Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

May 27, 2011

BPD Criteria #9 -transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms.

One Response to “Paranoia Will Destroy Ya”

  1. savorydish said

    At the end of the video the woman says, “I don’t know why everyone puts us down for being so bad.”

    It reminds me that even the most educated and self-aware of borderlines still can not understand why people get so angry with them.

    All she has to do is read this blog to know why. Nobody wants to put down people with BPD. Least of all the people who choose to have relationships with borderlines. But when a borderline betrays you, says horrible things about you, and does horrible things to you, you find it hard to say nice things about them.

    I know many borderlines think they are undeserving of such negative press. They think people are just out to get them or harass them or treat them unfairly. But they are wrong. There’s a reason why borderlines have such a bad reputation. And until they understand why people say bad things about them, change is unlikely.

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