Shady Doyle Needs a Hug

May 31, 2011

Dear Shady,

How’s the treatment going? I assume you’re in treatment, because you made it clear to everyone that you have been victimized your whole life. And that, of course, would mean you have been traumatized, causing all sorts of behavioral problems for you and your loved ones.

I noticed you got into a bit of a scuffle with an 18yr old today. You really showed her who’s boss. And while I don’t agree with her puritanical views, I wonder if this type of conflict is healthy for you? It has occurred to me that your ego is very very fragile. And while putting down an 18 yr old might feel good for the moment, I wonder if it has long-term implications. It means you are still addicted to chaos and conflict. It means your online ego is more important than your mental health.

I realize you fancy yourself a social activist of sorts. But some people might get the impression that you are just a cyber-bully looking for your next fight. Could this holier-than-thou persona just be a cover for someone who suffers from extreme narcissism? Aren’t you just compensating for a battered ego? Or maybe you’re trying to fix the world, because it’s easier to take on an impossible task than to fix yourself.

I realize you have a lot of power and control over young and uninformed minds. And that is certainly impressive. But wouldn’t your notoriety be better used as an example for troubled souls across the blogosphere? I see Garland has taken steps towards self-improvement. I have too. Maybe you could take that journey with us.

I know it’s hard to be self-reflective because you may not like what you see. But if you really want to save the world, let’s start with you. Let’s imagine a new kind of feminism. One that embraces self-awareness. And who knows? Maybe a few troubled souls will be inspired by your example. Show them that there is life after victimhood. Show them that personal responsibility is better than lashing out at the world. Show them that personal change is the best kind of activism. Forget about 18 yr old Miley. Let’s talk about you. The real you.

Isn’t it time that you stepped away from that internet persona of yours (aka your security blanket)? I know it’s scary. It’s easy to act tough behind a computer monitor. But we all know this is an act, a facade. A fake persona with a fake name. I would like to see a new Shady. A kinder, gentler Shady. That would be the most courageous act of all.

2 Responses to “Shady Doyle Needs a Hug”

  1. savorydish said

    Why act hostile towards the world and then wonder why people “harass” you? Shady and my borderline ex are professional trouble makers, but somehow they always end up being the martyr when conflict arises. They want you to feel sorry for them, despite their abusive tendencies. These are the two faces of the victim/abuser coin.

  2. savorydish said

    People like Shady believe that social change is the key to happiness, because personal change would require too much self-examination. Narcissistic impulses lead them to believe the world is broken. Not them.

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