Sad Sad Sady Doyle

February 8, 2011

Oh my god, Sady Doyle accused me of being wacky. That’s it. I’m shutting down the blog. Sady Doyle has diagnosed me with a case of the wacky. I have no credibility whatsoever.

Still trying to cast me as the villain and my poor poor abusive ex as the hero. She even went to the extent of interviewing my borderline ex for the “straight” story. Unfortunately, she left out some major details. Funny how that works. Sady, why did you have to go to that extent when the full story is right here at Savory Dish? Why are you so afraid to read the contents of my blog????

Oh Sady, you kill me. Why don’t you interview Charles Manson. I hear he thinks he’s innocent too.  Great journalism!

Looks like someone is worried she might lose some followers. And yes she is still ordering them to harass me, but non-abusively of course. But where have they gone? We went from 100 to 0. Poor Sady is losing influence.

And what a surprise, Sady’s dad had BPD (shocking!!!!), but her mental health is 100% perfect. (wink wink.) BPD is in her genes but she has a clean bill of health. All her relationships have been abusive but she is perfectly fine. Oh Sady, what are we going to do with you?

Come on Sady… even if you don’t have BPD, you have to admit I was at least in the ballpark. I got 90 out of 100 but you gave me an F. What’s up with that? Give me some credit for having you somewhat figured out. I don’t even know you, yet I knew BPD was present in your life. How did I know that? Was it on the back of your baseball card?

But I give you an A for effort. This girl works really really really really hard for her money. I didn’t know you cared so much about me (blush). Poor girl is desperate for an internet victory. Was it something I said?

I’ll write more on this tomorrow. This is going to be fun.

8 Responses to “Sad Sad Sady Doyle”

  1. skyeee said

    She talked to your ex ?! That is extremely out of line. She isn’t an advocate, she’s one who enjoys to instigate.

    • savorydish said

      She’s actually more like a grade school girl who runs into the bathroom to get the latest gossip.
      This is her idea of fighting for social justice. The only justice she’s fighting for is her own ego.

  2. savorydish said

    Dear Lilithian,
    The only person flattering himself is you.
    You say you’re laughing at me. But I say you are distracting yourself from your sad life.
    This conflict has nothing to do with you, but yet you feel compelled to belittle me in order to make yourself feel better.
    Your comments say more about you than me.
    Their long-winded content tells me how desperately you need to feel important and superior.

    • savorydish said

      lol @ Lilithian
      He just had to come back for another swipe.
      Your behavior says so much about you.
      Poor little boy needs a boost to his confidence.

      • savorydish said

        Dear Lili,
        Why do you keep coming back for more punishment? Are you addicted to abuse?
        Were you abused as a child? Is this a pattern of abuse for you?
        You keep making long winded comments, but all of it describes YOU.
        That’s called projection. Read the tabs above. Have a nice day.

      • savorydish said

        Dear Lili,
        Whatever makes you feel better about yourself. I will agree to that. Ok?

  3. savorydish said

    She does know because my ex tweeted her.
    If she didn’t interview my ex, then she basically badly interpreted the info from my blog.
    I don’t really care either way. The point is if Shady Sady is going to tell my story she should tell the whole story. Not just the bits that she likes.
    That in itself is troubling. Is that good journalism?
    Is this what feminists do? they engage in spreading gossip and half truths?

  4. savorydish said

    Hi Thomas,
    I will be more than happy to post any comments you have pertaining to the topic. If you keep reading you will see there are plenty of people who disagree with me. But off-topic and ad hominem posts will be trashed. The current state of affairs has led me to delete with extreme prejudice, but I have done my best to address even the most offensive comments.

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