April 12, 2011

At first glance, this is a spy movie. But thanks to a great cast and deft storytelling what emerges is a story about a girl who is abnormal. At least, that’s what her dossier says. I won’t give away the rest.

If you have BPD, you will relate to this story. You might even cry. You will know what it’s like to be different. Try as you might to fit in… to go undercover… you can’t help but feel abnormal.

Is it possible that I see BPD in everything now? Possibly. But when you meet a borderline, you never forget them. They are an anomaly. They are something to marvel and fear at the same time. You are inexplicably drawn to them, even though your gut tells you something isn’t right. They are destruction waiting to happen. Drama follows them wherever they go.

Borderlines are born under special circumstances. The genetic lottery has determined that they will be different (special if you like). A borderline has survival skills that are much like an assassin’s. At times, they can be ruthlessly efficient. Even when it comes to affairs of the heart. Hanna was also born under special conditions and trained for fight and flight. She was born out of chaos and conflict. These are the same conditions that breed a borderline.

What makes this movie more special than your average spy thriller is the human story. What makes Hanna special is, not her abnormalities, but her normality. She may be trained to be a cold-as-ice assassin, but she is also just a little girl who wants to be normal. She wants to have a family. She wants to have friends. She wants to experience the world like other little girls. But she can’t. Her genes and her dark past won’t let her.

So too borderlines yearn for a normal life. They yearn to love. But they can’t help but hurt the ones they love, because they were bred to fight. They’ll put a hole through your heart and disappear into the night. They are ruthlessly efficient. An assassin was not bred to feel sympathy, neither was a borderline.

So in order to fit in, they must learn to feel like others feel. Love like other’s love. So they commit human behavior to memory. They learn to paint by numbers. But this assimilation is easier said than done. Untreated borderlines always leave wounded lovers in their wake. Failed attempts at intimacy.

In the end, borderlines (like Hanna) are not abnormal. They are hyper-normal. They feel what we feel, but more so. They don’t know their own strength. Their senses are fine-tuned to alert them of danger. Their reactions are ruthlessly efficient. They have killer instincts. They were not bred for a normal life.

Hanna is just human enough to feel for her, but she always reminds you that she is trained for fight and flight. This is the story of a borderline.

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