Drama Queens Flock Together

March 10, 2011

A few days ago, I was contacted by a drama queen who will only identify himself/herself as Fig Latin. This person doesn’t know me or my ex. But yet he/she thinks he/she knows everything there is to know.  Surprise. Surprise. In fact, he/she has somehow got it in his/her mind that Shady is my ex. (Come on, I have better taste than that.)

But despite his/her lack of knowledge about anything discussed here, he/she is infuriated with this blog – leaving long-winded tirades filled with all sorts of expletives. He condemns me for going off on someone I’ve known for almost a year now. But then proceeds to go off on someone he’s only known for a few days. Curious. Now where have I seen this sort of irrational rage before?

And now Angry Figgy claims I (yes I) have gone off the deep end. Really? I’ve gone so far off the edge that feminists and therapists alike have confirmed the validity of my claims. Did I go to his blog foaming at the mouth like a lunatic? I don’t think so. But yet I’m the one who’s gone off the deep end. Now where have I seen this kind of projection before?

Feminists and therapists have validated my claims, but this Rando Commando thinks it’s all bullshit. And just what are his credentials and affiliations? What is his mental condition?

Well, I would not put up with Figgy’s high drama or post his/her melodramatic comments. And in true attention whore fashion, he/she would not stand for my dismissal nor my frank observations about his/her disproportionate anger.

So he/she did what any internet tough guy would do, he/she ran to Garland for comfort. He/she ran to the only person he/she knew who would acknowledge his/her existence and his/her absurd claims of victimization. This is Gnarly G’s specialty. This is his bread and butter.

Figgy was  looking to justify and validate his/her rage. He/She went to an online community that supports this kind of high drama. A support group for drama queens.  An org that specializes in shame and victimization.

Well, as you might imagine, an Opportunist like Gnarly G jumped at the chance to recruit another emotionally unstable follower. When Figgy showed up at his door with teary eyes and sob stories of big bad Savory D… well,  Gnarly practically popped a boner. Garland too had been looking for validation and someone to cry with.

And though G insists he’s too busy and too important to respond to lil ole me, he always has time to settle a score. Especially, when someone has just left him bruised and battered. This was another opportunity to inflate Garland Grey’s suffering ego. He immediately jumped on his soapbox and proclaimed his righteousness:

One of the things that I think makes the “Savory Dish Caper” of interest is watching Feminists fight a person who is abusive, ableist, and appropriative of psychiatric disorders. It is wrong for Savory Dish to label people with mental disorders and attach further stigma to them, it is wrong for us to do the same thing. Savory Dish is not crazy. He is manipulative, he is capricious, he is cruel, he is vindictive, he doesn’t respect or honor boundaries, and he is a virulent misogynist. His blog is 100% totally and completely about attention for him. All that stuff? About his last relationship? Mere pretext. He wants attention and we give it to him. He is like a parasite of our free time and our energy.

Doesn’t Garland sound so mature and paternal when he’s not “trolling for justice”. lol. I wonder if Gnarly G actually believes the bullshit that comes out of his laptop? For Garland to accuse me of manipulation is high praise indeed. He is, after all, a master manipulator. He has been able to convince himself and his legion of followers that he fights for women’s rights. When in reality, he is just a teen troll who refuses to grow up.

In order to justify his adolescent trolling and name-calling, he accuses me of being an ableist and a virulent misogynist AGAIN. Really? Now why oh why would an ableist and a misogynist (a virulent misogynist no less) fall in love with a militant feminist. A woman who not only confessed to being traumatized by rape, but was born with a lazy eye. Surely, someone would have revoked my ableist/misogynist membership card by now.

What next? Are you going to accuse me of being a homophobe and a racist too? BTW one of my best childhood friends was gay and I have black friends too! So don’t hurt yourself trying. You’re running out of labels. Labels designed to discredit me, demonize me and devalue my judgments of you.

The fact is you don’t know me. None of you do. Your outlandish claims confirm that. You want so badly to believe you’ve got me all figured out. But you’re only illustrating how irrational drama queens can be. So irrational they see villains where none exist.

All this drama is textbook C-PTSD behavior. Did you know that? Don’t take my word for it. Ask Flaky, the feminist therapist. Or is she in on it too? How about Skye? Is she a fake feminist as well? Is she conspiring against you?

Let me break it gently to Fig Newton and other emotionally unstable followers of Gnarly G- there is only one reason why Garland Grey grandstands on the blogosphere. It has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has nothing to do with social justice. It has everything to do with a little boy who suffers from low self-esteem. A little boy who long long ago was taunted by schoolyard bullies. A little boy who clearly needs a perpetual ego boost. The only thing he is fighting for are delusions of grandeur and self-righteousness. I’m guessing Figgy is cut from the same cloth.

He’s not angry for my ex. He’s angry because I humiliated him in public. I revealed his snake oil scam. And now he’s desperately looking for any way to discredit me and save face. And when some bleeding heart like Figgy shows up at his door… jumping and screaming, it’s like one big drama party.

Gnarly G calls me cruel and vindictive. Gee that’s funny, I seem to recall him attacking me first. I seem to recall him sticking his red nose in MY business. I also seem to recall him belittling my relationship with an abusive borderline. And having lots of fun doing it. I seem to recall he went through a great deal of effort constructing a mock website in my honor, because he was looking to settle a score. Now isn’t that the very definition of cruel and vindictive.

He commanded his army of emotionally unstable cat women and men to invade my blog. And yet he claims I can not honor boundaries. (that’s me rolling on the ground). Gnarly G, why do you keep providing me with examples of C-PTSD behavior? The projections and demonization tactics never end. I’ve pointed them out to you and you still can’t help yourself. That’s the amusing part.

It’s almost as if you are trying to prove me right. You’re not fighting for social justice. Neither is Fig Newton. You’re both looking for a target to dump your toxic waste. You’re both unleashing a lifetime’s worth of pent up rage. Have the balls to admit to that. Instead of carrying on with this charade. This song and dance act. You’re only making yourselves look like clowns.

You can fool your naive followers, you can even fool drama queens looking for some action but your conscience can’t be fooled. I’m very happy that you have found a kindred wounded soul. But that’s just more proof that drama queens flock together. I won’t have drama queens here, so you’ll have to put Figgy up at your place. But before you go patting yourself on the back and running victory laps around your posting, you should ask yourself- Why is it that your blog (your club) attracts so much drama?

24 Responses to “Drama Queens Flock Together”

  1. savorydish said

    Remember Miss Lex? The one who called on all her unhinged bitches to unleash their shitass lesbian rage on me. Well, in typical Shady behavior she is now accusing me of looking for attention:

    What’s interesting is the overwhelming need for attention.

    Is she talking about herself?

    So now I’m the one looking for attention. Dear Crazy Bitch, before you announced feminazi jihad on me I didn’t even know who the fuck you were.

    What is this bullshit game these people play where they attack someone they don’t even know and then sit around in a group and wonder why those same people are attacking them? Are these people THAT fucked up?

  2. savorydish said

    You don’t unleash shitass lesbian rage on me and then walk away from the shitstorm you created. It don’t work that way friend. but I guess some people have to learn the hard way.

  3. savorydish said

    I don’t turn the other cheek.

  4. savorydish said

    Dear Garland Dumbass,
    Nobody wants or needs your attention here. You and your band of low lifes came here without invitation. YOU provoked ME. Not the other way around. And now you’re accusing me of wanting attention? Don’t be so manipulative.

    Your whole life is designed around getting attention. Look at your fucking blog it just screams “LOOK AT ME so I can have some self-worth” My blog is designed for me to set the story straight. Your blog is designed to make your dick hard. You need your followers like a crack whore needs her next fix. I only need to write the truth. If nobody wants to read it, you know where the exit is.

    • savorydish said

      Garland says he’s too busy to read my blog. But it’s pretty obvious he reads every word. He’s desperately looking for some way to get at me. He’s angry because I showed him for who he really is.

      Till now he’s had it easy. He’s been selling a false bill of goods to gullible teens. And he knows this. This is why he is making time out of his “busy schedule” to try to discredit me. He’s afraid of losing his followers, because that is his only sense of self-worth.

      He pokes and prods. But he’s swinging in the dark. This is a battle he started but he can’t win. He can’t win because emotionally he’s at a disadvantage. He, like his followers, is emotionally damaged.

      His attacks are nothing but projections of himself. Everything he says about me is actually what he hates about himself. If you take nothing else from their antics,take this away- deep down,the emotionally damaged know they are damaged. And they will take you down with them, just to make themselves feel better. Garland has been good enough to demonstrate this.

      See how he apologizes for users and abusers. This is his bread and butter. He excuses their behavior under the notion that they have been victimized. There is no excuse for abuse. Garland and Co have been working hard to lash out at me, but all they’ve done is show how vicious they really are.

      This blog was a peaceful place until they showed up. Look how this place has changed. This is the effect that toxic people have on those around them. There’s a reason why these people hide on the internet. They are hiding behind an internet persona.

      • savorydish said

        Notice the repeated patterns. Notice how the emotionally damaged always run to Garland and Shady for solace. Notice how they pat each other on the back. This is a support group for dysfunctionals.

        Why do you think my ex tweeted them? Because her conscience was bothering her. I know this because I know how her troubled mind works. She uses and abuses people and then she descends into a period of self-loathing.

        Take a good look at the cast of Tigerbeatdown. They all live with the same misery. Garland and Shady provide the shelter of denial and a false sense of purpose. Garland and Shady are not activists, they are denialists. They tell them what they want to hear- you’re ok, I’m ok. Garland and Shady are not therapists, they are the untreated leading the untreated. The crazies have taken over the asylum. They call themselves feminists and activists to give themselves a badge of legitimacy. They are temperamental children. See how they lash out when they don’t get their way.

        While the info here is based on science, their propaganda is based on theories and biased opinions, self-delusions and absurd accusations. They accuse me of armchair diagnosis, but then use their own labels to judge me. They attempt to do what I do here, but with a cartoonish results.

  5. savorydish said

    But perhaps the biggest joke is Garland and Co acting like they did this all for my ex. BULLSHIT. How does antagonizing me help my ex? It doesn’t. How does excusing her horrid behavior help her? It doesn’t. How does invalidating my experience help her? It doesn’t.

    This was all about YOU. This was all about your little circle jerk. This was all about your own vindictive and abusive nature.
    This was all about your egos and your insatiable need for drama. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to pass it off as something lofty.

    You have truly shown how manipulative you can be. You can accuse me of whatever nonsense that you come up with, but your conscience knows the truth. You, being the emotionally fragile people that you are, will bear the weight of that conscience.

  6. savorydish said

    And who supports you Avitty? with that charming personality I’m sure you have tons of male suitors knocking at your door. Or are you still figuring out that sexuality thing?

  7. savorydish said

    Dear Con,
    If you have no idea what Borderline Personality Disorder is, then you have no idea what a bad break up is. Ergo, you have no idea what you’re talking about. So take your judgmental comments elsewhere.

    • savorydish said

      People like CON would like you to believe that these are ordinary people. His claim is that we all have break-ups and heartache. True, but he is intentionally ignoring the fact that these are co-dependent relationships. A relationship with one of these damaged souls is an addiction to abusive personalities.

      This blog is my attempt to break this addiction. As Flaky the Therapist has observed these people will USE and ABUSE you. They will fuck with your mind. It’s in their nature. And until they seek treatment it will always be part of their nature.

      People like CON want you to believe he is concerned about my ex. This is a joke. These people are too wounded to care about anyone else but themselves. Self-preservation is priority number one when you have grown up with abuse.

      They attack this blog, not because of some feigned concern for someone they don’t know. They attack it because they are trying to cover up the dark truth. This blog is not about my ex. It’s about all of them. They are all carbon copies of each other. They are all damaged goods.

  8. savorydish said

    What’s tragic is that “abuse” and “victim” were never even part of my lexicon until I met my ex.

    This is her culture. This blog didn’t start talking about BPD or her until she started being abusive towards me. This is what happens when you get involved with someone who has been abused their whole life. They pass their “gift” onto you.

    And now that she has recruited proxies to do her dirty work and to gaslight me, her abuse is even more evident. These proxies think that attacking me is going to make me go away. But it only makes it more important to talk about the abuse that they are a part of. They think attacking me will make the info here less true, but it only confirms everything I’ve said about these people. Witness the ongoing cover up.

    These attackers are largely ignorant of the fact that this all constitutes abuse. Don’t take my word for it. Read up.

  9. savorydish said

    Petty Penny,

    Still trying to score an internet victory? lol.

    I did check out Garland’s tribute. I know you want me to say that I crawled into a fetal position and cried myself to sleep, but instead I was amused by how upset he was. I’m flattered that he’s reading my blog when clearly he’s so busy.

    He’s upset for the same reason you are. He was trying to take a jab for the same reason you are. This has nothing to do with my ex. It’s very clear now. This has to do with your fragile egos. The ones I hurt. This blog contains too much truth in it for you damaged souls to let go and move on. That’s why you keep coming back.

    The fact that you came back for another drive-by only tells me how much the truth hurts. People in pain don’t think clearly. You think that if you just lash out, the pain will go away… you think I will go away… you think I will be hurt by your childish comments… but all you’re doing is revealing how sad and pathetic your life is. You lash out at me as if I made your life that way. But your life and Garland’s life was miserable long before I created this blog.

    • savorydish said

      Witness their behavior here on Savory Dish. This is the real Penny and Garland. They are proof that people who have been victimized since childhood go on to be abusers. The abusive persona has be ingrained in their programming. It is at the core of their being. This is what they grew up with, this is all they know. Don’t be fooled by the funny GIFs and the cutsey cat pics. These people are hiding a dark dark past. They attack me because I had the audacity to uncover it.

      These drive-bys are just a sample of the abuse you would suffer if you made the mistake of getting emotionally involved with one of these untreated damaged souls. Don’t think that I’m the only one they subject to this abuse. Don’t be fooled by the victim card they waive, they are no longer victims… they are not even survivors… these are full fledged abusers now. But unlike a wife beater who leaves bruises, these people engage in psychological warfare. These wounds they leave can’t be seen, but the long-term damage is evident in their very own behavior. These people act tough and cynical, but they are scared little children on the inside (arrested development). These drive-bys are just them trying to pull me down with them.

      • savorydish said

        The trick to understanding these people is to look beyond the facade. They harvest cute cat pics to hide the vicious thoughts they harbor. They hide behind a tough guy image, because inside they fear their own shadow. They hide behind pseudo-intellectual jibber jabber, because they are emotionally stunted. They act like attention whores because as children they were either devalued or neglected. Everything in their life is designed to compensate for the harm done years ago.

  10. savorydish said

    First, there’s a difference between mental disorders and personality disorders. Google it.
    true, there are no absolutes in life or science. but if someone has been abused since childhood, there are always serious repercussions. And those repercussions can be somewhat predictable. I know you think you’re the exception to the rule. You want to believe it. But the more you troll, the more it becomes evident that you are following a set of predictable patterns.

    The problem is most people who are abused, don’t realize it or are in active denial. It does not take much to traumatize a child. Alcoholism, constant fighting between parents, even poverty can cause trauma-related symptoms. In addition you have abusive behaviors that become hardwired into the brain. These behaviors take decades to unlearn. And the fact that abuse victims are often re-victimized over and over again only digs the hole deeper.

    These symptoms are a part of you whether you like it or not. And arguing incessantly is not going to change your behavior. These are facts, not my opinions. Arguing with facts is called denial.

  11. savorydish said

    I seem to recall you posting comments instructing me to kill myself and threatening to bite my cock off. I know in your childish brain that’s funny and cool. But you can actually be held accountable for such actions. I know you’re just a kid, but you should know better. The fact that you think this is funny points to how seriously fucked up you are. To be honest, I don’t really care what’s wrong with you. But it’s obvious you are in desperate need of attention and help. If you think my posts are drivel then they shouldn’t be bothering you this much. But the fact that you keep coming back tells me my words have struck a nerve. Wake up to reality fantasy girl, life is not a Harry Potter book.

    • savorydish said

      fyi, a traumatic childhood is not a prerequisite for a personality disorder. Like alcoholism, PDs have genetic roots. Most likely you were fucked up since birth. So it doesn’t surprise me that you think this is all “drivel”. That’s the reaction I expect from a disordered person. It’s called denial. Therapists and BPD survivors will confirm the validity of these posts. So I’m not really worried about the opinion of a screwed up teeny bopper.

      • savorydish said

        I know some of you are asking- what is the point of engaging these numbskulls? Why feed the chaos? These are the people that need this information the most. Initially it was nice to have people validate my experiences. And I thank the people who have contributed to that process. But now I see the need to reach out to those who are less than accepting of that which is scientific fact. aka people in denial.

        It may very well be a lost cause, but it’s my lost cause. Anger and rejection is always the opening act, but I’m hoping some of this stuff eventually sinks in. These people don’t lack intelligence. They just have profound emotional barriers. Barriers that block the truth. Dysfunctional patterns are hard to break. But the site stats indicate they are silently reading in large numbers. They are sticking around. If the chaos and conflict keeps them coming for more, then I will give it to them. The fact they are reading and learning is a good start.

    • savorydish said

      And I don’t buy the “oh I only abuse you” defense. That’s bullshit. The fact that you came here full of rage tells me abuse is in your veins. I’m willing to bet you’ve never had a serious long term relationship. That would require a level of intimacy and vulnerability you are not capable of.

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