The Onion proves once again that it’s more relevant than real new sources.

In other news: Trump Unable To Produce Certificate Proving He’s Not A Festering Pile Of Shit

The Onion also interviews the hottest screenwriter in Hollywood.

It’s OK to Be a Nerd

April 26, 2011

These days, being nerdy is a disorder too. My feeling is, if no one is suffering, then it’s not a disorder. He’s a smart kid, he’s suppose to be socially awkward. Of course he’s getting beat up at school. But he’ll probably invent something and be the next Bill Gates. And the guy who beat him up will probably end up cleaning his toilets. Problem solved.

Asperger’s doesn’t seem to have the self-destructive and abusive qualities of BPD. Sure he might have trouble getting a date, but he won’t play mind games or lash out at you. Somewhere out there, there’s a nice nerdy girl for him. He’ll be just fine.

If I Was Coldhearted…

April 26, 2011

I could treat people like shit and not feel bad about it. I could move from one lover to another without heartbreak. I wouldn’t have to worry about messy emotions because I could shut them off in seconds. I would just slither away. Not a care in the world. I would just care about me and my needs. I wouldn’t have to worry about hurting loved ones. Because when you’re coldhearted, you don’t worry about other people’s feelings. You just act like nothing ever happened.

We Could Have Had It All

April 20, 2011

When you love someone, you put up with a lot. Maybe too much. But love shouldn’t hurt and people you love shouldn’t hurt you. But if they do hurt you, maybe that says a lot about how little they love you. Or how incapable they are of love.

When you love someone you’ll do anything for them. There was a time I would have done anything for my ex. But she couldn’t show me the same respect. There was a time when I actually felt sorry for her. But that all changes once you realize how little they actually care for you.

OK all you angry activists out there. If you wanna go apeshit about something. THIS is it. Wanna know why the global economy is in the shitter? Wanna know where your tax money is going? Wanna know where politicians (both Republicans and Democrats) are getting their campaign funding from? This is it. The biggest threat to the US is not terrorism or China, it’s companies like Goldman Sachs. Wake up people.

Please Don’t Leave Me

April 17, 2011

Pink does a pretty good borderline impersonation. She even looks like someone I use to know.

Sing along if you know the words. She’s singing about the “push and pull” abuse that is so common in BPD relationships. A borderline treats you like shit to push you away. And then when you start walking out the door, they put on their best wounded animal face and beg you to stay.

They will tell you how much you mean to them. And you will be flattered. Don’t be. You are nothing to them but a “perfect punching bag”. A stop-gap solution to fill the void. A cog that can be replaced at will, without regret. When an untreated borderline cries, “Please Don’t Leave Me”, they are buying time. Buying time till they find your replacement. Someone who will put up with the abuse. Someone they can more easily control. Or if they’re really filled with self-loathing, they’ll find someone who treats them as badly as they treated you.

Like Pink says, borderlines can be so very mean and nasty when they want you to know how much they hurt inside. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve seen how mean and nasty they can be… how cold and heartless. Maybe they won’t come after you with an axe. But they will cut you with words. They torture you with mind games. And if they’re really cruel, they’ll stab you in the back with false accusations and acts of infidelity. And then when you fight back, they’ll accuse you of abusing them.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Weeks after calling you an abuser, they’ll come running back to you for comfort. Because no one else puts up with their bullshit like you do. You would be crazy to stay with someone this messed up. But untreated borderlines are master manipulators. They have spent their whole lives avoiding abandonment. They will use every trick in the book to get you back.

They will tell you sob stories of abuse. Stories of crazy exes and even crazier parents. Stories of being violated in terrible ways. Borderlines always have an excuse for their bad behavior. They tell you these stories so you will say, “there there poor little helpless waif, I will stay by your side.” Tears will roll down their face as they promise you things they will never deliver on. They’ll promise never ever to hurt you again. But of course, they will.

If you can relate to the lyrics of this song, then you too have put up with abusive behavior from a lover. You did it because this is what you grew up with. You grew up associating love with pain. And that ain’t right.

We all have patterns we need to break. Mine will be to break the pattern of abuse. I’m saying no to damaged women, because I’m tired of them using me as their emotional punching bag. I’m tired of them stringing me along. I’m tired of them playing with my emotions. It is not my job to fix broken women. I deserve better than that.

Break Time

April 14, 2011

Talking about my borderline ex can be a real downer. Time to take a break from all the heaviness.