What Others are Saying About Shady Sady

February 9, 2011

Dear Shady,

Just because your borderline father traumatized you, doesn’t mean you have free license to act like a raging bitch on the internet. You have made it very clear to everyone that you have been traumatized. But trauma is not an excuse to spread lies and mayhem on the blogoshpere. Just because your brainwashed followers can’t see what a horrible person you are, doesn’t mean others can’t.

The trauma has put you in a perpetual fight mode. You have become an adrenaline junkie looking for trouble wherever you go and creating it when you can’t find it. You are continuing the cycle of abuse. Which means you have gone from victim to abuser.

In case any of you think that I’m the only one who dislikes Shady Sady, here’s a random comment from one of her fans:

You are representing every stereotype of a feminist. Negative, judgemental, and just an all around bitch. Just because you respect yourself as a women does not mean you need to bitch about other women. And be so negative.

I have to wonder if Shady does respect herself as a woman. Because it seems like she is trying to compensate for something she feels she is lacking. What’s really scary is that young impressionable women look to her as a role model. Thank goodness wiser feminists like Skye see through the bullshit:

Okay, I tried to be logical and nice at the beginning…but someone tell that Sady asshole to shut the fuck up and leave people the fuck alone. Testify ?! Does she go to school ? Does she have a job ?! She seems to be dying for entertainment. Get that bitch some Netflix.

Sadly, I think Shady thinks being a hysterical bitch IS her job. And then she wonders why everyone “abuses” her. What goes around comes around, Shady.

And from our dear Ms K:

Their behaviour is so uncool. They just enjoy ripping good ppl to shreds, pure evilness, and they have a sense of enjoyment doing this. I mean, its none of there business about your rship, why do they keep going on and on about it. Is your ex still sending them over here? she is nuts!!!

Yes, oddly enough, they do keep going on and on about MY relationship and then try to shame me for talking about it.

And this just in from a feminist named Babs:

I’m a feminist, an active feminist. I’m also a survivor of a quarter century marriage to an abusive BPD, currently in a relationship with a rrecovering BPD, one who IS invested in his own recovery and healing, more invested in that than in our relationship. And that’s ok with me. Abuse is abuse. Feminists who are also abusers, don’t get a free pass simply because they are femininsts. Nor do active borderlines get a free pass on their abusive behaviours. Not all disordered personalities are abusers, but active abusers (personality disordered or not) love attention, even negative attention.

Now that we know what other people think. What about Shady herself?:


Okay, that one was out of context. But now she knows what it’s like to have your words taken out of context. To have someone you don’t even know, spread lies about you. Taking things out of context is just one of the many manipulative tricks up Shady’s sleeve. I suppose she thinks being manipulative is her job as well. There are so many things inappropriate about her behavior, I don’t even know where to start.

Shady Doyle is a troubled woman. This is the company that my ex keeps. Birds of a feather flock together. I need to point this out again, because there’s a reason why these people never get better. That reason is collective denial. It’s this “I’m ok, you’re ok” illusion that keeps them from seeking help. Shady is in no position to be handing out certificates of good mental health.

This is a support network that keeps everyone within it in a state of victimhood and abuserhood. They are attacking those who would point out their bad behavior. And apologizing for those who perpetrate and perpetuate it. There’s a reason why Shady and Co are fighting so hard for a woman they don’t even know- they are justifying their own bad behavior.

I think everyone here knows the effect trauma can have on a person’s soul. I’m sure Skye could speak at great length on how her BP mother traumatized her. Like her therapist said, it permanently changes your biochemistry. It puts the Rage inside of you. But if a traumatized person like Skye can make it through to the other side, so can the rest of you.

You see, Momma Doyle, nobody is picking on your little girl. She is picking her own fights. When your daughter’s “job” is to act like a raging bitch, it is bound to piss some people off. And you should expect there to be fallout. She is literally asking for it. She is baiting people for a fight. Because she still has memories of that man who traumatized her long ago. She wants to fight the whole world to get back at this one man.

Your daughter is a ticking time bomb, Mrs. Doyle. And what you have to ask yourself is this- what am I, as her mother, going to do about it? You can’t take all of us to court. And what court would be sympathetic to a little punk who thinks her job is to cause trouble? Are you going to fight everyone who says something bad about your little girl? You don’t have that much free time.

I know as a mother, it isn’t easy for you to hear bad things about your daughter. But let’s be honest, your daughter is not a very nice person. I get that she’s traumatized. But that’s an explanation, not an excuse.

Mrs. Doyle, your daughter is a role model to many young wide-eyed feminists and somebody has to set them straight. They mimic her dreadful behavior thinking that’s what empowerment is about. They think acting like a bitch is empowering. It’s not. It’s a facade to hide their insecurities and their dark pasts. It is perpetuating the chaos and drama that rules their life.

Somebody has to speak up against these bullies. Yes, your daughter is a bully. Your daughter is a modern day Senator Joe McCarthy. But instead of yelling “communist”, she’s yelling “abuser”. She’s falsely accusing people she doesn’t even know. Your daughter is out of control. Pointing out her bad behavior is not abuse. It is our civic duty.

Nobody with a sane mind actually believes she’s a victim. Maybe when she was a little girl. But now she’s an adult acting like a little girl. She has become the Abuser. She has followed in her father’s footsteps. Are you, as her mother, going to allow this cycle of abuse to go on? Is this what activism is about? Is this what advocacy is about? Temper tantrums and abusive behavior? The world is watching Mrs. Doyle.

6 Responses to “What Others are Saying About Shady Sady”

  1. savorydish said

    Like I said Cardigan,
    A lot of angry young impressionable women trying to act tougher than they really are. beware of worshiping false gods.

    • savorydish said

      If anybody needs to give it a rest, it’s you. Do you think your anger really impresses anybody? Do you think people are scared of you?
      You’re acting like a clown trying to start a fight. People are either laughing at you or feeling sorry for you.

      • savorydish said

        Do you people actually think making little snide comments on my blog is doing anything positive for the image of feminism or your beloved leader?
        Is this your perverse idea of feminism?
        You’re digging the hole deeper and deeper.

  2. savorydish said

    Shady Sady,
    When I asked you to take down the offending posts. I meant the posts that were offensive to me. Not the posts that make you look like a crazy bitch. I see you have softened your voice for the public, but you have not changed as a person. You have only covered your ass where needed. This is why I call you Shady Sady.

  3. savorydish said

    I agree with you Evan and I promise I will go back to the writing that brought you here very soon.

    But when someone posts libelous material characterizing me as a misogynist and accuses me of abusing my ex. Then I have to answer those charges and call into question the character of these attackers.

    This is a personal battle, because they made it personal. But it is also an illustration of all the things I have talked about for the last year. These are the silent abusers that I have warned people about. Everything that has transpired in the last week was blueprinted in this blog long before they got here.

    The offending posts STILL have not been taken down. But the good news is the protesters have lost their heart Shady and Baby Garland have changed their tone. These are superficial changes for the public eye, but it’s a start.

    All that remains are a few stragglers trying to get their last licks in. But even they are realizing how sad and pathetic their efforts have been. So I apologize for the distraction and the unnecessary drama and thank you for your concern.

    But the short-lived battle is over. As long as Shady and Co behave themselves, there is no need to continue. I have no desire to open their wounds any further. No need to piss them off.

    But as you said, the truth and this blog will go on. Thanks for your support Evan. All is well again.

  4. savorydish said

    Someone has asked me to clarify the context of the first comment made about Shady.

    Apparently, Shady has been inundated with hate mail for her attack on Katy Perry. There are so many evil people in the world to attack but who does Shady choose to attack? Katy Perry. Oh and Taylor Swift.

    She calls them bad role models for young girls. As if she is a better alternative. The only thing those women are guilty of is sugary pop music. But Shady, in typical hysterical fashion, characterizes them as everything that’s wrong with female archetypes.

    She would prefer it if everyone was as hateful and bitter as her I guess.

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