The Sopranos: Just Another Dysfunctional Family.

February 14, 2011

There’s nothing more counterproductive than a Soprano’s marathon. I sat comfortably in my sweats for an entire Sunday afternoon, watching one episode after another. Damn you,Tony.

A good gangster narrative is not about people getting wacked, it’s the family drama that happens in between the violence. It’s a case study of abusive relationships. No, I’m not suggesting all abusive relationships produce mobsters or sociopaths. So please don’t leave melodramatic comments down below. Although, it is not uncommon for people in prison to have stories of borderline or bipolar parents. Abuse is a domino effect. It always starts off small but usually ends up being disastrous.

This particular scene is a perfect example of a victim confronting the abuser, and the denial that usually follows. Notice how the mother plays the role of the martyr. If it smells like BPD, it probably is. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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