Garland Grey Isn’t Laughing

July 4, 2011

I don’t know about Garland, but I thought that was pretty hilarious. Being the hyper-sensitive self-appointed feminist, Garland summed up the skit as ” women who cheated on you deserve to be slut-shamed and humiliated in public.” This is a perfect example of how a histrionic self-victimizer might over-react.

Notice he never calls out women who cheat, women with a lack of boundaries or women who are cruel and selfish. But instead chastises the men who “slut-shame and humiliate” the cheaters. I wonder if Garland would ever call out a male cheater? Because in the eyes of Saint Garland, women are above reproach. And infidelity is a petty sin. This says a lot about Garland and those who see him as some kind of prophet from the mountains.

It says they are dealing with a lot of shame. Shame that comes (not from Donald Glover) but from an uncontrollable sexual impulse. The kind of promiscuity that may have been the result of sexual abuse at a young age and then later resulted in sexual assault in their young adulthood.

What they call rape is often a story of a college student who has a history of alcohol abuse, low self-esteem and a desperate need for attention and validation. Their behavior always seems to be questionable and their stories of rape even more questionable. Questionable because these are people who are ambivalent about sex. Sex is a source of conflict and confusion.

That’s why these damaged souls became feminists. So they can erase their shame. Or at least, try. But their feminist outrage is a cover for untreated trauma. Their rage has nothing to do with social change. They are crying out for help. But instead of seeking to mend their wounds, they expect the rest of the world to accommodate their special needs, to tippy-toe around their delicate sensibilities.

Donald Glover isn’t slut-shaming. He is turning pain into comedy. That’s what comedians do. That’s why it’s funny. You have to be a self-righteous/self-pitying douchebag to think he is victimizing women. If anything he’s making fun of men in this video. But it never occurs to dear Garland that women who cheat are humiliating themselves and labeling themselves sluts.

Garland feels we are being too harsh on cheaters. Perhaps he feels such shame hits too close to home. But what I’m suggesting is- If you feel shame, maybe that is your conscience telling you something. If the shoe fits, wear it.

No matter how much I point it out, Garland and Co just don’t seem to get it- THEY are the source of their shame and humiliation. Not the people pointing out their bad behavior. Until they acknowledge their behavior, it will continue to cause them shame and humiliation.

One Response to “Garland Grey Isn’t Laughing”

  1. savorydish said

    Never trust someone who has low self-esteem and a desperate need for attention. Don’t expect this person to be faithful or honest. When they are this damaged, they need other people to validate their self-worth. Even if you are the most devoted partner in the world, they will look elsewhere for that attention. The point is they have a bottomless void that can never be filled. Not by you or anyone else for that matter.

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