I Peed Myself

February 10, 2011

I know I declared peace, but I just had to share this little bit of irony with you. I was roaming the internet and I stumbled upon this seminar called “Dealing with Internet Drama” and you will never ever ever guess who the speaker is… Garland Grey, Shady’s partner in crime. This is the guy who gave the order to harass me. Here’s a quote from the description:

The Internet is a community of communities, all filled with conflict and drama. Social justice and activism are as filled with these clashes as any other group, but the wounds inflicted can be more than difference of opinion or personality discord: in “safe spaces”, tensions can be particularly fraught These incidents can often be instructive and valuable. Conflict clarifies loyalties and solidifies friendships; conflict can reveal humility and pride. Controversy can teach anti-oppression activists about how to avoid unintentionally inflicting harm upon folks who do not share their privileges. But while call-outs can be essential to honest discussions of inequality, drama is just as often destructive. Conflict comes at a price, sometimes with little payoff. Internet drama cost emotional energy, physical resources, time, and relationships. Blogwars, 500+ comment threads, and 140-character fights are rarely in anyone’s best interest – they are usually costly to the attacker, the target, and those reading on the sidelines. Drama and conflict in online social justice is usually best minimized and carefully managed. This presentation, which will focus more on examination than instruction, is not just about how to check your privilege. It’s about when to call out, and how to avoid abusing others

That last line killed me. Ok, back to our scheduled peace.

5 Responses to “I Peed Myself”

  1. savorydish said

    Dear Other Becky,
    The following is a direct quote from Garland Grey’s website:

    CAUSE TROUBLE FOR THIS MAN. You know. Non-abusively.

    Do you still want to dismiss me as a liar? If you don’t believe me, then go to his website and read it for yourself.

    I am aware of your org and your disruption tactics. Why aren’t you? I find you and many of their followers to be extremely naive. This may be the result of arrested development. The fact is you are a trauma survivor. Your irrational behavior leads me to believe your trauma remains untreated. So you can accuse me of gaslighting, but the facts remain. All these baseless accusations you have made, only points to the troubled mind of someone who has deep emotional scars. Someone who is lashing out/acting out.

    You’re angry because you feel I have cast a dark light on survivors. But in actuality, it is you and your angry mob that have done so. I have merely pointed out your abusive nature. Each deleted attack confirms my observations. Acting out in an irresponsible and childish way only encourages everyone to stay away from you, including myself. Is that what you really want? Because the pain in your voice tells me that your fear of rejection is what brought you here. Stick around Becky, I think this blog has something to offer you.

    • savorydish said

      What disturbs me about people like Other Becky is she is being manipulated by people like Shady Sady and she doesn’t even realize it. These are reasonably intelligent young adults, but yet they have little or no knowledge of the real world. Extremely naive. Unbelievably naive. The way Shady recruits traumatized teens is no different than the way Hitler recruited young people or the way supremacist groups recruit the marginalized.

      This naivete suggests traumatization at a very young age. Emotional development has been stunted at the time of trauma. Intellectually and physically they are adults. But on an emotional level they operate like 3 yr olds. This is what is meant by arrested development.

      This is why these kids hide behind academia and feminist theory, because on an emotional level they can’t relate to other human beings. So when someone like Shady Sady and Baby Garland tell them that they’re fine and the rest of the world is fucked up. Of course, they’re going to line up to drink the kool-aid. Somebody has finally acknowledged their pain. But instead of encouraging them to seek treatment for their pain. They order them to hurl their pain at perceived enemies. Paranoia leads them to believe everybody is the enemy.

  2. savorydish said

    The more exposure I have to these people, the more I get the chills. If you’ve done any reading about cults, you will notice some eerie similarities.

  3. savorydish said

    Dear Yellow,
    Your question has already been asked by others. And has already been answered.
    As you can see, I am more than willing to answer any original questions. But I will not allow people to disrupt this blog with repetitive spam.

  4. savorydish said

    Dear Yellow,
    What ever makes you feel more empowered. (eyes rolling)
    I don’t need your approval to feel righteous. If you actually have something to say then say it.
    Your sad attempts at disrupting this blog are why you can’t post a comment here.
    Grow up and get over it. If you continue to spam. You will be blocked.

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