tolerance for their bullshit.

  10. savorydish said

    When I read propaganda pieces like this one written by Stephanie Hallett, it makes it even harder for me to believe my borderline ex and her story of being drugged and raped.

    It makes it harder because I now see what false allegations are all about. I see serial troublemakers cover up their acts of indiscretion with outlandish tales of victimization.

    When you tell everyone a 12 yr old girl was raped by 5 men, of course you react with outrage. Until you find out the girls lied about their age. Until you find out the men were actually boys (age 16-20). Until you find out the rape was actually a sexcapade organized by the 12 yr olds in question. See how different the story is depending on how you tell it.

    Stephanie Hallett has shown us the anatomy of false accusations. She has inadvertently shown us the process by which the truth is warped into sensationalized news.

    Shame on Stephanie Hallett. She does a great disservice to women who have actually been raped. She makes it harder for all women to declare rape. She and those like her have cast a shadow of doubt over all allegations of rape.

    • savorydish said

      This is how a traumatized mind works. It rationalizes things to avoid the pain of shame. But they don’t realize how absurd their rationalizations are. Their thinking process is so warped by trauma, they can’t see straight. So their conclusion is the rest of the world must be incompetent and outdated. They have concluded that they are too progressive for the world. Delusions of grandeur helps them avoid the pain of reality.

      • savorydish said

        If you’ve been traumatized by sexual abuse, then your priority is getting treated. You have no other obligation. Save the relationships until after you’re better. Don’t organize orgies in the park, because traumatized people tend to make bad decisions. Save the political activism for after you’ve healed. Save yourself before you launch a campaign to save the world. You don’t need to be telling people how to behave or do their job. You are in no position to do so. Your only focus should be yourself. That is your only worry. Don’t worry about soccer players in the UK. Don’t worry about the FBI. Don’t worry about what the NY Times is saying. FOCUS ON YOU.

      • savorydish said

        Stop think the world has to accommodate your impossible emotional needs, or tip-toe around your delicate sensibilities.

        Stop making your loved ones jump through burning hoops to prove they love you. Or to convince you that they won’t leave you.

        You are emotionally damaged from the trauma of sexual abuse. Nothing will satisfy you until you are whole again.

        Don’t pull someone into a committed relationship and then wonder why they won’t move the fuck on or leave you alone just months later. That is seriously psychotic. It is emotional abuse and will leave them reeling with pain. And you will live with that on your conscience for the rest of your life.

        Don’t betray loved ones, flip out or pull a 180 and wonder why lovers turn to enemies or why friends drop off like flies. There is a reason why people hate your guts. That reason is YOU. Fix what is broken and you won’t have to worry about pissing off everyone in your immediate circle. Stop blaming others. YOU are the one that needs fixing. Not the rest of the world.

  11. savorydish said

    A common theme you will find in most stories about survivors (especially borderlines) is their ambivalent feelings about sex. On one hand, they use sex to draw attention. On the other hand, they have a history of sexual exploitation.

    They use sex to manipulate men because it gives them a feeling of power. These women are obsessed with power and the loss of it. (Read the comment section of Stephanie Hallett’s article.) The relationship between man and woman is a power struggle for them. There are no complicated feelings of love here. These people have regressed to primitive instincts, which is why their behavior seems so cold-hearted and savage.

    Once they obtain that power, they fear losing it. The attention given for sex is always fleeting. These women are incapable of creating the intimacy required to keep a man around. They are incapable of treating another human being with enough respect for them to receive love. This only feeds their insecurity.

    So they lash out in pain. The pain of being unloved. Vindictive rage seeks punishment. Here we have two borderline girls recruiting proxies to exact their revenge. They are abusing the justice system.

    They set out to use and abuse a bunch of soccer players but, in the end, they were left feeling used and abused. What goes around always comes around. This is a pattern that will replay itself over and over again. Femme fatales are their own worst enemy.

    • savorydish said

      My own borderline ex had ambivalent feelings about sex. She craved the attention that came with it, but (coupled with intimacy) it triggered dark memories. The only way she could enjoy sex was with a stranger. And this would be the downfall of our relationship. Time and time again, she would turn to strangers for a cheap thrill. Because she needed to escape intimacy. But in her last act of infidelity, she was given a little karmic payback. The man she cheated with, would reject her. Because the truth was he too was just using her for a cheap thrill, an escape. He too was incapable of intimacy.

      Her fear of rejection had been realized. She had thrown away our relationship for one night in the sack with a stranger. Her shame and embarrassment was so great, she blamed me for driving her “soul-mate” away. This is the extent of their disease. It is not enough for these women to fuck you over, they must place the blame on you afterwards. They are covering up their shame. This is how screwed up these women are. They are not content to ruin their own life, they must ruin the life of everyone who makes the mistake of loving them.

  12. savorydish said

    This posted by a commenter named Cadno:
    This is what happened at this trial. The defendants pleaded guilty (they had no choice as they had already admitted having sexual intercourse – and therefore -raping the two children) – but their plea was on a “basis” – that they were unaware of the children’s true age.

    They said they believed the children when they claimed to be 16 and as far as they were concerned they were engaging in consensual sex (make of that what you will, but we weren’t in Court to see/hear any evidence. – Anyway, the prosecution (CPS) accepts that basis of plea (a poor judgment perhaps ?). The men were convicted of rape on their basis but then they had to be sentenced.

    The Judges can only sentence on the basis on which they had been convicted – they cannot go behind it. The question here is should a convict be given an immediate custodial sentence if he didn’t have a ‘guilty mind’ – see mens rea in wikipaedia for this legal concept.

    As for the children, I suspect that Social Services have issued care proceedings.

  13. savorydish said

    Stephanie Hallett and Co want you to believe these little girls were hit over the head and dragged into the bushes. But the stats reveal that it rarely goes down like that. The majority of rape allegations involve acquaintances, lots of alcohol and personality disorders. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

    If these cases did involve people being hit over the head and dragged into the bushes, it would make it a whole lot easier for courts to find someone guilty of rape. But girls like these two make it hard for anyone (with their head on straight) to see them as victims.

    And when shady “journalists” try to pass off their bullshit stories as “fact” it makes it even harder to believe anything these people say. Now you know why borderlines have the reputation they do.

    • savorydish said

      This represents a serious breach of ethics on the part of Stephanie Hallett and Ms Magazine. Not only are they disseminating misinformation, they are condoning the behavior of low lifes and scum bags. People who are emotionally damaged. People who ruin other people’s lives. If there is a miscarriage of justice here, it’s that these people are allowed freely go about causing more chaos and destruction. Because there is no law against little girls who cause trouble. And people like Stephanie Hallett are protecting them against the shame they should be feeling.

      • savorydish said

        Where is their compassion? These men (as Stephanie Hallett has called them) were just boys (16-20). Their lives are ruined. Their reputations stained. And why? Because they gave into temptation. Because they were manipulated by little girls who seduced them with sex. So what are they really guilty of? Being horny young men? If that’s a crime are we gonna lock up every young man who thinks with his penis? One Ms commenter actually suggested they should have carded the girls. Really??? When was the last time you carded a one night stand? The commenters at Ms are out of their minds. Stephanie Hallett is out of her mind. Can we please have a return to sanity?

      • savorydish said

        Stephanie Hallett says the problem is rape. I say the problem is deeper than that. As I have come to understand BPD and its surreal effects, I have realized how common it is for sexually traumatized borderlines to put themselves in risky and questionable situations. I am shocked by how common it is for these borderlines to revise their stories to hide their shame. But Stephanie Hallett and Ms magazine will never share these facts with you. They will sidestep BPD and put the focus on sensational stories of rape. Because these women have realized there are a lot of benefits and rewards to remaining the victim of rape. Take this away and they must face their shame alone. And these women do not have the courage to do so.

      • savorydish said

        Running away from shame is what these women do best. They tell you sensational stories of rape, because that’s what damaged women do. They tell you sob stories to evoke sympathy, to pull you in. This is how they get attention. They play the damsel in distress. This is how they manipulate you. This is how they avoid feelings of abandonment. This is the source of their power.

        These are all telltale signs of an active borderline. I have introduced you to Stephanie Hallett and Co so you can see for yourself. So you can see how this BPD dynamic works. We have seen this all before @Tigerbeatdown and on Tumblr. I have shown you all sorts of people who bear a striking resemblance to borderline personalities. People living in denial. Because there is no better way to show you that BPD is real than to show you the Real McCoy.

        Take a good look at these people. Avoid them at all costs. Do not reward them with attention. They will do their song and dance act. They will cry and pull at your heart strings. But if you reward them with sympathy, they will continue spreading pain. You will become their enabler. Cut off the source of their reward and they will finally have to confront their demons. Then, and only then, do they have a chance of ever getting better.

      • savorydish said

        The writers and editor of Ms magazine have the ears of many many untreated survivors and borderlines. They have it in their power to effect REAL change. But so far, they have failed to address the issues that pertain to traumatized individuals. If they were ignorant about such disorders before, I have personally made sure they can no longer hide behind such ignorance.

        They now know what I know. If you think they should start telling the whole story, instead of half-truths, then please write to them and voice your opinion. Feminists are NOT above reproach. And untreated survivors are in dire need of help. Rape and false-allegations of rape are only a few of the many damaging effects of BPD. If you’re not part of the solution. You are part of the problem.

      • savorydish said

        Believe it or not, many many cases of rape and the false allegations of it live in the world of personality disorders or C-PTSD. Here you will also find childhood abuse, alcoholism, infidelity, unstable relationships, etc. Solve one problem and you solve them all.

        Stephanie Hallett wants you to believe the problem lies with serial rapists. But lock up all the serial rapists and you still have a person who is a serial victim. A person who has been traumatized as early as 3yrs of age, sometimes (as in the case with surviving twin syndrome) before birth.

        This person will have a history of self-destructive behavior. Patterns of wrist-cutting and sexual assault are very common with borderline women. These are the most obvious signs you are dealing with a borderline. As they grow older, they get better at hiding their dysfunction but they are no less likely to create chaos and pain. These are people who have mastered the art of the cover-up.

        So for all you activists out there, you can waste your time putting out fires the borderline has started. Or you can get to the root of the problem and deal with the firestarter. It’s easy to demonize rapists. But in real life, demons don’t always look like demons. Sometimes, they are 12 yr old girls who look 16. Sometimes, they look like feminist do-gooders, but are actually lifelong troublemakers.

        Borderlines are shape-shifters. They look like whoever you want them to be. If you’re a knight in shining armor, they will look like a damsel in distress. If you’re an angry feminist, they will look like a helpless rape survivor. All of this is part of the BPD illusion. BPs are master illusionists.

      • savorydish said

        Sympathizers and enablers will sound like they are offering compassion for these two girls, but what they are actually doing is defending their own behavior. These are self-serving borderlines in hiding. Do not mistake their manipulative ways for compassion.

        They will say things like “Hey, nobody’s perfect”. Or “what’s normal?” Or “We all made mistakes when we were 12”. Yes, we all made mistakes when we were 12. However, most 12 yr olds don’t pretend to be 16 so they can attend an all-night orgy in the park. If you can’t see the difference, then chances are you have borderline tendencies.

      • savorydish said

        So how does an orgy in the park turn into statutory rape?
        Simple. Highly charged emotions have disrupted cognitive function (emotional dysregulation aka BPD).

        Past sexual abuse has left an indelible imprint on the minds of its victims. An orgy in the park is just intense enough to trigger these past memories. Even though the girls had orchestrated the whole thing, they were overwhelmed by ambivalent feelings about sex and intimacy. In the world of BPD/Sexual Abuse, this happens all the time.

        Those boys are no saints. But they are no rapists.

        Stephanie Hallett needs to learn her ABCs about BPD before she opens her big mouth again. She is not judge, jury and executioner.

  14. savorydish said

    On another note, the charts are showing a large number of visitors from Ms magazine. It’s also interesting to note that the most popular post by far has been the one about slut shaming.
    Gee, I wonder why.

    As I’ve said before, survivors (especially the ones who consider themselves feminists) are obsessed with slut shaming. If you want to know how a late night orgy in the park turned into accusations of rape, read more about BPD and shame.

    When we are talking about people who have been repeatedly traumatized, the fear of shame is as great as the fear of death. Untreated borderlines are tormented by shame and will do anything to avoid it- including accusing someone of rape.

    False allegations of rape are unfortunately very common with people who have a history of sexual abuse. It is their way of transferring shame/blame. They are avoiding emotional pain at all costs. A pain that most can only imagine.

    Throwing a bunch of hood rats under the bus, doesn’t even bother these borderlines. It’s a small price to pay for emotional relief. These are survivors in the most primitive sense. They are ruthless in their drive to survive and therefore dangerous to everyone involved.

    If you have brothers and sons you care about, you will warn them about troublesome little girls. You will warn them that there is a great price to pay when you involve yourself with women who have been emotionally damaged by sexually abuse.

    Abusive mind games (like baiting and false allegations) are very common with untreated survivors. Avoid these people at all costs.

    And now that the borderlines at Ms. magazine know that we know, they will be on their best behavior (or at least try). But they will also step up their efforts to cover up their abusive behavior. That means more lies and manipulations. This is a tricky bunch.

    Your only weapon against these femme fatales is awareness. Read the comment sections at Ms mag’s blog. If you know someone who bears a striking resemblance to these women, run for the hills.

    Even if they offer you sex on a platter, slam the door shut. These are women who know sex is power. They are baiting you so they can turn around to say “gotcha!”. They are out to prove that all men are pigs. Do not take their bait.

    These are women who secretly hate men but also crave male attention. Such ambivalent feelings create a dynamic where they are looking for men to punish for giving them what they so desperately need. Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, these women are seriously fucked up in the head.

    • savorydish said

      If you want my theory on what happened that night in the park- it probably went down like this…
      The two girls were playing a dangerous game of pretend make-believe. They thought how fun it would be to fool a bunch of boys into believing they were 16, not 12. But when they had the orgy, it triggered all sorts of bad memories from their childhood. When it was all done, they were left re-traumatized. Old wounds were left gaping. They imagined the rumor-mongers having a field day with this. And rather than face the public shame of being labeled the town sluts, they decided to pin the blame on the slightly older boys.

      The fear of being revealed is yet another fear that borderlines harbor. Just look how many angry survivors I’ve had trying to shut this blog down with death threats and threats of legal action. These damaged souls are deathly afraid of being revealed. This blog has not only outed them but shown how their illusions work. Such revelations threaten to render them powerless. These manipulators rely on being able to fly under the radar. Without their stealth mode, they can not move from one victim to another.

      If you think this type of behavior is reserved for boys in the park, you’re wrong. The craziness is triggered by intimacy- both sexual and romantic. Don’t think that you are safe, just because the borderline has told you that they love you. The more intimate, the more craziness.

      My borderline ex tricked someone into marrying her, months after she abandoned our relationship. Months after confessing that she was fucked up in the head. That poor sap has no idea what he’s in for. He’s signed up for a lifetime of misery.

      • savorydish said

        The Manipulative Mind thinks if she cries rape loud enough and often enough, people will forget she has a history of troublemaking. But as with most troublemakers, the damage was done long long ago. Most likely by a family member. Rape and false allegations of it are by-products of a lifetime of tragedy. The irony is they are perfectly willing to exploit their status as a victim of rape, but they are not willing to own up to the fact that such traumatic events usually come with an emotional price. Without treatment their lives will always be marked with chaos. They will go on causing trouble for themselves and those around them. Stephanie Hallett can cry rape all she wants, but she will be ignoring the bigger picture. I suspect the problem runs a lot deeper than she lets on.

      • savorydish said

        The fact that Stephanie Hallett can’t see how screwed up these two girls are, speaks volumes.

      • savorydish said

        Attention Untreated Borderlines: STOP SPREADING YOUR DISEASE.
        If you don’t want to get better… If you don’t want to seek help… Fine. Then self-implode in the privacy of your own space. Don’t create activist movements that celebrate your dysfunctional lifestyle. Don’t recruit troubled people to your troublemaking cult. Stop posing as feminists when all you’re really doing is trying to make people feel sorry for you. Stop pulling people into your vortex of drama. Society has enough to worry about without having to deal with you attention-whores.

      • savorydish said

        ps- there is no Gender War. This is your borderline mind stirring up drama. This is typical “poor me, look at me, feel sorry for me” borderline-thinking. That is your own inferiority-complex. Deal with your own insecurities. And stop trying to get society to pay more attention to you.

      • savorydish said

        Dear Stephanie,

        You are not the Patron Saint of Rape Survivors/Questionable Women. That is more delusions of matryrdom on your part. If you want to actually do some good for the world then start encouraging borderlines to seek help. Stop looking for monsters under your bed, they are in your mind. Stop imagining the world is out to get you. That is your own paranoia and inflated sense of self-importance. Stop milking your victimhood. You are not a crusader for social justice. That is just more delusions of grandeur. This is you over-compensating for your own lack of self-worth.

        You have the eyes of many troubled souls. You CAN make a difference by talking about the terrible effects of BPD. Stop using sob stories of rape to elicit sympathy. You and I both know the problem goes way beyond a bad night of drinking. You CAN make a difference by telling the TRUTH. Both you and I know that your holier-than-thou image is a hoax. Lead by example, Stephanie Hallett. The world is watching.

      • savorydish said

        Stephanie Hallett thinks serial-rapists are her biggest problem. I think Stephanie Hallett needs to take a long look at herself.

      • savorydish said

        BTW Ms Hallett recently interviewed a woman who was beaten over the head and raped in front of her children. A horrible story. But for some odd reason it has received limited attention from Ms readers. 4 comments below this article. As opposed to the 95 comments left under the story about these two mischievous little girls. Why is it that when a legitimate case of rape is reported, there is a low turn out for support. But when a borderline personality stirs up trouble, legions of Ms. readers rush to her defense??? Is their outrage really about rape? Or is it about defending the honor of people who have no honor? Something to think about.

      • savorydish said

        I know this is going to come as a shocker, but mentally disturbed people don’t always know they’re mentally disturbed. Or at least they don’t realize the extent to which they are disturbed. So they keep believing their problems lie with others. Serial rapists, judgmental society, incompetent judges, FBI, etc. etc. Everyone else is screwed up except them. That’s why they can’t see why people have so much negative things to say about these 12 yr old delinquents.

        These little devils recruited the young boys to meet them in the park for sex and then turned around to accuse them of rape. That makes them assholes. I don’t care if they’re 12 yr old little girls. When they grow up they’ll probably become bigger assholes. Just wait and see. Look at what happened to Amy Fisher. And if you’re going around portraying these little girls as victims, then you’re probably an asshole too. I’m guessing your past was a little shady as well.

        So stop telling society how to behave. You’ve got your own behavioral issues you need to deal with. Stop worrying about serial rapists. Your self-destructive tendencies make YOU your worst enemy.

  15. […] lads into the park in the middle of the night, and then claiming they were raped by dastardly men. We have witnessed fauxminist spin the facts, in order to tell a very different story. Who are we to believe? Why should we believe? When it is clear that the world of the borderline […]

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